H.R. (Human Rights) (born on 11 February, 1956) is the stage name of Paul D, Hudson. He is the lead singer of the legendary hardcore punk band Bad Brains. He is known for his diverse vocal abilities from crazy growling to smooth crooning in a breath. Bad Brains started in Washington DC in 1977 and were widely regarded as the pioneers of hardcore punk. Their style of music is a complex arrangement of riffs influenced by jazz, punk, reggae, hip hop and soul – often played at a furious pace.


Bad Brains have released nine studio albums (one of which is entirely composed of instrumental versions of their past material). The band broke up and reformed several times over the years, sometimes with different singers or drummers. Since 1998, the lineup of singer H.R. (Human Rights), guitarist Dr. Know, bassist Darryl Jenifer, and drummer Earl Hudson has reunited, albeit performing sporadically.

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