March 12, 2015

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Dave Bachinsky Thrasher Interview

Dave Bachinsky Thrasher Interview

Darkstar’s Dave Bachinsky has just burst into the limelight with an incredible part, and now an interview on Thrasher Magazine. Click the image above to read the full interview.

So you’ve got this Darkstar part. You’ve got a new board sponsor. Tell me a little bit about how that evolved since the demise of Think skateboards which was about two years ago. Where have you been since then?
I was kinda talking around. I had a lot of offers throughout and I was waiting for something to really dial in. I was down in Oceanside. OC ramps had everyone together and Greg Lutzka and Ryan Decenzo were, like, “Dude, you should talk to Chet. We’ve been talking about you.” And I was, like, “Really? I’ll have a word with him.” So two weeks later I just reached out, just seeing what his thoughts were and he was down to get something going. I was so hyped for that after, like, two years of not being in a van or being a part of team thing where you’re just getting out and about. I’m psyched to just get in a van and go charge around. So starting at the beginning of this year, I’ve just been filming for a part. We’ve got the whole VX video and it’s been insane. We’ve gone through, like, four cameras. Shit sucks. But yeah, I’m psyched we finally finished. I’ve been out filming, trying to do as much as I can with that.

If you missed Dave Bachinsky’s Darkstar part, watch it HERE.