35% Off ‘Skateistan – The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan’

Starting today and ending Sunday 27th October, the Skateistan book, Skateistan – The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan will be available to purchase at 35% off its usual price.

100% of proceeds will go towards Skateistan’s activities in Afghanistan and Cambodia.


About the Book

What’s it like growing up working on the streets in a warzone, or spending the first 15 years of your life pretending to be a boy? How does it feel to be one of the first skateboarders in a country, and at the same time a girl in a conservative Muslim society? In a nation divided along ethnic and gender lines, how do art, education and skateboarding intersect to create new possibilities for change?

Skateistan’s 100% self-published book chronicles the first five years of the grassroots charity’s skateboarding and education project, including its struggles, successes, and its lasting impact on Afghan youth.

This is a story about Afghanistan you won’t find elsewhere. Read about Faranaz’s journey from selling tea in the streets, to becoming a paid skateboard instructor and mentor for hundreds of girls. Witness Afghan boys and girls skating in the empty pool where the Taliban once carried out executions.

Skateistan – The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan gives a rare, in-depth look into the lives of exceptional young Afghans facing incredible challenges and giving new life to a city that has been ravaged by war.

Skateistan’s photos and stories have been featured in several international media sources since 2008, and continue to connect with audiences worldwide, providing a rare glimmer of hope and happiness. What’s more, the purchase of the Skateistan book allows the reader to give back at the same time, with 100% of proceeds going directly towards helping Skateistan’s award-winning youth development projects.




A beautiful production and will elevate any bookshelf, and it’s a perfect gift for the skateboarder that has everything.” – Tony Hawk Foundation (THF)

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