AV22 Trailer

AV Skateboarding’s trailer for their 22nd Issue! Featuring Revolution team rider Anthony de Mendonca, and Kanya Spani, Brendan Dyamond, TK Modise, Evan Binge, Damon de Clercq and more…


Today’s Throwback Thursdays features a final video edit from the Revolution Festival Mall skatepark, sent in by Dwayne Erasmus.

One of the last edits thrown together in the memory of what once was Revolution Festival Mall Skatepark. To Remember all the good times we all had there, and all the memories we will never forget. Featured skaters in this video include: David “Killer Dave” Woolf, Brendan Dyamond, Tian Van Rensburg, Bevan Richards, Werner Lamprecht, Sam Khumalo, Anthony De Mendonca, Dlamini “Double D” Dlamini, and 20sk8’s own Shuaib Philander