Open Streets Bree Street, Cape Town

Open Street Bree Street Cape Town

Open Street Bree Street Cape Town

Attention all people who roll.

Open Streets Bree Street, Cape Town, is taking place on 18 January from 9am – 2pm.

It is open to everyone. Come hang out, walk, ride, roll, whatever… The aim is to promote Cape Town as an integrated city.

Open Streets are uniting all non-motorised ‘alternative’ sports/culture to conduct a mass movement on Bree street during Open Streets for the purpose of enjoying the space in whatever legal way we like. Some portable ramps will be facilitated for use on the day but the main emphasis is not only about the obstacles but rather to enjoy the car-free space through healthy recreation, creative expression and bringing together alternative but like minded individuals (so don’t be a stranger with one another and mutual respect is the name of the game).

This is an important event for us as an ‘alternative’ sports/culture to make our presence known to the public and particularly the City of Cape Town so that we may prove to them that these sports/activities can be recognised as something positive, impactful and constructive on youth, society and Cape Town as a whole.

Entry: Free
Date: 18 January
Time: 09:00 – 14:00
Place: Bree Street (Wale St. down to Riebeek St.)

P.S. Open Streets encourage participants to use the train, bus or their own non-motorised transport to get to Bree Street.

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Open Streets is a citizen-driven initiative, working to design and promote streets which embed and generate respect for people, regardless of who they are, and how they move.

Open Streets Cape Town Manifesto

Cape Town’s streets could be much more than they are. By embracing the concept of Open Streets, all of us who use them can create places that embody respect for everyone.

We, the people of Cape Town, believe that streets should be:

Welcoming to all
Places for movement , recreation and expression
In harmony with local cultures and values
Able to meet changing needs
Contributing to a healthy society and thriving business
Part of distinctive and active neighbourhoods
Friends of Open Streets support these principles, and undertake:

To treat with respect and courtesy all who use our streets
To actively create inclusive public streets
To find ways to bridge the social divides of our city
In short: to actively create streets that embody and generate respect for all the people who use them, regardless of who they are and how they move.