KDC 2014 Vert World Championships

Kimberley Diamond Cup Vert Championships

Kimberley Diamond Cup Vert Championships

Vert skaters from all over the world traveled to Kimberley, South Africa to compete in the Kimberley Diamond Cup 2014 Vert World Championships and a shot at their share at the $83,000 prize purse. In the end, Jimmy Wilkins of Columbus, Ohio ended up taking the top spot and the $35,000 grand prize! Some of Jimmy’s tricks that worked as leverage to towards his win were huge frontside ollies, bs 540 ollies, kickflip lien melon, alley oop tailgrab 540, and more.

Check out the highlights video featuring PLG, Trey Wood, Jono Schwan, Marcello Bastos, Andy MacDonald, Sandro Dias, Elliot Sloan, Jimmy Wilkins, and more.

1. Jimmy Wilkins
2. Sandro Dias
3. Elliot Sloan
4. Andy MacDonald
5. Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG
6. Rony Gomes
7. Jono Schwan
8. Italo Penarrubia
9. Clay Kreiner
10. Sam Beckett
11. Mitch Brusco
12. Marcelo Bastos
13. Trey Wood
14. Edgard Vovo Perier

KDC SA Vert Champs Results

KDC SA Vert Championships Results

KDC SA Vert Championships Results

South Africa’s top vert skaters owned at Kimberley Diamond Cup this year. Each skater had five runs, with maximum eight walls in each run. Their best run of five counted. In the end it was Jacques Allison who took the win.


1. Jacques Allison – R10,000

2. Werner du Plessis – R6,000

3. Graham Denoon – R4,000

Photos by Rudi Jeggle:

Damian BramleyDamian Bramley

Graham DenoonGraham Denoon

Jacques AllisonJacques Allison

Jacques AllisonJacques Allison

Werner du PlessisWerner du Plessis

Jacques Allison, Werner du Plessis, Graham DenoonJacques Allison, Werner du Plessis, Graham Denoon

World Record 30.8 Foot Bomb Drop

Pro vert skater Adil Dyani broke a world record when he did a 30.8 foot bomb drop in September last year (2013). This is the footage from the drop. That is pretty high.