A Solo Exhibition of Recent Works
By artist Sarah Pratt
Titled ‘Away’

Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection, Cape Town
Wednesday 29 January – 22 February 2014

Toward or into non-existence.

While travelling from Cape Town to Dubai, Manchester to Wales, London to Singapore, and finally New Zealand back to Cape Town, Sarah Pratt presents a body of work both inspired and dictated by a ‘Journey’.

‘Away’ invokes feelings of being apart, elsewhere, afar and astray.

Travel exposes us to other worlds that, despite our scheduled timeline, seem to exist in a timeless realm.

While moving in a systematic manner from point to point, Sarah Pratt harnesses her travel experiences, both physical and psychological, to inform the nature of these works.

Using pen, ink and gouache, she focuses on producing a series of works that are an exploration of other-worldliness, works that illustrate another place and are created in unfamiliar environment.

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Artwork by Sarah Pratt

Artwork by Sarah Pratt

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