Come down to Salesians Skate Park in Cape Town on the 20th of April 2013 for the TECH SESSION contest. Check out the facebook event here.

Its the first of its kind and open to all skaters!

There will be a qualifying round and a final.

-Warm up and registration from 12:00 – 13:00
-Qualifying round : (depending on the amount of skaters)
two groups with one hour for each group to qualify.Riders take turns to get there line,if you dont make your line the first turn the next rider goes.The list of riders will go from top to bottom and repeat until the time is up.So you have more than one attempt to make a line.

-Top ten riders will qualify and move to finals.

-Finals : Jam session with Two riders at a time.

-Top 3 Podium.

What is it all about?

This is a “lines contest” format, there is a maximum of four obstacles
to throw down a line. All the tricks in your line has to be landed in order for it to count in your favour in the qualifiers and finals.

(For example- if there are four obstacles to throw down four tricks, and you do not make your last trick.The line will not count and you would have to start the line from the beginning.)

With one qualifying round and one final, put your tech tricks in solid lines and stand a chance to take home a cut of R6000!!!

Bring your friends and Crews down to Salesians Next week Saturday 20th of april for a awesome day of skating, Red Bull and all round good vibes.

(Please see event times)

Supported By Red Bull.

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