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The Revolution Warehouse Sample Sale opens again today at 10am!

We have just replenished the stock and there is a bunch of fresh new footwear and apparel. Don’t slack though, it is dwindling quickly. The sale ends tomorrow, so to make sure you get the best stock first, get down here asap!

Revolution Warehouse Sample Sale

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RVCA, Fallen, Hurley, WeSC, DVS, Globe, Osiris, Lakai, Krew, Iron Fist, LRG, Verb, Killer, KFD, and many more…

Tees and Caps from R100
Footwear and Hoods from R250

All sizes.

Revolution Woodstock, Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Thursday 27th – Sat 29th June
10am – 5pm

While stocks last!
021 447 6801

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More Skateboarding Videos

Nike SB Go Skateboarding Day 2013 London

The Nike SB team celebrated Go Skateboarding Day in style with a tour of East, South, Central and West London. Taking in spots old and new they stopped off at the Hackney Wick park, Homerton bumps, Elephant & Castle, South Bank and ended with a final session at BaySixty6 off Portobello Road.

Local skaters joined the team en route to get their stoke on and pick up a limited edition GSD tee.

With new team riders Capser Brooker and Joe Gavin in the mix, a solid 10 hours went down in honour of skating.



The Poo Song – A little ditty called ‘The Poo Song’

“Don’t be snobby, test your jobby!”

We thought this was pretty funny, and a fresh approach to educating people about a pretty serious topic. The NHS encourages older men and women to check their poo for signs of bowel cancer, a problem on the rise in Scotland right now.

So, next time your mom, dad or uncle Vlad goes to the loo, tell them to test their poo!


The Dwindle camp is coming out with some amazing stuff. Impact Technology is proud to announce a new construction, Impact Plus, the newest addition to its family.

The original Impact Support construction consisted of two carbon discs embedded on the truck-mount to prevent premature breakage among other benefits. Impact Plus has the two over truck carbon discs, PLUS a die-cut top laminate. The additional carbon insert strengthens and helps maintain board memory, extends board life, and retains the pop longer.



The Revolution Warehouse Sample Sale starts today!

RVCA, Fallen, Hurley, WeSC, DVS, Globe, Osiris, Lakai, Krew, Iron Fist, LRG, Verb, Killer, KFD, and many more…

Tees and Caps from R100
Footwear and Hoods from R250

All sizes.

Revolution Woodstock, Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Thursday 27th – Sat 29th June
10am – 5pm

While stocks last!
021 447 6801













Facebook event:


_003Photo by Andrea Mono

Recap from the day:

Hotdogs, wall ride contest, Ryder Nel’s rocking tunes from the Red Bull truck, skate photo exhibition, tons of product, product tosses, Maboneng kids screen printing workshop, Jet Black Camaro melting faces, and good times!

Verb Radical Wall Ride:

Evan Binge – Highest Wall ride.
T – Kay – Raddest trick on the Wall ride: Wall ride to flat.

Revolution Grind box shred:

Mitchell Rice – Nollie flip krooks ( The whole thing and at speed ).
Stuart Walker

Baseline contest:

Justin Biddle – Highest ollie – 900 mm ( WR – 1143 mm ).
Jonathan Pinkhard – Highest Hippie jump – 1,3 m
Stuart Walker – Longest ollie – 4,1m

_010Photo by Andrea Mono

_031Photo by Andrea Mono

_048Photo by Andrea Mono

_053Photo by Andrea Mono

_054Photo by Andrea Mono

_057Photo by Andrea Mono

_058Photo by Andrea Mono

_060Photo by Andrea Mono

_062Photo by Andrea Mono

_063Photo by Andrea Mono

_064Photo by Andrea Mono

_068Photo by Andrea Mono

_069Photo by Andrea Mono

_070Photo by Andrea Mono

_072Photo by Andrea Mono

_075Photo by Andrea Mono

_078Photo by Andrea Mono














“Before the park started they used to go down there and drink beers. Someone suggested making some tranny and the legend was born. Since 1990 ’til now, Burnside in Portland, OR has stood as a monument to ‘Do It Yourself’ spots everywhere. Take a look back to a simpler time that made the blueprint for all under bridge creations. Burnside then, Burnside now, Burnside forever. Peep the first generation lurkers in action. Mark Scott for President.” –Jake Phelps

For those who don’t know, Burnside Skatepark can be found under the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon, USA. The skatepark was originally built by the skateboard community without permission and eventually the city approved the area as a public skatepark. It has been featured in games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Grind Session. It was also in Free Willy, the classic 1993 movie, and in the 2007 film Paranoid Park.


Black Lung “Beliefs” from the upcoming album Blame Black Lung out on Angry Africa Records.

Directed, filmed & edited – Michael Ellis (
Assistant – Dirk Steenkamp

About the video:

The making of the Black Lung music video was done with a crew of two guys. The location was set in The Pit, Cape Town. The production was followed through with with a minimum budget (no budget).

Once the shoot was wrapped, Michael took it all into post production and put together the first cut. After the first cut was approved he could start with the real hard work… Michael took each frame of the video sequence and printed them, recreating the music video on paper which then got scratched and spilled coffee on. The video consisted of 3 875 images which were then scanned back into a digital form and then time consumingly cropped and separated and put back into motion.

So “Beliefs” is a work of art and has gone through a lot of BLOOD, SWEAT and COFFEE because our boy Michael does not cry!

Check out some photos from the launch of the video here:


Africa Skate put up this video clip featuring Africa Skate and Go Skate Cape’s Game of S.K.A.T.E on Friday 21 June 2013 at Salesians in Cape Town. The video is more of a day in the life edit with Liam Loughnane, but shows the event pretty well. Until next year!

Props to Alan Adams for winning the Game of S.K.A.T.E!

Video filmed and edited by Matthew Lesch.

The event was proudly sponsored by Revolution.


Benjamin gets sacked and then scorpions at Salesians in Cape Town.

Skateboarder: Benjamin Hausen
Filmed by: Zac Kruyer

You still have a chance to win a deck from KFD Skateboards!

Upload a video of your bail video to YouTube and/or Vimeo, and send us the link (to the Revolution Facebook inbox).

Best video wins a deck from KFD Skateboards.

Competition closes on the 17th of July. So you have a month to send us your videos. Get on it!



On Saturday the 22nd of June, the Joburg skate fraternity had their turn to celebrate go skate day with an event at an empty factory in Commissioner Street, downtown Joburg. A chilly morning made for a slow start to the day, but gave the guys a chance to put finishing touches on a skate photography exhibition which included works from Dwayne, Lingo, Werner, Jonathan and Rudi. As the day warmed up, skaters poured in from Soweto, Pretoria, Jhb, Vereeniging, and even GVB and Dave made it all the way from Durban. By lunchtime there were at least 100 guys skating with just as many spectators. Samsung sponsored hotdogs for everyone at the event and after lunch it was time to get to the fun underway with the highest ollie, highest hippie jump and furthest ollie contest, all sponsored by Baseline. Jonathan won the hippie jump with a well over hip high jump and Stuart cleared over 3 meters to win the longest ollie contest. The product toss always makes for good spectator value and this event was no different thanks to donations from Volcom and Vans. The most popular of the obstacles for the day, was the wall ride sponsored by Verb, so we decided to run 2 events, the first was the highest wall ride which was won by Evan who impressed all by getting at least 2m above the top of the ramp and then coming in fakie. The second was a best trick contest on the wall ride, which was won by TK who went wall ride to flat. The final event for the day was the KFD box jam which was won by Mitchell with an impressive front blunt slide to backside flip out. The day was finished off with a performance by Jet Black Camaro. The best part of the day was getting all the inner city kids on boards. Many of these kids had never been on skateboard before and everyone was keen to give them a try and some helpful tips. Everyone was so taken by the enthusiasm of the kids that they donated any extra boards or hardgoods that they could. Verb donated 3 completes to a few of the inner city guys that showed the most potential. Special thanks to Lingo for organising an amazing event as well as the companies that contributed towards the day: Verb, KFD, Revolution, Baseline, Volcom, Vans, Samsung and to all the skaters who came out to make this a great day!








Today’s Retail Therapy Tuesdays features apparel and hardgoods from Slave Skateboards. Click on any of the images to link to the product on Revolution Online.

Slave Dignity Mesh Trucker

Slave Bass Destruction Mesh Trucker

Slave Solid Beanie Mustard

Slave Solid Beanie Black

Slave Rat Racer Tee Sand


Slave Lousy Wheel Orange

Slave No Friends Wheel

Slave Bass Destruction Wheel

Slave End of the World Team Deck

Slave End of the World Mumford Deck

Slave End of the World Goemann Deck

Slave SkateBoards Logo

Available from Revolution Stores and from Revolution Online.

Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 801 4666 /



Yes, it’s that time again for another Revolution Warehouse Sample Sale.

In case the poster isn’t clear enough, here are the details in text form:

Revolution Warehouse Sample Sale
RVCA, Fallen, Hurley, DVS, WESC, Globe, Osiris, Lakai, Krew, Iron Fist, LRG, Verb, Killer, KFD, and many more…
Tees and Cape from R100
Footwear and Hoods from R250
All sizes.
Revolution Woodstock, Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
Thursday 27th – Sat 29th June / 10am – 5pm
While stocks last!
021 447 6801

Here is a link to the Facebook Event:

See you there!


Jagermeister presents for the very first time in South Africa, USA’s BETRAYAL (Mediaskare Records) on the SURVIVE THE WILD TOUR. The US hardcore outfit is set to tour alongside TRUTH AND ITS BURDEN (Rite Of Passage Records) and CONQUEROR, both prominent hardcore bands from Johannesburg.

The trio will embark on a nationwide tour that will send them through every major city in South Africa, travelling the long scenic routes between cities and soaking up South African culture and beauty.

SURVIVE THE WILD TOUR will also have select performances filmed along with a full tour documentary while on the road, to be considered for worldwide release upon completion.

A free download is available on Betrayal’s latest song “Pieces Of Home” can be found on Download it now, learn the lyrics and sing em along with the rest of us at the show!

Tour dates are as follows:
2013/09/26 – Pretoria, Arcade Empire
2013/09/27 – Johannesburg, Town Hall
2013/09/28 – Durban, Live – The Venue
2013/09/29 – Pietermaritzburg, The Red Door
2013/10/01 – East London, Raggies Sports Bar
2013/10/02 – Port Elizabeth, Pool City
2013/10/03 – George, Zanzi Bar
2013/10/04 – Cape Town, The Mercury Live

Event sponsors:
Jagermeister, Music Connection, Monster Energy, MK Ondergrond and Handstyle Tattoos.



Last week Friday, June 21, was International Go Skateboarding Day. It was also the day we launched our Woodstock Skate Initiative. We invited a bunch of local skate kids from around Woodstock to the Revolution Store in the Woodstock Exchange to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day with us. These are some photos from the day.



















Time to hit the streets!














Jean-marc skated with the kids, and played some skate karaoke, with kids just throwing out tricks for him to do. We donated a few skateboards to the kids and they’ve been using them everyday since. Looks like good school holidays ahead! Thanks to Jean-marc for pulling in.


Today Byron Rhoda teaches us how to do nice Nollie Nosegrinds.

Filmed by: Andrew van der Walt / a95Productions

If you have any tricks you would like to learn, drop us a comment below! Our team riders are keen to teach what they know.



On Friday 21 June, International Go Skateboarding Day, Africa Skate hosted the Go Skate Cape Game of S.K.A.T.E at Salesians Institute in Cape Town. It was a pretty heated, although rainy, battle with Alan Adams and Jean-marc Johannes both on S.K.A.T., but Alan landed the Pressure Hardflip to clench the victory. Congrats Alan!


Combine the new song from JJ DOOM, MF DOOM’s new project, with the artistic talents of legendary street artist Steve “ESPO” Powers, and what do you get? A rad new music video is what.

The video was shot in London and directed by ESPO, and features “Bookhead”, a new song from JJ DOOM, and ESPO’s “masterminded security mirror mask”.


Revolution Go Skate Day

21 June is International Go Skateboarding Day!

For one day only, all Revolution stores are having a sale to encourage you to drop whatever you’re doing and go skate.

R100 off all decks.
R100 off all completes.
R50 off all wheels.
R50 off all trucks.

Revolution Stores Nationwide.

Menlyn – / 012 348 2959
Woodstock – / 021 801 4666
Long Street – / 021 423 3482
Cresta – / 011 678 1685

Friday 21 June / 9AM – 5PM.

Go Skateboarding!
021 447 6801



South African-born skateboarder, Tommy Fynn, has been awarded the Slam Skater of the Year award. Slam Skater of the Year is Australian skateboarding’s top award and is coincidentally the 10th year the award has been going, the same number as Go Skateboarding Day.

Pick up the latest issue of Slam to read about Tommy’s background and how he got to where he is today.

Cover: Gap to backside lipslide, Melbourne. Photo: Jake Darwen.

Congratulations from your skateboarding family in South Africa Tommy! What a champ.



Go Skateboarding Day

Tomorrow is the 10th International Go Skateboarding Day! Not only are we running specials at all our stores, we are also running a special on

From midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow, you can get:

R100 off all decks
R100 all completes
R50 off all wheels
R50 off all trucks

Simply use the code “GOSKATEDAY” in the Cart for the special to apply.

Go skateboarding!


Open Streets is a citizen-driven initiative, working to design and promote streets which embed and generate respect for people, regardless of who they are, and how they move.

Open Streets Cape Town Manifesto

Cape Town’s streets could be much more than they are. By embracing the concept of Open Streets, all of us who use them can create places that embody respect for everyone.

We, the people of Cape Town, believe that streets should be:

Welcoming to all
Places for movement , recreation and expression
In harmony with local cultures and values
Able to meet changing needs
Contributing to a healthy society and thriving business
Part of distinctive and active neighbourhoods
Friends of Open Streets support these principles, and undertake:

To treat with respect and courtesy all who use our streets
To actively create inclusive public streets
To find ways to bridge the social divides of our city
In short: to actively create streets that embody and generate respect for all the people who use them, regardless of who they are and how they move.



International Go Skateboarding Day

Moad 281 Commissioner Street, JHB, 22nd June, 11AM – 9PM.

Go Skateboarding Day originated as the day for skateboarders to have fun, raise awareness about the issues we face; to show the world what skateboarding is really all about; to reclaim our culture; and to define skateboarding as the rebellious, creative celebration of independence it continues to be. The holiday continues to grow, but the mission remains the same: Get hyped, go skateboarding.

14:00 – Baseline Skate shop Highest Ollie, Hippie Jump and Longest Ollie.
16:00 – Verb Skateboards Highest Wall Ride.
17:00 – Revolution Grind box shred.
18:00 – Live Band – Jet Black Camaro.

Sk8Shades Lucky Draw. (Donate your old deck and win).

Photo & Board exhibition:
Verb Skateboards Photographer Tribute Series board exhibition.

Photographers exhibiting:

Gavin Scott
Andrea Momo
Jonathan Pinkhard
Rudy Jeggle
Werner Lamprecht
Dwayne Erasmus
Ben Bergh
Marcus Maschwitz
Tyrone Bradley
Lingo Rodrigues

Free Hot Dogs sponsored by Samsung.

Product toss.

Instagram hashtags: #moad #maboneng #weareverb #verbskateboards #revolutiondaily #revolutionskateboardsupplyco #baselineskateshop #sk8shades #dopeindustries #sessionskatemag #etniessouthafrica #samsung #redbull #volcomsouthafrica #vanssouthafrica #3starpowwow

Event Venue and Product sponsored by: The Maboneng Precinct, Revolution Skateboard Supply Co, Verb Skateboards, Baseline Skate Shop, Etnies, Dope Industries, Session Skate Mag, Volcom, Sk8shades, Vans and Samsung.

See you there!










Revolution is proud to have donated over 30 pairs of DVS girls shoes to Boobs & Skateboards. They will be handing out some pairs to local girl skateboarders on Friday 21 June for Go Skateboarding Day at Salesians in Cape Town.

For the love of skateboarding.


Departure Quarterly Magazine have just put up their new website.


Check out extended articles and interviews from Issue 3, browse through the current and previous issues, and check out the raunchy photos from the Issue 3 party.

Check out the website here:


Ian MackayeIan Mackaye. Photo: Susie J. Horgan

Skateboarding is not a hobby. And it is not a sport. Skateboarding is a way of learning how to redefine the world around you. For most people, when they saw a swimming pool, they thought, ‘Let’s take a swim.’ But I thought, ‘Let’s ride it.’ When they saw the curb or a street, they would think about driving on it. I would think about the texture. I slowly developed the ability to look at the world through totally different means.” – Ian MacKaye

For those who don’t know, Ian Mackaye was frontman of hardcore punk bands Minor Threat and Teen Idles, as well as the bands Embrace, Fugazi and The Evens. He is a co-founder of Dischord Records, and is also credited for coining the term “straight edge”.

tumblr_m31tvazhgf1qzezj5o1_1280Photographer unknown


Clayton Petersen, Alice Edy, and Justus Kotze paid a visit to Skatelab this past weekend. There’s nothing like a road trip to one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa to calm the nerves. A huge thank you to Mr. Miller and his family for the incredible hospitality. We’ll be back soon!


Jaak does the splits, hard.

Filmed by: Matthew Lesch

You still have a chance to win a deck from KFD Skateboards!

Upload a video of your bail video to YouTube and/or Vimeo, and send us the link (to the Revolution Facebook inbox).

Best video wins a deck from KFD Skateboards.

Competition closes on the 17th of July. So you have a month to send us your videos. Get on it!


International Go Skateboarding Day

If you’re in Gauteng this weekend, this is something that you don’t want to miss!

International Go Skateboarding Day happens this time every year, and is the best reason to drop whatever you’re doing and go skate.

So, on Saturday, get yourself down to Maboneng for good times, free hot dogs, best trick comp, photo and board exhibition, and jams from DJ Django and Jet Black Camaro.

Facebook event link:



Cliché Skateboards are proud to join forces with Fourstar clothing to bring you these limited Lucas Puig and Andrew Brophy boards.

Available now from Revolution stores and from Revolution Online.

Check out the video of Lucas and Brophy skating the first samples of the boards late last year in Japan.

Anthony de Mendonca & Adam Woolf Interview


You guys are from Johannesburg right?

Adam: 100% Jo-burgers from Edenvale.
Anthony: Yeah man Jozi all the way.

How do you feel about many of the Jozi skaters/friends having moved to Cape Town?

Adam: Well, I’m happy for them. Cape Town is a rad place and there are lots of sick spots around. It does suck that the Jozi scene has gotten smaller, but the scene is growing here and there are a lot more projects on the rise. People are realizing that if they don’t do anything about it, no one will.
Anthony: I think its amazing. If I’m not mistaken, JHB was the scene for a while and developed a lot of talent. Look at the scene now; its gotten so much larger in such a short amount of time. Clearly good things are coming from their choices, so I’m hyped for the homies. They’re making changes for us and opening new doors.


With all the major league videographers, photographers, and with AV and Session leaving Jozi, how have you managed to get coverage? Has it been hard or a walk in the “park”?

Adam: Well, I bought a video camera, so I can get my own coverage with all my homies. Either filming each other, making edits, sending footage to AV. On the photo side of things, there happens to be quite a few photographers here that are taking amazing photos, so that at least helps out shooting for Session. Also, filming with Preez films / Wandile, who is contributing to the scene with his new channel, as well as a few others on the rise.
Anthony: It’s been OK. I guess it’s all thanks to the dedicated time from Adam Woolf, Dwayne Erasmus and Jonathan Pinkhard. They’re the homies who are close to home for photos and filming. I also try push as much on social media networks as I can. Wandile and Preez Films have been a lot of help. Wands is taking back the streets. It’s always good riding and filming with him, and sending the occasional footage to AV.

How do you two manage summer without the ocean and fresh air?

Adam: I’m a fucking lizard!
Anthony: I love the ocean, but hate to swim. I get cold super quick, plus I’m paranoid of sharks.


What are the pro’s and con’s of having skateparks at your disposal?

Adam: With the recent closure of the Revolution Festival Mall park, there isn’t much to skate in the area park-wise. We hit up Sk8world a lot more often now. A few of us came together and built a sick-ass grind box there. We want to keep adding on to the park and build it up. Other than that it’s street all the way.
Anthony: Progression.

Revolution Festival Mall Skatepark is no more. Now where will you guys be spending your rainy days?

Adam: At home, jamming PS3.
Anthony: Not in the rain. Balfours has a nice frontside-up ledge that’s covered. That would be a choice, but I won’t lie, rains a killa, so I’ll be at home.


Could you share a fun or dangerous street mission you’ve had in the inner city of Johannesburg?

Adam: Skating it up with the MSA homies in town, cruising around at night skating road gaps. All the guys are super mellow and it was rad to get some footage with them.
Anthony: Brendan, two other homies and I had a good town mission quite a while ago. It started getting dark, but we kept it going. We decided to look for a hand rail, so we got in Brendan’s car and started the search. We got caught up behind a few taxi’s at a robot and the streets were packed with kids, gogos and madalas. Anyway, Brendan’s window was slightly down and these four guys come running towards us from behind the car, two on each side. They came up like they were trying to sell us some dope or crack, asking us if we were okay. I only noticed two on my side, not seeing the other two. All of a sudden the one guy was trying to get his arm in the window and the other guy was trying to open the doors. Brendan drove away as quick as he could but these guys were chasing us while holding onto the car for a brief time and as they let go I heard the one guy casually say “I’ll shoot you”. Brendan said “LET’S GET OUDDA HERE!”. He sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

You guys must be looking forward to the Maloof Money Cup! Do you have any new tricks that you’ve mastered that you would like to try on the plaza this year?

Adam: Hellz yeah! Always looking forward to Maloof! I was thinking about trying a flip backside nosegrind down the hubba. There are lots of new things I want to try. Hyped!
Anthony: I have a Hardflip backside 5-0 in mind, but we’ll see how that goes. What would be what I’d like to leave with knowing I got that over the weekend.









If you are a skateboarder, listen to punk, or just a human being who keeps their eyes open, you will have heard of Black Flag. If you have heard of Black Flag, you will probably have seen some of their infamous show flyers, which will most likely have been done by Raymond Pettibon. He has also done a lot of work for Sonic Youth, another band you should have heard of. Even if you haven’t seen a copy of his original artwork, it is highly likely that you’ve seen a rip-off of it somewhere.

Raymond Pettibon has arguably produced some of the most controversial music artwork ever. His work has a really dark, anarchic feel to them, and are basically guaranteed to make your parents worry. It is quite simple in the way that it is usually just black on white paper, not far off from the original sketches, but the meaning it packs is often commentary on various topics and has obviously been considered and thought about.

Vice have published a collection of nearly all of his Black Flag flyers. These are some of our favourites.











The Good Company Slicer by Henry Gunderson

We thought this was amazing. Who doesn’t love pizza? Combine pizza with skateboarding and you’ve struck gold. Henry Gunderson skates his delectable creation around the streets of San Francisco.

Starring: Henry Gunderson
Filmed and Edited By: Quinn Arneson



Go Skate Cape will be hosting a Game of S.K.A.T.E at Salesians Institute in Cape Town on 21 June, International Go Skateboarding Day. Revolution is a proud sponsor of the event.

The point of International Go Skateboarding day is to stop whatever you’re doing and go skate! Do it!


Filmage Movie poster web

The Descendents were around before most of you were born, starting in 1978. A lot of people will recognise the iconic ‘Milo’ graphic, but not realise that it is really a band. They were arguably one of the most influential and important punk bands of their time. We are extremely excited for this film, and can’t wait to see it already! Educate yourselves and apply some culture to your music tastes; check out The Descendents…

Full length documentary directed by: Matt Riggle and Deedle LaCour

Unfortunately they haven’t announced when the DVD will be out yet.

Read more about the documentary here:

Filmage Finished for Web


Get one pair of Lakai Shoes and one deck for R750!

How the special works:
– Simply click HERE
– Choose a pair of Lakai shoes
– Choose a deck
– Apply the coupon “iwantthat” to the cart for the discount to apply.


The catch? The special only runs for 2 week, so get on that!


David Wolf was recently seen eating dirt on Marcus Maschwitz Verb Photographer Tribute Series deck. Here’s a clip of him eating some more. The footage is taken from the KFD video, Fuckfd.

Stand the chance to win a KFD Skateboards deck!

Upload a video of your bail video to YouTube and/or Vimeo, and send us the link (to the Revolution Facebook inbox).

Best video wins a deck from KFD Skateboards.

Competition closes on the 17th of July. So you have a month to send us your videos. Get on it!


Has anyone here been keeping up with the 6th Battle At The Berrics? The level of skateboarding is downright nuts.

This year’s trophy was created by Haroshi, and artist who makes incredible things out of recycled skateboard decks, and who also skates. We thought it was pretty rad.


“Battle At The Berrics” is the most watched game of S.K.A.T.E in the world, with top pros battling head to head, working their way through the brackets to become the Battle At The Berrics champion. The winner walks away with this incredible trophy made by Japanese artist Haroshi, know for his intricate work using pieces of reclaimed skate decks.


Winter is here and most of us are feeling it. Time to get a fresh new beanie. So, for today’s Retail Therapy Tuesdays, we feature some rad beanies from Brixton.








Available at Revolution stores nationwide, or from Revolution Online.
Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 801 4666 /


Check out the video to see an uncut banger from TJ Rogers’ part in the new Blind Skateboards video, “Damn…”.



On the 13th of July 2013 it will be time for the yearly F#*k the Buck Skate Tour to George, proudly presented by Volcom.

This is the longest running skate contest in South Africa and the 13th year looks to be better than ever.

This will also be 7th stop on the Maloof Hope Tour leading up to the Maloof Money Cup in Kimberley from the 27 – 29th September.

2013 sees a R5000 prize purse as well as loads of product hand-outs with the winner getting a Maloof Money Cup wildcard entry to the main event, all expenses paid.

We are also incorporating the Skate for Hope clinic, where 25 kids from More Son Children’s Home will be attending for a action packed day of skating. They will each receive various product hampers / complete skateboards from Maloof Money Cup and a full skate clinic by some professional skateboarders.

Hope to see you all there for the madness!


Riaan V B – 082 792 2874

Markus – 083 655 3176


Facebook event:


This video was part of Jean-Marc’s “5 on Flat” video. He still isn’t sure what it is, so he has decided to call it the Party Trick.

What do you think it is?


This music video for Breakbot – “Baby I’m Yours” is made up of over 2000 individual watercolour paintings painted one after another. That is a hell of a lot of paintings. Beautiful, well-directed music video.

Composed (handmade) by: Irina Dakeva


X Games Real Street

Sixteen of the pro skateboarders, participating in the X Games Real Street comp in Munich, had to submit one minute video parts for a chance to win a gold medal. The video can’t include any park footage – it all has to be real street skateboarding. The judges will award the prizes during the live broadcast of X Games Munich, but the ‘fan favourite’ is decided by you! The most fan votes wins. You are allowed to vote once a day apparently. There are some really creative and interesting videos up so far.

Click HERE to watch them.

We can only imagine how intense those match ups are going to be.



The new Revolution Online store is now live!

Current specials:

Get a Verb, Killer, or KFD hood for R399,95, or two for R599,95. Simply choose two hoods, add them to your cart, then put the coupon “hoodspecial” into the coupon field in your cart.

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Welcome to the second Revolution Trick Tips!

Jean-Marc shows us how to do Nollie Inward Heelflips…

Filmed and edited by: Andrew van der Walt

If you have any tricks you would like to learn, drop us an comment below! Our team riders are keen to teach what they know.


For all you pansy’s out there into Astrology and star signs, Thrasher takes a stab at reading yours. They seem to be pretty accurate.

Words by Adam Creagan. Illustrations by Michael Sieben.

HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? Would you believe a vast web of cosmic connections involving our solar system (and the stars beyond), affected your every minute? That’s right, whether this day brings you morning wood, wheelbite, an NBD, an STD, or just barfing up a burrito, all these things are influenced by your galactic gang-sign: the Zodiac.

You know the deal, astrology is the ancient pseudoscience that claims your character and destiny are understood by how the universe was aligned when you landed your very first make: a roll-in from your mom’s womb. And frankly, cervix says: “This Zodiac garbage is as murky as Loch Ness.” Supposedly, your sign will propel you through life and can predict the future. But mostly it will give you a point of reference to discriminate against those with other, more-shitty signs. And astrology’s broad predictions are so vague they apply to any primate who happens to read them. Roughly 593 million people on Earth share your Zodiac sign. So you, Bangkok Brian, Moscow Mikey, and a half-billion others are all synchronized star-children? Perfectly logical.

Does the cosmic tug and pull of these far-off fireballs (and our more neighborly planets) help shape our lives from birth? Let’s take a look at this re-polished turd from an old issue…

AQUARIUS — The Water Bearer ( Jan. 21 – Feb. 19 )

Sign Traits: When you laugh, sometimes you start clapping; it’s totally unnecessary, almost infantile, really. / You have a unique Andrew Reynolds style. Wait, no…we meant to say that you’re a complete Android Hemorrhoids pile. Did you see what we did there?

Predictions: A life-altering bad haircut is in your immediate future. But do not run from fate: destiny and Supercuts await! / You will soon go for a walk and bump into Walker Ryan, Clint Walker, Kyle Walker, Tabias Walker, and Gailea Momolu.

PISCES — The Two Fishes ( Feb. 20 – March. 20 )

Sign Traits: Your near-psychotic passive-aggressiveness is a treat to behold. It doesn’t have the desired effect you seek at all. People actually get a kick out of it.

Predictions: Beware a bad-breath stranger with ornately-groomed face fungus. He will offer the gift of spots, but his van is windowless for a reason.

ARIES — The Ram ( March. 21 – April. 20 )

Sign Traits: Ram, you can’t hang with your hefty, cloven-hoof half-brother Taurus (the bull), so you push around wimpy-legged goats and lambs. / Your video part is not “coming along,” so stop saying that.

Predictions: A chain reaction starting from one of your bailed backside 5-0s prevents the eventual birth of the man who was destined to slay the Antichrist. Hell on Earth is thus ensured. It’s a long story.

TAURUS — The Bull ( April. 21 – May. 21 )

Sign Traits: When you get tossed something, you tend to not catch it. Your friends have noticed this for years and they get a little more bummed each time.

Predictions: You regard strangers as friends you haven’t met yet, and this guiding philosophy will enrich your life immensely. And yet, the United Nations will designate your foot odor a banned weapon of chemical warfare. Ha! Can you imagine?!

GEMINI — The Twins ( May. 22 – June. 21 )

Sign Traits: Your name got butchered in Photograffiti and to this day you think it C-Blocked your skate career. Hey, “Neil” is very commonly misspelled as “Nard.”

Predictions: You lead a skate revolution and establish the Mall Grab as a practical and comfortable way to carry a board which also avoids griptape burn on your clothes.

CANCER — The Crab ( June. 22 – July. 22 )

Sign Traits: Within the grand cosmic mystery, Cancer is a distinct and irreplaceable component of astrology. But here on Earth, Cancer is a malignant cell-division disease which kills millions. Your sign sucks, bro.

Predictions: You are soon going to find that this article is too long and has completely lost steam. Guaranteed.

LEO — The Lion ( July. 23 – Aug. 22 )

Sign Traits: Hey there, superstar. When you enter a room you’re usually greeted with “Leo, you son of gun! We’ve been waiting for you!” / You’re known for being dashing, determined, and honestly, kind of a dipshit.

Predictions: You open a pizza joint with Figgy called “Killer Pizza.” Sales are brisk, until people start choking and dropping like flies. / You will believe that you “accidently” got lost on the way to an empty pool. However, your friends deliberately gave you wrong directions.

VIRGO — The Virgin ( Aug. 23 – Sep. 23 )

Sign Traits: Your yellow, coned-ass wheels betray the fact that you’re no “weekend warrior.” You’re a once-a-year weirdo. / Bucking current trends, you actually hate all these goddamn haters.

Predictions: You will entrust Fred Gall with your life savings and let him handle your finances. His lack of communication will concern you. / On a Hawaiian trip, you will trespass onto Danny Way’s property, smoke some doobie, and accidently burn down his Mega-Ramp.

LIBRA — The Balance ( Sep. 24 – Oct. 23 )

Sign Traits: Whenever a bro offers a handshake, fist pound, or fist bump, you panic and always pick the wrong one. (Yeah, this material is dated but it killed back in 2005).

Predictions: If you say “Was that switch?” one more time your Aunt will get diabetes. / Your under-the-bridge DIY project ends in tragedy when you bury yourself alive in ’crete.

SCORPIO — The Scorpion ( Oct. 24 – Nov. 22 )

Sign Traits: Bummer, born under a bad sign. Maybe there’s something to that whole reincarnation thing and you’ll get another shot. / You quietly hope the Mob vs Black Magic griptape wars flare up again.

Predictions: You’ll meet the love of your life, you’ll forget to clear your web-browsing history, you’ll never see her again.

SAGITTARIUS — The Centaur Archer ( Nov. 23 – Dec. 21 )

Sign Traits: You have infamous skate tenacity—you don’t leave until you land it. And that’s rad if you’re Chris Cole, but your 50-tries-deep “manual to Ollie North” is a real fun killer, dude.

Predictions: After a slam, you will develop an alarming Rodney Mullen-type speech pattern, but with none of his intelligence.

CAPRICORN — The Sea-Goat ( Dec. 22 – Jan. 20 )

Sign Traits: You kind of look like a werewolf who got stuck halfway through its transformation. / You emanate energy—it practically jumps off you on to others, as does your head lice.

Predictions: The youth mentorship program you help create—The Andy Roy/Braydon Szafranski Council For The Childrens, is an unlikely success. However, your Crail-Tapout ultimate fighting series (with dudes wrestling on the Crail Couch), is an utter failure.

This article and all of it’s content belong to Thrasher Magazine.


Bill Danforth “Young Gun’z” really is a Throwback Thursday-worthy video. Kristian Svitak introduces a video clip from the 1989 Alva video.


The Van Hunks Legends Competition is over and the finalists of the competition have been announced. The prize giving is tonight, so pull in for some food and drinks specials if you’re in Cape Town.

Pete from Revolution is one of the finalists. His illustration is above. Help him out! There is a judges panel, but you can also affect the vote by voting on Facebook. Vote here:

Here is the link for tonight’s Facebook event:

If you don’t know the story behind Captain Van Hunks, click here to educate yourself about why that cloud comes over Table Mountain:


Photo by Rochelle Phipson

Richard Phipson is a tattooer who moved from South Africa to Hong Kong and now co-owns Starcrossed Tattoos. Durban-born and bred, Rich has been active in art, tattooing and music for years. We caught up with him to chat about music, the transition from South Africa to Hong Kong and from graphic designer to tattooer, and some other things. Meet Rich Phipson…

Yo Rich! Give us a brief introduction to yourself.
I still don’t eat my veggies.
Still not sure which ones a shirt and which is a t-shirt.
I thought being this age would feel different.
Not all my friends have forgot me yet.
I don’t deserve to be interviewed.

Working originally as a graphic designer, you made quite a career change in deciding to become a tattooer. Can you tell us about why you decided to make that transition and how you got started tattooing?
Tattooing isn’t something you can pick up quickly or do part time. Anyone who thinks that isn’t tattooing, they’re doing something else. I had no choice. It becomes a part of my everything. My night and day. It still is. the process wasn’t intentional. Nothing about the last five years has been though. I’ve just tried my best to keep happy and do whatever moves me. There was a time when that’s what graphic design was for me; exciting. It’s hard to turn a hobby into a job and still appreciate it the way you did before. If you can or do then I think that’s enough to keep you going.


You grew up and lived in Durban until a few years ago. Why did you decide to move to Hong Kong?
There’s something we carry. Well some of us do. It’s a curse and a blessing. It’s a drive that pushes us to be better and do better but also fools us into always thinking there’s something better. It’s the opposite of complacency. Discontented and dissatisfied. It’s what only let’s us see it after midnight and forces us to stay up to see the sunrise. I dunno if its specific to my generation or culture. But I know me and my friends have it. Also, at the time it seemed like a good idea.

4. What does your typical day look like?
I have two types of days.
Day one starts as late as possible, no food, maybe coffee. Bus to work. Tattoo. Shovel food. Tattoo some more. Hang with homies. Bus home. Eat and hang with Rochelle then draw until my eyes close from the bottom up. Repeat.
Day two hopefully starts earlier. Breakfast. Swim in the sea. Play guitar. Sit in the park. Paint. Dinner somewhere. Watch series. Lots of it.


What are your best and worst things about South Africa? And Hong Kong?
SA has family, familiarity and a beauty that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. I’ve sacrificed these for safety, both physically and financially.

Besides tattooing, what do you do in your spare time?
Watch loads of series, eat too much chocolate, and play guitar.

Being based in a city where millions of tourists from all over the world travel to or through, you must get some strange people coming into Starcrossed. What are some of the weirder encounters you’ve had?
The weird becomes the norm pretty quickly, but I’ve tattooed a man wearing a panda suit and been given a $7000 tip before.


Would you say that you have a favorite style of tattoo to do, and if so, what is it?
Not really. There’s more stuff that I don’t like doing. As long as the client gives me creative freedom with their idea I’m generally happy.

What do the local Cantonese people think of tattoos? You are pretty tattooed yourself. I can imagine you get a lot of stares. Although, maybe I am just naive and coming from a South African context, where people generally are still very conservative.
It’s pretty similar here to SA. There are rude people everywhere that feel that because you have colour on your skin they can touch it. But generally the stares aren’t too bad.


Some people will know of you from playing drums in the infamous Durban hardcore band, Crossingpoint, doing vocals in Joburg hardcore band, Compass, and being involved in some other projects before that. Music has been a big part of your life. Do you have any plans to do anything in Hong Kong? What is the music scene like there?
Yeah, it’s still one of the biggest things in my life. I’ve had plans since I got here, but nothing has worked out yet, but hopefully soon. The music scene is okay. It’s cool to be able to see bigger bands that come through here, but there’s definitely a lack of punk-ethos subcultures. I think it’s got to do with wealth and complacency. But that’s a whole separate rant.

What have you been listening to recently?
Today: O Brother, The Story So Far, Yellow Ostrich, Such Gold and the Local Natives.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to quit their job and do something like you did?
If you wanted to do it you would have done it.






Rodan Kane Hart. Shapes: Rotated. 2013. Mild Steel.

Pattern Language, an exhibition by South African artist, Rodan Kane Hart, is happening at the Whatiftheworld gallery in Woodstock, Cape Town, tonight.

Whatiftheworld is pleased to present ‘Pattern Language’ by Rodan Kane Hart, an exhibition of new sculpture, sculptural inlays, and installation.

In this exhibition Hart continues to explore experiential structures and sculptures. Inspired by architectural forms found in the urban environments of his native Johannesburg and Cape Town, his recent series of steel sculptures explore the notion of generative shape, pattern and form in relation to the viewers experience. These works attempt to stimulate a heightened emotional response through their illusionistic and fragmented forms.

Referencing Christopher Alexander’s architectural, urban design and community livability book titled A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction, published in 1977, Pattern Language attempts to identify, expose and ‘unpack’ the ideological constructs that underpin numerous urban forms found within these contemporary South African cities.

Hart’s most recent solo exhibition titled Structure (2013) presented a series of minimal steel sculptures, drawings & books investigating the ideological impulses that are revealed when manufacturing tectonic forms and how a better understanding of these impulses allows a more complex reading of these built environments. Using sculpture as a lens through which to view historical and spatial contexts, Hart creates shifts in context which intern become generators of experience. Activated by the movement viewer the shape and form of the work unfolds as time and motion proceeds.

Referencing the theory outlined in pattern language Hart focuses on the notion of pattern in a broad sense. Within a sculptural and visual paradigm pattern is deployed to track problem solving in a context of design as well as social transformation and urban environments. The underlying theory manifests in layout, city grids, paths of desire and built form, social interaction, human inhabitancy, connectivity and conversation.

A Pattern Language details how individuals could be empowered and equipped with the tools and language responsible for the design and construction of communities that reflected both their interests and those of the broader public. The book attempts to expose the function of language within design, the authors mention that in designing environments people will enviably always rely on certain visual ‘languages’ that allowing them to coherently articulate and communicate an infinite variety of designs within a formal system.

Click on the poster below to see the event on Facebook:


Local Cape Town band, Black Lung, have just finished recording a new music video for their song “Beliefs”. These are some photos from behind the scenes. The video was directed by Michael Ellis along with Dirk Steenkamp and Everfelt Media, and will be out at the end of this month. Black Lung also have an album coming out next month, so look out for that!


For today’s Retail Therapy Tuesdays, we feature the Fallen Daze.

Fallen Daze

The Daze is a lightweight shoe on a narrow last perfect for casual living and skateboarding. With a variety of colors to choose from and a minimilistic design, the Daze is functional and stylish yet price conscious for today’s economic market. The upper is made from heavy-duty canvas for comfort and breathability. The Daze has the lowest profile vulcanized outsole possible and features a die-cut EVA insole for added comfort. As a skate lifestyle shoe, the Daze is sure to be essential for easy living.

Fallen Daze

They are available in Washed Red and Surplus Green. Get some from a Revolution store near you!

Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 801 4666 /


Cape Town skate crew, 20sk8, put together this rad short video. Good times!

Edited by Wesley Shroeder. Uploaded by Ryan Naidoo.


The Vein – “Magma”

‘Magma’ is the very first Dvein’s music video for The Vein’s new single. The video is pretty trippy, but the visuals are intriguing and the video is incredibly well animated and executed.

Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Client: Adobe


Ordos is a ghost town located near Inner Mongolia in China. It was built for one million people, but only a few thousand live there. The town is very wealthy, has good public infrastructure and is situated close to precious natural resources, but is part of a region with water shortages.

The short video is worth watching just to see how incredible those spots look to skate, and it doesn’t look like the skateboarders even got hassled. Some friends somehow saw the potential of this place to skate, and organised a trip, and were apparently the first people ever to skate the town. We found this quite inspiring. Just see something you want to do and make it happen.

Directed, filmed & edited by: Charles Lanceplaine.
Skaters: Jay Meador, Gustav Nymans, Tommy Zhao, Alexander Hwang, James Capps, Elliott Zelinskas and Brian Dolle.