Candice JežekCandice Ježek. Caught a Glimpse. Acrylic on Fabriano.


Jade Klara & Candice Ježek [aka Ž]

16 October – 9 November 2013

WEDNESDAY EVENING 16 October 2013 at 18h30

The Witching Hour is an exploration of the magical and secret spaces of the world. Artists Candice Ježek and Jade Klara use a whimsical and powerfully feminine style to create rich narratives of unexpected yet somehow familiar themes. Expressed through various mediums of painting, sculpture, and print, they aim to move the viewer to a place of both sweetness and sorrow. The witching hour is a visually stimulating, diverse and powerful showing of the reflections of these two artists’ lives.

Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection

Opening Event: Evening Opening 16 October at 18h30pm.

The show will conclude 9 November at 14h00.

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Gallery Hours: Tue – Fri: 10 am – 6pm; Sat: 10am – 2pm; Closed: Mondays & Sundays
Address: 91 Kloof Street, Cape Town
Contact Numbers: 021-424-6930 / 082-679-3906
For further information & high res / more images of the artworks please contact the gallery director & curator, Monique at /

Candice JežekCandice Ježek. When You Find It Hold It Near. Acrylic on Fabriano.

Jade KlaraJade Klara. Coral Girl

Jade KlaraJade Klara. Wolf Heart

Jade and CandiceJade Klara and Candice Ježek

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