Skaters Representing at KDC

Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside Tailslide at KDC 2014. Photo by Grant Mclachlan.

Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside Tailslide at KDC 2014. Photo by Grant Mclachlan.Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside Tailslide at KDC 2014. Photo by Grant Mclachlan.

Here’s a list of all the skaters who represented at the KDC Skateboarding World Championships:

Street World Championships:

Australia (native South African) – Tommy Fynn
Australia – Dane Burman
Belgium – Phil Zwijsen
Brazil – Rodrigo Leal
Brazil – Leandro Chico
Brazil – Kelvin Hoefler
Canada – Matt Berger
Canada – Mickey Papa
Canada – Jon Cosentino
Canada – TJ Rogers
Czech Republic – Tomas Vintr
Finland – Marius Syvanen
France – Flo Mirtain
Indian Ocean, France – Vincent Milou
Indian Ocean, Mauritius – Damien Philippe
Indian Ocean, Mauritius – Eric Kircher
Indian Ocean, Mauritius -Kevin Cazel
Indian Ocean, Reunion – Laurent Gence
Indian Ocean, Reunion – Theirry Finet
Indian Ocean, Reunion – Laurence Finet
Mexico – Gustavo Servin
Morocoo/Netherlands – Nassim Guammaz
Mozambique – Yulian Edmundovitch Manhica
Namibia – Armand Oelofse
Namibia – Morne’ de Kock
Namibia – Izzi Jansen
Philippines – Eunice Quinlantang
Philippines – Marvin Basinal
Philippines – Jeff Gonzales
Russia – Gosha Konyshev
South Africa – Khule Ngubane
South Africa – Moses Adams
South Africa – Dlamini Dlamini
Turkey – Cenk Kulioglu
Uganda – Douglas Mwesigwa
Uganda – Peter Kyomuhendo
UK – Tom Knox
USA – Nyjah Huston
USA – Clint Walker
USA – Alec Majerus
USA – Louie Lopez
USA – Evan Smith
USA – Tyson Bowerbank
USA – Justin Brock
USA – Boo Johnson
USA – Ben Hatchell
Vietnam – Linh Do
Vietnam – Bin Tim

Women’s Street World Championships

USA – Lacey Baker
Brazil – Pamela Rosa
USA – Marissa Dal Santo
Canada – Samarria Brevard
USA – Alexis Sablone
USA – Elissa Steamer
USA – Lacey Baker
Austria – Julia Brueckler
USA – Alana Smith
USA – Vanessa Torres
Australia – Katherine Williams

Vert Skateboarding World Championships

Canada – Pierre Luc Gagnon
USA – Jimmy Wilkins
USA – Andy Macdonald
Brazil – Sandro Dias
USA – Trey Wood
USA – Jono Schwan
USA – Mitchie Brusco
Brazil – Rony Gomes
Brazil – Marcelo Bastos
Brazil – Edgar Pereira
USA – Sam Beckett
Brazil – Italo Penarrubia

South African Championships

Cape Town- Alan Marola
Cape Town – Schuaib Philander
Cape Town – Alan Adams
Cape Town – Jean-Marc Johannes
Cape Town – Andrew Nero
Cape Town – Justus Kotze
Cape Town – Martin Stoffberg
Cape Town – Wesley Tooth Schroeder
Durban – Khule Ngubane
Johannesburg – Daniel Miltiadou
Pretoria – Charl Steyn
Welkom – Nico Ludek
Johannesburg – Kanya Spani
Durban – Braxton Haine
Johannesburg – Sam Vider
Johannesburg – Trae Rice
Johannesburg – Xolani Thanjekwayo
Johannesburg – Anthony DeMendonca
Johannesburg – Brandon Valjalo
Durban – Khulu Dlamini
Durban – Martin Stoffberg
Johannesburg – Mitchell Rice
Durban – Simon Stiptich
Kimberley – Warrick Delport
Durban – Yann Horowitz

37 Countries Represented at Kimberley Diamond Cup

Nyjah Huston at Kimberley Diamond Cup

Nyjah Huston at KDC Nyjah Huston in action during the final heat of the 2013 Kimberley Diamond Cup presented by Kumba Iron Ore. The defending champion is back in Kimberley to battle some of the top pro skaters from around the globe.

Nyjah Huston will return to Kimberley to defend his world title against an unprecedented global roster from 37 countries at the Kimberley Diamond Cup presented by Kumba Iron Ore from 2 – 5 October 2014. The best pro street skaters from the United States will join the top skateboarders from around the world to battle it out in Kimberley, South Africa in October for their share of the R5 million prize purse, the largest single event prize purse in skateboarding.

“The unprecedented global participation in this year’s championships gives us the unique opportunity to showcase our beautiful country to the world and will also allow our young people to be inspired by these incredible athletes,” said John Block, MEC of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism of the Northern Cape provincial government. “This contest has grown beyond what we anticipated. It is now the premier skateboarding competition in the world and all eyes will be on Kimberley. We can’t wait to see the incredible talent that will no doubt be displayed during this year’s competition. It promises to be a truly historic event!”

“It is also an unbelievable opportunity for the Northern Cape to showcase itself as an extraordinary tourism destination and we are looking forward to welcoming the participants and their supporters with the traditional warm Northern Cape hospitality. We would be proud to share our tourism treasures with them – extreme nature, extreme culture and extreme adventure. We would like to encourage them to take this chance to explore the magic of South Africa’s largest province,” mentions Block.

Nyjah Huston, last year’s street skateboarding world champion, along with other top U.S. pros, will battle the top skaters from around the world in a fast-paced, adrenaline packed contest that takes place on the state-of-the-art Kumba Skate Plaza. Currently 37 countries are sending their best skaters to the world championships, including countries competing on the international stage for the first time such as Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines, Namibia, Mauritius Islands and Malaysia.

“To have so many countries competing in the World Championships is unprecedented in skateboarding,” said Tim McFerran, CEO of World Skateboarding Grand Prix. “Since there are only a handful of countries with federations established for skateboarding, most countries do not have any formalised means to support their top skateboarders to get to international contests. For them, it is crucial to get financial help to get to these contests. Even the US, as advanced as it is in skateboarding, has no mechanism in place to get governmental help to send its top skateboarders to the big contests and it has to rely on brands to help,” mentions McFerran. “Over the last seven months, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges in getting skaters to the world championships in countries that have no existing federation. We’ve been working feverishly to assist countries to help bring their skaters to South Africa. We want to help support the growing skateboarding talent around the world and to ensure that skateboarders who have the talent, but not the means, are represented in major events like the skateboarding world championships.”

The growing list of countries participating in the 2014 Skateboarding World Championships includes: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Botswana, Brasil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Malaysia, Mauritius Islands, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Philippines, Reunion, Russia, South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

For an up-to-date list of skateboarders and countries that will be represented at the 2014 Skateboarding World Championships, visit The Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup will be broadcast live in South Africa on SuperSport and distributed globally in 173 countries reaching 367 million homes worldwide. The event will also be webcast live.


Comeback Kid are set to release a new album, Die Knowing.

It will be the band’s sixth album, which will be released through Victory Records 4 March. You can only pre-order through Victory Records.

The goal with Die Knowing was to really capture the best parts of our live show and put those elements into the album. Lyrically, it’s a reminder to stay hungry while carving your own path, living life to its full potential. This will be the biggest and heaviest sounding Comeback Kid album to date. – Andrew Neufeld

For those who don’t know, Comeback Kid are coming to South Africa and arrive this week!

Comeback Kid Die Knowing Album Cover

Track Listing:

1. Die Knowing
2. Lower The Line
3. Wasted Arrows
4. Losing Sleep (feat. Pauly Correia)
5. Should Know Better
6. I Depend, I Control
7. Somewhere In This Miserable…
8. Beyond
9. Unconditional
10. Didn’t Even Mind
11. Full Swing (feat. Scott Wade)
12. Sink In


Jagermeister in association with Favour The Brave Agency are pleased to announce that Canadian Hardcore Punk stalwarts; COMEBACK KID (Victory Records) will be touring South Africa this coming January 2014. Having written some of the most memorable moments in hardcore history with sing-along hits like “Die Tonight”, “Wake The Dead”, “Broadcasting” and “G.M. Vincent & I”, COMEBACK KID have cemented their brand of catchy hardcore punk in the hearts of their fans worldwide.


Find out more about the tour HERE.


Comeback Kid

For those who don’t know by now, Canadian Hardcore Punk band, Comeback Kid, will be gracing our shores early next year. We caught up with frontman, Andrew, to chat about the upcoming tour and still playing in a hardcore band at 37 years old…

Who is Comeback Kid?

Comeback Kid is just a bunch of guys that like playing this style of hardcore and touring the world. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just write and play music that excites us.

What do you each of you guys do outside of the band?

Everybody has their own lives outside of the band, especially now that we have kind of scattered and don’t really live near each other anymore. Some have other bands and side projects, some have other jobs they work at and then, of course, there are other things like swimming, running, biking etc. that some of us love to do in our down time.

What’s behind the name “Comeback Kid”?

The name Comeback Kid was actually taken from a headline in the sports section of a newspaper. I’m not sure how popular ice hockey or the NHL is in South Africa but back in the day there was this super star named Mario Lemieux who had a serious back injury and it looked like he’d never play again. After some time he got better and was going to make a go of it in the NHL again so when he came back after looking like he was down and out, pretty much done as far as his playing career went, he was called “The Comeback Kid” by the press. We thought that made for a very inspiring title and thought that kind of suited the vibe of what we wanted to do as a band.

Comeback Kid

Who/what are your biggest influences and inspirations?

That has and will always change somewhat over the years but I think bands like Propagandhi, Sick of it All and Madball are all bands that have been around longer than us and are still going and relevant have done that for us. I think as a whole we’d agree that these are bands we drew inspiration from and still do, and not only that, but they still influence us musically as well.

Do you have any expectations coming to South Africa? What gave you the motivation to tour here?

We have been wanting to come to South Africa for some time now. It has been in the works twice before but could just never work out. We’ve heard about the growing scene out there and think it’s high time we get over there. Long overdue!

You guys have been playing hardcore for a LONG time now. What keeps you motivated and passionate about it?

We have been going at it for over a decade now and I think it’s just knowing that what we have done over the years has been appreciated by fans around the world that helps keep us going. It’s one thing to make music you love but it’s another when it can connect with people from all over the globe, so that really keeps us motivated to make more music and tour as much as we do.

What was the inspiration behind your skateboard deck? Do any of you guys skate?

A company reached out to us and as us if we’d like to do something with them and we were on board with that. Funny thing is none of us really skate anymore. I know some did when we were younger, but I never did. I just hope that doesn’t make me a bad hardcore kid haha.

Comeback Kid

What bands are you guys psyched on at the moment?

I think everyone in the band will give you different answers but some of the newer bands we’ve been psyched to play with are Incendiary, Backtrack, and Such Gold. I’m not going to lie, at the age of 37 I don’t seek out new bands like I did 20 years ago but I still can say that seeing a young hardcore band that is keeping it real and killing it still gets me stoked.

What goals do you have as a band?

As a band we don’t really have any hard goals in terms of record sales or charts and all that, but we just really want to put on the best show we can and connect with the fans in that 45 minute slot we have. I want to play the same way to a room of 5 stoked fans as I do to a room of 500.

CBK is releasing a new album next year. What can we expect to hear on it?

You can expect to hear the typical Comeback Kid evolution. Anyone that is familiar with our previous releases knows we never put out the same record twice. Rather, we just try to pick up where the last one left off and that will be the case with this one as well. If you’re lucky we may play a new one or two when we are down there, as you’ll be the first to hear that live.


Comeback Kid Live In South Africa


The Battle At Hastings IV took place at the Hastings Bowl on 31 August in Vancouver, Canada. It was the first time the event was World Cup santioned.

Featuring: Riley Boland, Frank Shaw, Danny Tumia, Cameo Wilson, Rick McCrank, Steve Reeves, Rob “Sluggo” Boyce, Mason Merlino, James Clarke, Sky Siljeg, Adam Hopkins, Charlie Blair, Cody Lockwood, Brad McClain.

Filmed by: Sheldon Barr, Kolby Harris, Ethan Miller, Zenga Bros, Chris Johnson

Edited by: Kolby Harris

Music: “’68 Camaro” by Black Bombaim