Dwindle Headquarters in El Segundo. Photo: Colin Clark

Last week saw the launch party for the Dusters x The Doors collaboration boards. Doors guitarist Robby Krieger joined the party at Dwindle HQ to celebrate the Dusters collaboration with this iconic band. Here are some photos from the launch.

Fun to get a peak at the Dusters Skateboards collection. Photo: Colin Clark

It’s not a skate event without rippers on the ramp. Photo: Colin Clark

Testing out the new Doors cruiser board. Photo: Colin Clark

Bill Weiss gets his moment with the man of the hour, Robby Krieger. Photo: Colin Clark

A lot of cool new products. Photo: Colin Clark

Close up of the awesome designs. Photo: Colin Clark

Photo: Colin Clark

Wall of fame. Photo: Colin Clark

Photo: Colin Clark

Photo: Colin Clark

Roger Bagley from Skateboarder Magazine is stoked on his signed deck. Photo: Colin Clark

Revolution will have these in stores soon!


Some fun facts about Blind’s new video, Damn…:

– Apparently they filmed every day for over two years.
– The footage is from various places, such as LA, Barcelona, Toronto, France, Texas, North Carolina, Amsterdam, Brazil, and Sacramento.
– There were some nasty injuries during filming; TJ Rogers had to get head staples, and Filipe Ortiz broke his foot twice.

According to Bill Weiss, “The vibe of the video is about pushing skating forward, fun and hustling in the street to make that happen.” It doesn’t take much, looking at the level of skateboarding in this trailer, to see that this video is going to be amazing. We can’t wait.