In celebration of Psych Night turning 1 years old, they invite you to join them to celebrate.

Bands playing:

The Very Wicked
Holiday Murray
Bilderberg Motel + Sannie Fox
Black Fins (Black Lung + The Dollfins)
Psych Night vs. Wild Eastern Arches (DJ)

Visuals by Roundabout Films.

Saturday, 3 August
The Assembly
R40 before 10, R50 after.

DJ sets:
The Doors / Night Beats / The Black Angels / Tame Impala / BRMC / Shapes have Fangs / UFO Club / Goat / Pond / Jimi Hendrix / Cosmonauts / Spacemen 3 / BJM / Allah Las / Underground Youth / Meek / Dead Skeletons / Place to Bury Strangers / Ty Segall / Clinic / Bass Drum of Death / Psychic Ills / Golden Animals / Elephant Stone / Deerhunter etc.

Link to the Facebook event:


Psych Night and The Assembly present Psych Night: Texas Headdress in celebration of Austin Psych Fest that was happening around the same time. Featuring Wild Eastern Arches, The Future Primitives, Bilderberg Motel and Krakatoa. This is the highlight video of the event, which happened at The Assembly in Cape Town on the 4th of May.

Shot and Edited: Barry de Villiers
Music: The Future Primitives


Get your psychedelic rock ‘n roll fix for the day.

Wild Eastern Arches – Line of Simian.


Raoul GoetzePhoto by Dirk Steenkamp

Raoul Goetze is a Cape Town tattooer at Wildfire Tattoos, an artist, and a member of the band Wild Eastern Arches. He is also one of the artist exhibiting work at the Doors of Perception art exhibition on the 23rd of May at Revolution Woodstock. We caught up with him to chat about the upcoming exhibition, art, music and what ‘psychedelic’ means. Meet Raoul Goetze…

How is your artwork coming along for the Doors of Perception art exhibition? Any hints for what we can expect to see?

I’m always in two minds when it comes to executing ideas. It’s a constant debate on how I will try translate the visuals in my head to a tangible form, so consequently it becomes a bit of an irrational completion, which is definitely part of the process I guess. So yeah, my artworks are getting there for the exhibition. For Doors of Perception, I’m trying to explore what really happens chemically when psychedelic drugs are introduced to the brain.

Raoul Goetze

You are quite a creative person: tattooing, making art, and playing in a band. What else do you get up to in your spare time?

Well, I really love everything I’m involved with, so when I have free time, I don’t really consider it as spare time seeing that I wouldn’t mind drawing or playing guitar in that time. Otherwise I probably end up with friends talking about all these things over a couple of beers anyways. I am involved with Psych Night, which probably comes with playing in a band as well.

Why do you make art?

I’m a visual person. I have a need to translate whatever goes on in my head to a visual format.

Raoul Goetze

Tell us about Psych Night…

Psych Night is a collective hosting events celebrating psychedelia, whether it’s music or any other art form. We’re a group of like-minded friends all involved in music industry some way or another. Psych Night hosts flagship events at The Assembly bi-monthly and have smaller events in between at various venues. Apart from a photography exhibition on Austin Psych Fest by Mark Reitz, Doors of Perception will be our first event exploring psychedelic inspired art.

Cape Town is quite an “international” city i.e. the city gets thousands of tourists every year. Being a tattooer at Wildfire Tattoos on Long Street, you must get quite a few strange tourists walking in. What are a few of the weirder/strange/funny comments or requests that you have heard working there?

Apart from some tourists just being extremely odd, there have just been too many. From asking for a South African tribal to just the extend of a language barrier where nothing that comes out of their mouths sound human or appropriate.

Raoul Goetze

How would you describe your favorite type of tattoo to do? Do you have a personal favorite tattoo that you’ve done?

I don’t necessarily have a favourite tattoo that I’ve done, but when I get a chance to interpret a subject matter in my own way, I obviously enjoy the tattoo more seeing that it’ll automatically turn into a style that I would like to do. I really enjoy doing traditional tattoos, also with some sort of geometric elements in them.

What is your opinion on tattooing in South Africa? Do you think that we’re at the level we should be? How do you think we match up to international standards?

I think people underestimate the talent locally. We definitely match up to international standards. You will obviously always get tattoo artists and shops that never went the right route of doing things and poor quality tattoos are the result, but the same problem occurs internationally as well, if not more. The few artists that are truly great with what they do reach international standards without out a doubt. It’s just a matter of doing research and finding the right ones to get tattooed by.

Raoul Goetze

Can you tell us more about your band Wild Eastern Arches? What do you play? How many of you are there? What genre do you play? etc.

We’re a psychedelic band that started in 2012. Our music draws inspiration from various fields such as 70s rock n roll, a bit experimental and I guess shoegaze as well. Psychedelic would probably just be a term used as a main vessel to merge all our individual influences together. We consist of 5 members. I play guitar and bass.

Favourite tattooer, artist, and band?

Favourite tattooer and artist would be Thomas Hooper. Favourite band, either Zeppelin, The Black Angels or Night Beats.

You make ‘psychedelic’ art, and play in a ‘psychedelic’ band. What is your definition of ‘Psychedelic’?

Feeling it.

Raoul GoetzePhoto by Mark Reitz

Raoul GoetzePhoto by Dirk Steenkamp

Raoul Goetze

Raoul Goetze

Raoul Goetze

Raoul Goetze


Psych Night

Here is your soundtrack for the week. In anticipation for the upcoming Doors of Perception art exhibition at the Revolution Woodstock store in Cape Town, here is the latest soundtrack from Psych Night.

This album is the first leg in showcasing South African bands that are forming the fresh wave of talent and psychedelic colour washing over the lands. A big thank you goes to Wild Eastern Arches, The Future Primitves, The Very Wicked, The Dollfins, Bilderberg Motel and Black Lung for allowing us to use their tracks. Please spread this album far and to many. “Meet us at the top of the sky…”

The album cover was designed by local Cape Town artist Simon Berndt.

*All rights of the tracks belong to the corresponding artists involved in the compilation of this album.