The LB Project: A European Art Exhibition Through Skateboarding

The LB Project

The LB Project has been created to unite the European skateboard scene through art shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and London.

A Year ( June 2014 – June 2015 ) where artists, skateboarders, stores, media and brands will unite to make skateboarding and art accessible to all.

Michael Sieben, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, Mark Foster, Jeremyville, Kid Creature, Funeral French, Mike Kershnar, Chad Eaton, BB Bastidas, Lucas Beaufort

Everyone who suscribe on this project will have the opportunity to get a chance to win 27 from the 54 unique skateboards.

Registration will end on june 2, 2015 at midnight.

Winners (27) will be announced on june 9, 2015 via

The other half of the artworks will be donated to Skateistan in order to support this NGO to run their fight in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

Jean-Marc at Far ‘N High, Paris

Far 'N High - Jean Marc Johannes

Revolution team rider Jean-Marc Johannes’ invitation is confirmed for Far ‘n High 2014, taking place in Paris, France.

The contest is taking place from 29 May – 1 June at the Halle de Skate du Val d’Orge. It is a Pro / Am open contest with a total prize purse of €15000!

Big ups JM!


Captains Attack – Dalavas from Hélas. on Vimeo.

Hélas Caps and Legion of Sorts presents CAPTAINS ATTACK, a one month adventure through Southern France and Barcelona featuring skateboarding from Lucas Puig, Stephen Khou, Luypa Sin, Joel Paoletti, Clement Brunel, Dan Leung, Brian Dolle, Timi McMeel, Brian Peacock and others.

Filmed by Tommy Zhao & Sebastien Godet on location in Paris, Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille, Perpignan, & Barcelona.

Music: One Thousand by Juicy J.


#NOREGRETS Days – Sammy Winter skates Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris – directed by French Fred

As the famous saying goes: live every day like it’s your last – with passion, vigour and enthusiasm. If you could spend one day living with no regrets, no reservations, no limits, what would you do?

For skater Sammy Winter, a #NOREGRETS Day is the opportunity to skate through one of Paris’ premier contemporary art institutions without crowds, so we shut down the Cité de la Mode et du Design (The City of Fashion and Design). We took legendary skate director French Fred along to capture Sammy’s day. It’s one of the most remarkable contemporary museums in Paris with its bold architecture dedicated to showcasing France’s established fashion designers alongside emerging talents – Balenciaga next to Comme des Garcons.

Sammy Winter recently turned pro for Cliché Skateboards. He is using his pro model, the “Delivery Room” in the video.

Contiki is the world leader in youth travel, with tours for 18-35s across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America & North America.


The Blind team start at Vans Downtown Showdown in Paris then head through Switzerland and finish up in Italy. Eight minutes of bangers across Europe from Kevin Romar, Tj Rogers, Yuri Facchini, Sam Beckett and a quick cameo from Sewa Kroetkov.


The Vans Downtown Showdown Paris 2013 happened this past weekend.

Final Results:

Top 4 teams:

1. Element: Ross McGouran, Phil Zwijsen, Nassim Guammaz, Karsten Kleppan
2. Sweet: Gustav Tönneson, Josef Scott Jatta, Jonas Skröder, Nisse Ingemarsson
3. Flip: Geoff Rowley, Ben Nordberg, Luan Oliveira, Louie Lopez
4. Dropdead: Pedro Barros, Rodolfo Ramos, Evandro Martins, Guilherme Guimarães + guest Chris Pfanner

Palace Obstacle

1. Luan Oliveira
2. Louie Lopez
3. Yuri Facchini

Element Obstacle

1. Pedro Barros
2. Sylvain Tognelli
3. Louie Lopez

Cliché Obstacle

1. Josef Scott Jatta
2. Luan Oliveira
3. Louie Lopez

Flip Obstacle

1. Nassim Guammaz
2. Karsten Kleppan
3. Chris Pfanner

Monster Quasimodo Prize: Evandro Martins

Best AM: Nassim Guammaz

Best Pro: Luan Oliveira