Foundation: Swank Zine

Foundation Skateboards just put out Swank Zine, a fanzine to celebrate the re-release of the Tea Pot deck. This is issue 3 and features Neil Blender on the cover (1984).

Swank Zine cover

Swank Zine

10″ x 31″ Justin Lovely / Swank sidecut type action with a point type nose and a wide type tail. Teapot graphics. Limited re-issue deck that comes with a copy of a Swank Zine made by Justin Lovely.


This is Pocket Cam 15 from Tum Yeto, featuring Dakota Servold, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Nick Merlino and Blake Carpenter. The team drive around America looking for fresh spots while they film for the new Dekline video.