The American Dream

The American Dream

Willow and friends from Cologne went to fulfil their dream of skating New York City. This is “The American Dream”.

Almost Famous Ep. 26

Almost Famous Episode 26

Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam & More – Almost Famous Ep. 26

Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam, Willow and Cooper Wilt. Looking back at some of the episodes from 2014 while working on the new series for 2015.

Almost Famous Ep. 21

Almost Famous Ep. 21

Issey Yumiba’s Archives, Kris Vile Skate Pharmacy & More! – Almost Famous Ep. 21

A biweekly mixtape made by a pack of friends on a rolling toy. The Almost family provides lots of skateboarding and lots of… well, just immature stuff, to tell the truth. Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt, Willow, Youness Amrani, Mitchie Brusco and friends pack each mixtape with death defying.


Almost DC Superheroes

The new Almost x DC Superhero series features the following decks:

Daewon / Batman
Width: 8.25″
Length: 31.7″
WB: 14.25″
Mellow Concave

Mullen / Superman
Width: 8.1″
Length: 31.9″
WB: 14″
Medium Concave

Willow / The Flash
Width: 7.75″
Length: 31.1″
WB: 13.88″
Full Concave

Haslam / Wonder Woman
Width: 8.38″
Length: 31.8″
WB: 14.25″
Medium Concave

Youness / Green Lantern
Width: 8.0″
Length: 31.6″
WB: 14″
Full Concave

Cooper / Aquaman
Width: 8.0″
Length: 31.6″
WB: 14.25″
Mellow Concave

The AmYears Youness Amrani from Almost Skateboards on Vimeo.

Available from Revolution stores and Revolution Online from later this week!

Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 447 6801 /
Revolution Online:


Chris Haslam, Jose Rojo, Joey Brezinski, Jimmy Carlin, Zack Wallin, Andrew Brophy, and Willow talk about why they prefer to ride boards with Impact technology rather than standard 7-ply boards. This is no gimmick. Impact boards really are the best.

Impact skateboards are available from Revolution stores.


Almost Skateboards presents this incredible tribute video on the 1-year anniversary of Lewis’ death. Daewon, Rodney, Haslam, Cooper, and Willow all recollect an amazing skater and individual. This includes amazing footage and photos. Rest in Peace, Lewis.


Episode 1:

A window inside the Almost Universe, based on random segments of remixes, organised chaos and having fun with that stunt wood we call skateboard.

Almost Immediate Family: Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt, Willow, Youness Amrani, Mitchie Brusco. #LewisMarnellForever

Episode 2:

Rodney Mullen explains why he flipped the script! Almost High Tide Rider CJ works through his familia issues. Haslam drops some fun and perverted lines in Greece and … Russia? Daewon clogs the feed and Willow gets jumped into a gang!


Impact “Double” is Willow’s weapon of choice, especially when he is skating big drops. The main reason he likes Impact “Double” is because they last longer while keeping the same feel as when he first set it up through the end of the board’s life.

Above is a quick line of Willow skating his Impact “Double”. Willow is in California at the moment working on a few projects. Get ready for more Willow in your life!