Coastal Native

by Clay Shank.

Clay Shank skated 700 miles across North America with 58mm hard wheels. That is far. This video, Coastal Native, is a build up to the upcoming full-length documentary he is making about that trip. You can read a rad interview with Clay on Jenkem Magazine here.

This video showcases many illegal activities. Since making it public, law enforcement officers have tracked me down and confirmed that I broke many laws during its creation, including the use of an off-road vehicle on protected lands. Skateboarding is illegal on the rocks shown in this film and punishable with severe fines. Some of these locations are sacred historic sites, and all are pristine locations of otherworldly beauty. Skateboarding can be damaging to these areas and offensive to both lovers of wilderness and certain religious groups. When considering skateboarding off-road please take the time to consider the laws of the area, the sentimental value of the location, and the damage you may be doing. As always, when traveling in wilderness areas, please practice Leave No Trace principles and remember to respect both those who came before you and those who will come after. – Clay Shank