1. Some know you as Mr DIY in the South African skate scene. You build spots, find spots and you make crafty stuff from old boards. Have you always been driven to do these things or do you just do it to be that cool guy that does DIY things?

I am a cool guy! come on! What do you mean, haha. Yeah I always been making stuff since I started skating and you can ask Craig Leak as that is where I met him first. I always had rails boxes by my house that I made and on some weekends random kids would come over and ask me if they could skate my park!!! haha so funny. I never guessed that I would start making stuff out of skateboards and so far its going great. I think finding spots and making spots skatable is part of being a skateboarder and its in our nature.


2. What is your latest skateboard cut out you have done? Is there a fresh idea you have come up with or a challenging task in the process of production?

My latest cut out of a skateboard would be The Yoyo’s. It’s doing good and I think people can connect with it because all of us had one sometime in our lives. I get some funny requests but I always try my best in making the client happy. New ideas always come when I am busy with another board and when I make a mistake. Friends and clients often post links to me on my facebook page or email. That helps a lot so thanks everybody!!

3. One of your fans wrote in and begged us to ask you if it’s possible to make a detailed 3D sculpture of your face out of old boards for him? Would that be possible?

I guess so. Any thing is possible but is he willing to pay me in dollars?? Some of the work is really time consuming and sometimes its not about if I can’t make it or not. Sometimes I run out of boards or I don’t have the right boards at the time. Its a work in progress I guess and I also prefer making more industrial design stuff and ”not arty stuff”. What’s the point in making stuff you can’t use??


4. Has your voice ever gone hoarse from screaming when you are struggling to land a trick?

Horseplaying is my game on a skateboard…bra! Its nice to get the bats out of the attic once in a blue moon. It help me sometimes to scream or laugh if I don’t get the tricks. You must watch’ ‘say no to anger” in our first streets road trip. Thats some PG 18 shit right there. haha


5. What can the viewer’s expect for your AV Close-up? Are there any tricks that you are particularly proud of? (Except for your last few tricks! Keep that a surprise)

I like grinds and tranny/ditches bitches, no flip in flip out shit leave that to the ledge monkeys. The Mary-Poppins took a lot out of me and the foot plant in durbs. I am a easy skater lately, I am getting older and the bones ain’t that young anymore.I tryed my best in this close-up but it has also been hard having two jobs and filming on my off days. Hope you guys like it.


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