Jamie Thomas in Afghanistan

Entirely filmed and edited by former Skateistan student, Hamdullah.

In June 2014, skater Jamie Thomas and photographer Chad Foreman visited Skateistan in Afghanistan for the very first time.

Jamie is the founder of Zero Skateboards and Fallen Footwear, which have been key supporters of Skateistan since back in 2009. Not only have these sponsorships kept our students on boards, but the companies have partnered with Skateistan to create a co-branded deck series and shoes, with a portion of proceeds benefitting Skateistan’s schools.

After such a long partnership this trip was highly anticipated. Jamie and Chad certainly didn’t disappoint, offering endless trick tips for our skaters and photography pointers for our media students. Their skills on a board and behind a camera were matched only by the enthusiasm of our students to meet them and skate together.

Afghanistan defied Jamie’s expectations of the country, with its gorgeous landscapes, culture of hospitality, and fun (if a little rough) skate spots.

This video was 100% filmed and edited by former Skateistan student, Hamdullah. Hamdullah has been involved with Skateistan for years and is now the Communications Officer in Kabul. For this video, he got to live every skateboard filmer’s dream – interviewing a real legend.