Globe EU Trippin: Southbank Demo

Globe South Bank

Chris Haslam, Paul Hart, Louie Barletta, Rodney Mullen and the rest the Globe team are trippin balls over in Europe right now. Here’s some video coverage compliments of Route One of their demo at London’s SouthBank.

Globe Mahalo Special

Globe Mahalo Special

Globe Mahalo Special

Buy a pair of the Globe Mahalo and receive a free 5 pack of Globe socks.

Available from Revolution retail stores and online.

Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 447 6801 /
Revolution Online:

Skate Nerd: Dwindle vs Globe

TransWorld Skateboarding invited the Dwindle crew to their Skate Nerd Studio where they put Cliché and enjoi team riders against Globe team riders. Louie Barletta, Ryan Decenzo and Mark Appleyard vs. Daniel Espinoza, Pete Eldridge, and Jimmy Carlin.


French Fred treats us to some footage from a bunch of sessions, featuring Pat Channita, Kerry Getz, Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari, Donny Barley, Mark Appleyard, Omar Hassan, Brian Anderson, Chad Fernandez, and more.


Behind the French Fred Scenes – Mark Appleyard in Flip Sorry.

For today’s Throwback Thursdays, we thought we’d feature this video from Thrasher’s “Behind the French Fred Scenes” of Mark Appleyard in the 2003 video, Flip Sorry. Crazy how good the level of his skateboarding was, even though it was 10 years ago.


In this Trick Mix clip, Mark Appleyard demonstrates his moves on nothing more than a butter bench and some flat ground. If you haven’t seen his new signature shoe that has just come out with Globe check out the video below. Mark Appleyard breaks down the design features behind his new pro shoe from Globe—The Mahalo. Featuring a low profile silhouette and minimal branding, The Mahalo packs much more of a technical punch that it would outwardly seem.


Appleyard shares how he sets up his board in this latest video presented by CCS. Watch and learn how he gets that snap and board control.


If you missed yesterdays post on a day in the life with Mark Appleyard you missed his favourite trick that featured in the video. Learn how to do a frontside pivot to fakie like Apples does it!