1. Skateboarding has obviously been your main focus. Do you have any other hobbies, passions or time wasters?

Well basically I skate everyday as much as I can and at night I make music. What some people might not know is that I am a guitarist in the band called “The Plague”, but it is more on the sideline or falls under a hobby. Check out the facebook page.


2. You are known for your technical skateboarding. Do you feel pressured into getting more tech? Or do you have a more natural progression?

Ummm…to be honest I kind of place pressure on myself or set my own standards because I want to keep progressing everyday or learn new tricks all the time, I don’t want to limit myself to a hand full of tricks when there is so many tricks out there to get in the bag. I changed the way I go about sessions sometimes, I still go and hunt for spots to skate/film with my friends but there are days I would dedicate to a single trick and lock it down. Once that’s done it goes to routine in every session.


3. What are your thoughts on publicity? I see you have been getting a lot of interviews on TV, radio, print media etc. Is it a bitch or bonus?

Ha ha yeah there’s been quite a few that been going down over the last year or so, but I am always stoked on it! It’s a good thing to know that some mainstream media are stoked on skateboarding.

4. I heard you are doing DAM AM again! Tell us a bit about the red lights, the coffee shops, the parties….or you can tell us about the comp?

Yes, I am competing again this year. Yeah man, Amsterdam is crazy, there are no rules and when I say rules I mean that literally anything goes. I did stumble upon the red light district but it was quite disturbing to be honest ha ha ha. When you grow up in place where that kinda thing is wrong you look at it differently I guess, but basically any story that you heard about Amsterdam that you though could not be true…its true. If the V&A waterfront in Cape Town was a city that had no rules and the sun only set at 11pm at night with countless clubs, bars and shop – that would be Amsterdam . I don’t know how many times me and my girlfriend nearly got run over by a bicycle over there. They don’t know nothing about a five point check ha ha.

The Contest itself was out of control though, I didn’t think in all my life I would be competing against riders like Youness Amrani. I managed to make the podium in best trick last year with a double bigspin flip down the big set, but Youness came straight after with a varial heel manual to back smith down the handrail and took 1st place. I really cant predict the level for this year, I’ve been training and working on runs in national comps since last year so God willing it brings good results in the near future.


5. Please give us an update on which brands you are on now. Because I believe it is quite impressive!

I am currently riding for, Red Bull, Volcom Clothing , Almost Skateboards, Globe shoes, Nixon watches, Vonzipper S.A, Revolution ,GoPro and Virgin Active. It is honestly such an honor and privilege to be riding for and representing such amazing brands and to be interacting with the greatest, most professional people in the field. They have helped me in my skating career in so many ways. From the starting line to where we are now, they have been there every step of the way. I can’t thank them enough for everything.

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