College Humor did a parody video of technology advertising that is pretty spot on. Try watch a serious one after this. Enjoy.


We got another update from our friend Rudi Engelbrecht, who is currently walking and skating around South Africa for JP du Preez and his family, specifically his mother, who is struggling with cancer. You can read the first one here.

So after stopping off at Pietermaritzburg, we headed out towards Howick, which was our next goal to camp at, but got caught up with printing contact cards to raise awareness for Reach For a Dream and Project Rhino. After spending a few hours waiting for the printing, we realized that we weren’t going to make Howick and changed our plans to find a place in Hilton, just outside Pietermaritzburg, where we met an awesome lady by the name of Pauline. When she opened the gate for me after speaking to me on the intercom, her first words when she saw us were: “Am I under attack?” We all started laughing, but soon she saw us for who we really were and opened up her heart to us. She spoiled us with sandwiches and gave us a place in her garage to stay, not to mention a box of wine, hehe.

The next morning we headed off towards Howick, leaving Pauline behind. She begged us not to leave and to stay one more night, but the journey had to carry on. I was amazed by all the downhills I was able to bomb trekking on the R102, the old Howick Road. The beauty of South Africa just grows everyday with all the encounters and people we meet. I am truly amazed by how humble and generous this country is. Just outside of Howick, we stayed with a humble couple called “The Turners”, where they welcomed us with a warm bed and open arms. They prepared a roast lamb leg for us and ate like kings again.

The next morning, we were on the road again and I had a good feeling about the road; lots of downhills and smooth as a babies bum. We passed Midmar Nature Reserve and Karkloof Nature Reserve towards Mooi River. Another guy invited us to camp out at his house. He turned out to be the golf coach of Ernie Els and a few other SA pro golfers. He goes by the name Jamie.

We got our things together, had a good breakfast, and made our way towards Estcourt, following the R103. After two days of camping in Estcourt trying to sort out the website for Feet 4 Feat, we decided that it was time to move on. In between Estcourt and Calenso, we tried to ask for a camping space on one of the game farms around in the area, but instead met an amazing guy who goes by the name Ivan Schruler, who specializes in homeopathy and the curing of cancer. He invited us to stay at his place and went out of his way every time he did something for us; be it food, drinks, even medicine for all our wounds etc.

After staying two days with Ivan, helping him around the farm and raising funds for Reach For a Dream in the towns nearby, it was that time again to hit the road towards Ladysmith, where one of our companion friends attended a wedding. Reaching Ladysmith, after the tiredness crept up on all of us, we found a B&B that sponsored a few nights for us to stay and rejuvenate. We met up with the local news agency called the Cazzete. You can find a link to the article here:

Hitting the road again we headed towards Glenco, and stayed at a police station 21km outside Ladysmith. The next morning we did the last bit towards Glenco which was about 37km and finally made it. Today (29 August) we arrived in Dundee, about two hours ago. We’re staying here for one night then heading towards Pongola. Pongola is about 198km from Dundee. We will be meeting up with Kingsley Holgate and Rob from “Mark of the Rhino Foundation” to learn a bit more about the Rhino and their operation at the Game reserve.

From here our next closest town is Vryheid. Until then hope You peeps are keeping up the good vibes! Peace and much love ayas.

Find out more:


1998 Footage with Tim Brauch, Chet Childress and Darren Navarette filmed at Revolution Skatepark (UK). In memory of legendary skateboarder, Tim Brauch.


So it looks like there is in fact something happening in place of the Maloof Money Cup this year, and it’s called the Kimberley Diamond Cup.

Kimberley Diamond Cup will be the name of the new mega international skateboarding event to be staged in the city from 27-29 September 2013, Mr John Block, MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism in the Northern Cape announced today.

“This exciting new brand of international competitive skateboarding is a uniquely Northern Cape brand that will also have a presence in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng as the province strives to enhance its reputation as an ideal destination for extreme sports and adventure events,” he said. Block added that the skate fans can expect 150 top pro and local skateboarders to participate in the Kimberley Diamond Cup street, vert and mini-mega formats this year.

Mr Patrick Seboko, head of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, revealed that United States-based company World Skateboarding Grand Prix won the tender for staging the Kimberley Diamond Cup and presenting an action-packed 12-month long support programme. This will include three “high octane” street and team Grand Slam skate competitions to be staged in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg each offering a total prize purse of R50 000.00, said Seboko.

Seboko mentioned that World Skateboarding Grand Prix will join hands with South African project management company Pragmatics and international skate event experts to deliver the Kimberley Diamond Cup, Grand Slams and a year-long, fun-filled line-up of skate competitions and other events to take place at the skate plaza in Kimberley.

World Skateboarding Grand Prix is already working with the Northern Cape government, the global skateboarding community and event sponsors to design events and programmes to take competitive and fun skateboarding to new levels in the Northern Cape and South Africa, cited Seboko.

A revitalised Skateboarding for Hope campaign aimed at promoting skateboarding as a positive and easily accessible lifestyle alternative will also see events staged at the newly-built mini-skate parks in Kuruman, De Aar, Upington and Springbok and ten other towns in South Africa, said Block. He added that the Skateboarding for Hope campaign will now incorporate a skater mentorship programme designed to enhance local talent, which is a further sign of the provincial government’s commitment to the youth.

Block stated the Northern Cape Province and Kimberley proved their capability of successfully hosting world-class events. “We have signed up a renowned skateboarding management team and market leaders in competitive skateboarding, all who have been responsible for many of the innovations in world-class skateboarding contests over the last six years,” he said.

The provincial government is confident that owning its own brand of competitive skateboarding will open a number of lucrative opportunities to further stimulate local economic development and the tourism industry in the province, confirmed Block.

For more information, visit and

A recent newspaper article:

A skateboarding revolution in Kimberley South Africa, part of the international World Skateboarding Grand Prix. World Skateboarding Grand Prix and Kimberley Diamond Cup teaches youth drive and determination to create and pursue personal growth, self-esteem and individuality and the competitive spirit necessary to achieve success and keep kids off the streets and away from crime. Kimberley Diamond Cup is a skateboarding revolution with an adrenaline packed week of events comprised of World Skateboarding’s Grand Prix’s Professional Championship. Leading up to the Professional Competition are the pro tours, the Skateboarding for Hope Tour and clinics. These events snowball into an exciting atmosphere for the local communities with music concerts, prizes and skating paraphernalia that is donated to the local youths. Our goal is to bring skateboarding to communities around the world and work in partnership with local governments and entities to leave permanent skate parks behind.


The 31st of August will see the closing party of the Open Design Cape Town Festival at the Woodstock Exchange. Existing on the vanguard of creativity and functional design in Cape Town, the Woodstock Exchange reflects the ethos and commitment to urban renewal and development intrinsically linked to Cape Town and it’s securing of the title “World Design Capital” for 2014.

The evening will follow an “open studios” format, whereby tenants (both retail and business) will open their doors for members of the public to get an intimate view of the form and function of the Woodstock Exchange as a whole.

Revolution Woodstock will be open on the night.

Free for the public.

Facebook event:


Slave Skateboards are proud to present some homie videos that some of their friends made. They turned it into a DVD called Footage Party that you can actually purchase. Here are some trailers that they made for it…

So help some homies out and grab a copy:

These videos might not work in Google Chrome, so watch them in another browser if they don’t show up.


Weekly Special

Revolution Online is running a new special, which will change every week. Today’s one features some pretty rad hardgoods from Verb, Killer, KFD, Speed Demons and Zoo York.

One week only! Special expires 4 September.

See all of them HERE.

Get on it!

*Please note: This special is ONLY available from, not our physical retail stores.*


Kalashnikovv Gallery

The Kalashnikovv Gallery is a contemporary South African and international fine art gallery, project space and consultancy, located in Johannesburg. We chat to Murray Turpin, who founded the gallery with Matthew Dean.

The Kalashnikovv Gallery opened in January this year. Why did you decide to open an art gallery?

We decided to open the gallery for various reasons: 1. From a developmental strategy of our satellite gallery concept into a more permanent manifestation. 2. From the lack of galleries showing work we could relate too both aesthetically and theoretically. 3. A lack of galleries I could relate to as an artist as well.

Photo by Matthew Dean

What does the name mean?

Simply put, the name represents a metaphor of sorts for revolution within the white cube construct that most galleries in South Africa adhere to and we hope to a degree to re-articulate and expand upon.

Is there a reason why you located yourself in Joburg? Is the art scene there better than other areas of South Africa? Do people just appreciate art more there?

It’s my home and home is where the art is a.k.a. for now, simple logistics and ease of access to my networks.

Tell us about what’s happening at the moment.

At the moment we have a photographic show by Reshma Chhiba up entitled “The Two Talking Yonis”. To come, we have a concept multimedia show by I Create,We Create entitled “May Johannesburg Bless You”.

Photo by Mooki Mooks. Helmet by Veronika. The Riot Exhibition.

Where do you think South Africa is situated in the global art world? Do you have any comments on the art community in South Africa?

In my opinion, on a rapid upward spiral and as for comments on the community at large… not really. I’m focused on my own practice and gallery as they should be on theirs, for now.

Do you still skate at all? Was skateboarding influential to you in any way?

I don’t really skate anymore. I roll around from time to time though. Skateboarding played a massive roll in my early exploration of art and graphics, from (Ed) Templeton to The Gonz to Stef (Steak) Naudé to Alien Workshop and back again. My first artist feature ever was in Session Magazine back in the day. Shout outs to Stef Naudé and Brendan Body!

Do you create any of your own art?

Yes, I do.

Photo by Matthew Dean

What is art?

Not giving a fuck.

Who are some of your favorite South African artists?

Conrad Botes, Marcel Marcel, Conrad Botha, Athi Patra Ruga, and many more. Those were just the first to come to mind.

What can we expect to see in the gallery in the future?

Only the future knows.

Photo by Marcel Marcel


We think that Polish tattoo artist Marcin Aleksander’s work is amazing. Incredible colour in neo-traditional style. Enjoy…


New Fallen Footwear available from a Revolution store near you, or from Revolution Online.

Fallen “Clipper SE”
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Fallen “Daze”
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Fallen “Forte”
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Fallen “Griffin”
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Fallen “Griffin”
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Fallen “Patriot 2”
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Fallen “Slash”
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Fallen “Slash”
Midnight Blue / Generation Blue

Fallen “Tyrant”
Black / White

Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 801 4666 /
Revolution Online:


How rad is that park? Street League presents the course build for the 2013 Super Crown World Championship. Joe Ciaglia from California Skateparks talks about the ideas and construction behind the Super Crown course at the Prudential Center.


Polybius: Music Made with Old Technology

Directed by James Houston, Polybius takes us into an empty swimming pool, where musician Julian Corrie creates music using a guitar and outdated technology. Recognise any of those things? It definitely took us back a few years. “Instruments” used include a SEGA Mega Drive, a Commodore 64, a few floppy disk drives and some old hard drives, controlled live via MIDI. Maybe a bit too nostalgic for some, but we thought it was pretty rad.


Strange New Feelings is a documentary that will examine the life of artist and skateboard legend Ed Templeton as he navigates a blossoming art career and a transition from professional skateboarding. The film features interviews with art world contemporaries, fellow professional skateboarders and family members as Ed travels around the world to share his unique perspective on youth and age, religion and sex, beauty and disfigurement.

The film will feature:

CR Stecyk lll
Jim Goldberg
Thomas Campbell
Chris Johanson
Tobin Yelland
Brenden Fowler
Cheryl Dunn
Leo Romero
Deanna Templeton

If you want, you can help fund the film on Kickstarter.


This past Saturday, over a hundred skateboarders congregated at Edgemead Skate Park for Africa Skate’s Go Skate Cape Jam Session.

Photos by Grant Mclachlan.
Video by Matt Lesch and Andrew van der Walt.


Oof! That was solid. A kid runs into the skater’s line, gets knocked over, and his mom comes over and punches the skater in the face.

What is your opinion on what happened here?


Really cool short animation by Joe Pease.

An experimental piece to try new techniques and have a play around with animation. I drew roughly 800 pictures then shot photos of each frame, finishing up in After Effects. Skateboarders featured: Kyle Leeper and Jake Johnson. Thanks to John Rattray for the exquisite acting.


Thrasher Magazine posted an article recently about really bad attempts at skateparks. We thought the photos were too good not to share. They are hilarious in some cases. Surely we have some cases like this in South Africa? Know of anywhere? Send us a photo of your local ‘Piece of Suck’ skate park.

Article images courtesy of Thrasher Magazine.


Photo By Christelle Duvenage

Where does the name ‘Truth And Its Burden’ come from?

It’s basically been derived from a song by a band called The Hope Conspiracy. They have this song called “Youth And Its Burden” and I just kind of changed it up and made new sense of it.

Who’s in the band? What do you guys do outside of TAIB?

The band is made up of the following dudes: Ashley / Vocals (Me) – I do graphic and web design for my own business called Capture Creative Design, Calvin / Guitar – works as an internal sales manager for a music distribution company called Agent Audio, Niekie / Bass – works as a sales clerk for a 24 hour pawn shop and Matt / Drums – works as a store manager for a bicycle shop in Fourways.

Photo by Christelle Duvenage

Tell us more about your recent American and European tour overseas.

The tours were all great. We had loads of fun, and learnt a lot about ourselves and each other. While enjoyable at the best of times, they were also tough and really gave us a more real perspective on our dreams and what we want with Truth and Its Burden in the future. I think overall we were well received abroad and we definitely are looking forward to getting back over there on bigger and better touring opportunities.

Why do you think hardcore, metal and punk music isn’t that big in South Africa, as opposed to places in Europe where you can get 60000 people at a festival?

I don’t think media cares too much for it, which sadly seeps into the general public. This might sound off-centre, but I do feel popularity is all based on perception; if media says it’s cool, then it’s cool. Right now the media here don’t think those genres are cool, whereas a few years ago they had frequent attention in magazines like Blunt, which played a huge role in placing these genres in the average kid’s pathway from early on. Radio stations like 5FM gave a damn and Barney Simon really believed in South African hard music. It was on his show that I was introduced to Shifty, Tweak, Fuzigish, and that whole live music scene for me followed shortly thereafter. MK had the opportunity to carry that torch but focus attention on the same thing too often, and only selective shows like MK Ondergrond place some mild attention on harder music. I think people took a lot for granted back then and no one followed in those steps, and by the time people thought to, the momentum built up by the above mentioned had almost disappeared entirely. I’m sure there are many factors though. I’m not even scratching the surface.

I think sometimes a lot people are keen to get involved, but actually don’t know where to start. What advice can you give someone one how to find out about upcoming events, bands etc. in the more ‘underground’ music world?

Back when I started booking shows, there was a need to create that market. I was playing in a small unknown punk band and we needed shows. We knew we would have a really difficult time getting shows with bigger, more prominent bands, so we started booking our own shows with venues, making our own flyers etc. We never had the Facebook and Myspace online outlets and relied on word of mouth, other shows and participating in a scene daily. There was a need to exist in a place we called home, which was created purely, I feel, by knowing what you wanted in life. I, like many other musicians and participants in the scene knew this early on, and because you know this about yourself, you seek out like-minded folk and express your need to contribute and participate. The easiest advice though is this: go to shows and support live music. If it grips you and sparks your absolute interest then stay involved and you’ll soon enough find yourself doing something constructive within that scene/subculture.

Your lyrics seem to hold some substance to them. What would you hope that people get out of listening to your music or watching you live?

It would be nice for people to feel good about life; just a general change of perspective on how good our lives really are. To understand that we are all very fortunate, as fortunate as being able to read and understand the text in this interview or having the means to have found this website. Sounds crazy to some folks, but there are people who literally have nothing. We just want people to feel like they can reach their dreams and be stoked on life and their talents and achievements. Few people see their own worth. That’s the real tragedy in all this, and because of it they stay in shit jobs and live life on the ‘just getting by’ mentality.

You’re touring SA with US band Betrayal closer to the end of this year. Can you tell us more about that?

We’re stoked of course, as any band would be. It’s a great opportunity for us to show the dudes what a beautiful country we have. We met Sean while on tour in USA, so having the guys out here is a real treat indeed. We will be touring alongside Conqueror as well, who have been the talk of town lately so we’re super excited to see how it all plays out. The shows are going through the entire country with fresh stop-offs in new territory like George, so we’re super excited to see how that comes together. Also, the choice of venues for the tour is totally different for hardcore bands, and we’re really trying something new. Hopefully people see this and the shows attract some new faces across the board.

What does the future hold for TAIB?

Who knows hey. We have plans of touring Europe again, as well as USA in 2014, but we have much to work out before that actually happens. We’re writing a new album at the moment, so our energy is totally focused on that right now.

Any upcoming bands we should look out for?

Hmm… Maybe not upcoming bands so much as albums we found and love; Misery Signals – Absent Light, Shai Hulud – Reach Beyond The Sun, Counterparts – The Difference Between Hell And Home, Mercia – Exile In Ruin. Most of you probably know these bands already, but they released solid albums and these are busting our ears lately.

Any shout outs?

Yeah, we’d like to thank our sponsors at Music Connection, Jagermeister, Handstyle Tattoos and Monster Energy. We’d also like to thank everyone that got involved with the Betrayal tour to help promote it, spread the word/flyers/posters/whatever. To the companies who came on board like MK Ondergrond and Revolution, we appreciate that. Lastly, we’ve recently spent time in a great studio called Watts Productions with the dudio named Clint Watts. Check this guy out and give him your time of day. He’s a great engineer with rad perspective. Look out for the new single.

Truth And Its Burden


The Wall Therapy festival took place between July 18th and July 28th 2013 in Rochester, New York. 32 artists representing 11 different countries were present at the festival, including our very own Faith47, DALeast and Freddy Sam.


Wildcard Wednesdays


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Tech Session 2013 Comp

The Tech Session Contest, hosted by Jean-marc Johannes at the Salesians Institute in Cape Town.

Supported by Red Bull, Globe, Africa Skate, Nixon and Revolution.


Photo by Jaime Rojo

Some more updates from Freddy Sam at Living Walls 2013.

Photo by Jaime Rojo

Photos courtesy of

Photos courtesy of

Photos courtesy of

Freddy Sam’s finished piece is tribute to Nelson Mandela and the philosophy of UBUNTU. The animals in the field are springbok. Photo by Jaime Rojo.

Living Walls, The City Speaks, is an annual conference on street art and urbanism that began in August 2010 in the city of Atlanta. Along with changing the urban landscape, the Living Walls conference set out to highlight a number of problems facing the city. Living Walls did not just showcase art, but also built a platform for much-needed dialogue in the city.

The #LW2013 conference will feature 20 dynamic artists from around the world who will produce 20 murals across Atlanta.

The five-day conference is scheduled to capacity with film screenings, lectures, block parties, gallery exhibits and bike tours. All events are free and open to the public.

Find out more:


Menace Beach from editude pictures on Vimeo.

This no budget film project is a cooperation between the artists Low Bros and the filmmakers editude pictures, 3D implementation by Tobias Wüstefeld and sound support from School Of Light. “Menace Beach” is a unique tribute to the birth of skateboarding. Instead of re-hashing the past, the Low Bros are trying to re-capture the attitude and feeling of those early skate-innovators together through a multi-media film that references the different eras and influences of skate history.

“Menace Beach” had its premier at this year’s Pictoplasma, in the conference as well as of the same named solo show, which was part of the “Pictoplasma Character Walk”.

Skaters: Bemo Lundgren / Joseph Loughborough / Conrad Bauer


Get Loud with Spanky and The Lafayettes

Check out Kevin “Spanky” Long and The Lafayettes in the new Loud Headphones ad.


Revolution team got together on Sunday 11 August 2013 and headed off to Woodies Ramps’ Edgemead Skate Park in Cape Town, and had a fun day of skating. Check it out!


Team rider Jean-Marc Johannes puts in a quick session at a double set during the making of The Unlikely Video. Jean-Marc rides for Revolution, Almost, Globe, Tensor, and Red Bull.

Filmed and edited by Grant Mclachlan.


The Nuart international-in-scope street public art festival takes place every year. This year it’s happening in Stavanger, Norway. This year’s line up features our own local artists Dal East and Faith47.

From Nuart:

It gives us great pleasure to announce this years Nuart Festival line up, our most international list of artists yet. 16 artists from 11 countries spanning 4 continents are set to descend on Stavanger, a small town on the West Coast of Norway. Most of the names you will have probably already heard of. From the legendary MARTHA COOPER (US), invited as an artist in her own right and good friend AIKO (JP), enjoying a hugely successful post Faile career, to previous Nuart guests such as DAVID CHOE (US), ROA (BE), VHILS (PT) and M-CITY (PL). First time visitors to the festival include some of the worlds hottest names, artists who over the past couple of years have made a huge impact on the development of street art and who have successfully transitioned from street to gallery and contemporary art museums. South Africa’s FAITH47 and partner in crime DAL EAST (CN) will be joined by Lithuanian born, Malaysian based ERNEST ZACHAREVIC, who’s groundbreaking interactive mural work last year on the streets of Penang took the internet by storm. The UK’s HUSH continues the Asian link, though in form rather than geography, whilst Parisian based stencil artist c215, already represented on the streets of Oslo, makes a long overdue visit to the west coast. Our very own DOTMASTER (UK), known as much for his production and sometimes curation of Nuart, also makes a welcome return as an artist in his own right. 2013 also sees Nuart delving further into Norway’s scene and history with emerging international stencil artists MARTIN WHATSON, Berlin based STRØK (who graces our posters and profile this year) and DOT DOT DOT, all names we’re sure you’ll be hearing more of over the coming months and years, if not already.


New and older works by Black Koki, Ello Xray, Jean de Wet, John Second, Justin Southey, Lorcan White, Linsey Levendal, Michael Saal, Michael Tymbios, Nagkakao, Paul Senyol, Rooiwolf.

Acoustic set by Black Lung.

Thursday 22 August
18:00 – 22:00
“Side Street Studios”
32 William street Woodstock

Facebook event:


It seems that in South Africa one of the great divides is the Marmite vs. Bovril debate. The most recent ad from Marmite is pretty funny, ripping off the style of those reality TV animal rescue shows. The campaign is focused around the fact that 1 in 10 Brits admit that they haven’t opened their jar of Marmite in three months.

Where do you stand?


Shortly after the end of the world, The Future Primitives recorded several songs that made life worth living in the first place. These tracks were carefully selected from the archives and slammed hard to tape.

This recording is now available in vinyl record format.

Friday 16 August 2013
Manila Bar (161 Longmarket Street)
R30 Entrance
Doors open 8pm

The Future Primitives

DJ Sets:
Simon Berndt
Andre Leo
and more…

Merch available on the night.
Records: R200
T-shirts: R150

Facebook event:


South African artist, Freddy Sam, is participating in this year’s Living Walls Conference, which started yesterday.

An example of Freddy Sam’s previous work:

Living Walls, The City Speaks, is an annual conference on street art and urbanism that began in August 2010 in the city of Atlanta. Along with changing the urban landscape, the Living Walls conference set out to highlight a number of problems facing the city. Living Walls did not just showcase art, but also built a platform for much-needed dialogue in the city.

The #LW2013 conference will feature 20 dynamic artists from around the world who will produce 20 murals across Atlanta.

The five-day conference is scheduled to capacity with film screenings, lectures, block parties, gallery exhibits and bike tours. All events are free and open to the public.

Find out more:


Behind the French Fred Scenes – Mark Appleyard in Flip Sorry.

For today’s Throwback Thursdays, we thought we’d feature this video from Thrasher’s “Behind the French Fred Scenes” of Mark Appleyard in the 2003 video, Flip Sorry. Crazy how good the level of his skateboarding was, even though it was 10 years ago.


The Globe cruiserboard collection offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes, innovative constructions, and the highest quality wooden and plastic cruisers in the industry.

Using top-of-the-line trucks with a lifetime guarantee, high performance wheels, and Abec 7 bearings, Globe cruisers all come with a full 30-day guarantee against breakage, delamination, manufacturing defects, and overall craftsmanship.

See the full line of Globe cruiser boards here:

Because one board is never enough.


Watch the top 8 Street League pros preview the most important event of the season – the Super Crown World Championship. The final stop of the SLS Nike SB World Tour will be broadcast LIVE on August 25th on ESPN2 at 7PM ET and the International webcast will stream LIVE on The Moment of Truth arrives on 8.25.13. See it live at Prudential Center, Newark NJ.


Rudi Engelbrecht, along with some other friends, is currently walking around South Africa for JP du Preez and his family, specifically his mother, who is struggling with cancer.

He started in Coffee Bay, went through Durban, we last heard that he reached Pietermaritzburg, and is heading for Ladysmith next. Apparently things are going well so far. He told us that he bombed a 4km downhill the other day between Pinetown and Camperdown, and that is was mind blowing. He also met world-famous traveller Kingsley Holgate, who inspired him through his quote, “Always have fire in the belly.”

Find out more:


Our friends from What Now hit our shores next month, on a tour that will see 10 dates across the country, and we are excited so we thought it would be good to catch up with the guys to see if they feel the same.


What Now photography by Marcus Maschwitz

Do we have any keen skaters in the band?

Tyron: Hell yeah! I got back into skating a while ago and have been loving it. I used to skate when I was a teen and thought that one day I would become a pro skater and that would be my job. Now I feel that way about music, haha!

Ryan: Yes Tyron mainly, although Adam skates on his Sector 9.. I am a surfer:)

Adam: Tyron grew up skating in his home town and has recently taken it up again. I have a sector 9 board that gets me around where I need to go. It’s cheaper than London’s transport and you get to see the city in a way you wouldn’t normally, if you were travelling by bus or tube.

Tell us more about the new album and the themes behind the songs?

Tyron: When we sat down to write this album we basically said “no rules”. We had no style we needed to follow and no label telling us what they wanted to hear. So, we just wrote whatever was in our hearts and minds. There is some really personal stuff on the album, we touch on some more ‘grown up’ topics than before and musically we pushed ourselves as far as we could go. For the first time ever I feel apprehensive about writing the next album purely because of how attached I got to this one.

Ryan: It is something that we worked very hard on.. There’s something in it for everybody, you got your fast tempo energetic songs, you got your ballads and then the real straight down the line rock songs. A lot of the songs deal with things that we don’t always find comfortable talking about.. like sex ha

Adam: The new album explores a variety of different themes. From sex to describing our take on what the music industry is like today, in a song called Money Maker. Not one song on the album is like another yet there is a cohesive sound running throughout.


What Now photography by Marcus Maschwitz

What can we expect from the forthcoming SA tour?

Tyron: It’s been over 8 years since we toured our home country so in some ways we have a lot to prove. I think we are going to put on the best show we possibly can and have the most fun ever. We want this tour to be memorable and to reconnect with all our old friends and fans and show them we haven’t forgotten about them.

Ryan: We are basically going all over, all the major towns.. We are even going to our old hometown of Ballito. It is going be an absolute blast! We will be playing all the new stuff from our latest album.

We hear you may be filming a new music video while you’re over in SA?

Tyron: True story! We’ve had a concept for one of our songs ever since we wrote it and we always imagined it being shot in SA. We don’t want to give away too much but it’s going to be awesome. We also going to be filming the whole tour which will then make up the visuals for our next single “Should’ve Said So”. So we filming 2 new music videos.

Ryan: Yeah we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet but we are actually going to be doing 2 videos.. Very relaxed ideas with great views and landscapes:)

Adam: We are looking at filming while we are out on the road in South Africa. There are so many amazing spots on each part of the tour, we want to try and capture the diversity of our beautiful country somehow in a music video.


Move Like A Sinner is out now countrywide

Where can we purchase your album in South Africa?

Tyron: You should be able to get the physical album in your local CD store (Musica and Look & Listen). If not then request it. But I know has them and you can also get the digital album from iTunes Africa and Nokia music.

The guys will be joined by a few of our other friends from CrashCarBurn, Taxi Violence, ShortStraw, December Streets and Straatligkinders.

Tickets for all the dates are available from WebTickets HERE.



Wu Tang Clan

What could be better than Wu Tang Clan? Wu Tang Tattoos. That’s what!

Wu Tang Wednesdays at Sins of Style Tattoos, Hope Street, Cape Town, happens every Wednesday. Pull in, listen to Wu Tang all day and get a rad Wu Tang Tattoo. These are some examples of what has been done.

Wait… Tomorrow is Wednesday! Get in there!

Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan


Wu Tang Clan


Bruce MackayBruce Mackay – Crown 1

A group show by Bruce Mackay, Dale Lawrence, Jean de Wet and Mike Tymbios, presented by Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection.

28 August – 18 September 2013

Former Mountains‘ is an exhibition, which is predominantly centered around the art and medium of drawing and to some extent print. The artists have been selected to exhibit together based on a strong narrative quality, which is common to their individual practices, as well as for a unique & highly individualistic quality of line which is both present and signature to each of their styles. The artists have each taken a unique approach to the subject of ‘Former Mountains‘, some presenting a number of diverse interpretations of the theme which will be depicted as smaller individual series within their greater body of work, while the other exhibiting artists have taken a more singular approach, ranging from the very literal to far-off poetic and obscure expressions.

Facebook event:

D Lawrence Object to Inspire AweDale Lawrence – Object to Inspire

Jean De Wet ApartmentJean de Wet – Apartment

Michael Tymbios Ghost Mountain PassMichael Tymbios – Ghost Mountain Pass


Hybridation, a new film from Fred Mortagne, is beautiful. His photographic eye is amazing, evident in the way the skateboarding is filmed. The short film features Flo Mirtain, Sammy Winter, Lucas Puig, Tyler Bledsoe, Arto Saari and some others. The sound track was written especially for it, by Mount Analogue.



Earth Animal Communities: Exploring Collective Liberation is a two day conference hosted by The Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Africa.

This conference, the first in Africa, will be held at the University of Cape Town from 31 August to 1 September 2013. The aim of this conference is to bring together academics, activists and anyone else wishing to know more about Critical Animal Studies. We particularly encourage emerging researchers (of any age) to present papers at the conference. It is understood that these might be works in progress.

An important aspect of Critical Animal Studies is “…the bridging of theory and action, academia and activism,” (Richard Twine, CAS Europe Director) and particular attention will be paid to exploring ways of translating theory into action.

Facebook event here:

It’s free!

Useful links:


“Modern Jesus” – Portugal. The Man

20 days. 15 states. 0 stock footage.

Pretty rad new music video from Portugal. The Man. The video features footage of some pretty gnarly things, so please just be aware that it probably isn’t for sensitive viewers.


There’s no place like home. And as the world continues to grow more globalized and culturally cross-pollinated, many of us are increasingly blessed with primary, secondary, and tertiary homes as a result of our globetrotting upbringings and divided heritages. Youness Amrani was born to Moroccan parents shortly after they immigrated to Hasselt, Belgium. While he grew up on the European continent, with frequent visits back to Morocco as a child, his primal roots remained firmly planted in Northern Africa. Having not returned to Morocco in more than a decade, he set out with his brother earlier this year to make the pilgrimage home to Kenitra and pay a surprise visit to his grandmother, who still lives there. In the process, he also planned to ride his skateboard, collect photos for the following article over a 10-day stretch on the northern tip of the African continent, and cover the road between Casablanca and Marrakesh by way of Rabat, Kenitra, and Agadir. Welcome aboard the Marrakesh Express.


Red Bull Unlocked

Congrats to Revolution, Almost, Globe, and Tensor team rider, Jean-Marc Johannes, who came third at the Red Bull Unlocked event on Saturday.

Red Bull Unlocked happened this past Saturday, and showcased some of South Africa’s best skateboarding. It took place at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa. Anyone who has skated there before knows how perfectly smooth that surface is and how good the spots are.

Final Results:
1st place – Gavin Moses Adams
2nd place – Dlamini Dlamini
3rd place – Jean-marc Johannes

Prize Money:
1st – R10 000
2nd – R3 000
3rd – R2 000
Vans Best Trick – R2 500

Photo courtesy of Red Bull

Photo courtesy of Red Bull


South African artist Freddy Sam has been working with the City of Philadelphia Arts Program and students from Sayre High School. He painted this mural called Together Moving Mountains in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Nice one Freddy!

Photos via RJ Rushmore


In honour of Women’s Day tomorrow, we thought we would pay homage to women in skateboarding. Ride Channel have put out a documentary on women’s skateboarding and here’s the trailer. Here’s to skateboarding being an all-inclusive, accepting community.


Dusters California just did a rad collab of cruiser skateboards with the legendary L.A. band The Doors and had guitarist Robby Krieger on hand to unveil the collection. Check out the interview with Robby and find out how it came about.


Wildcard Wednesday


Get a Cliché Handwritten Deck for only R499,95 (was R599,95), and get a FREE copy of the Cliché Bon Voyage DVD, worth R199,95.

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Our friends from What Now have been doing some amazing stuff over in the UK, since they moved over 8 years ago, and we are excited for the announcement of their upcoming SA tour next month. This will be the first time that the guys are playing our shores since they left and the tour is named “Move Like A Sinner” in support of their recent album release.

The guys will be joined by a bunch of great local artists including CrashCarBurn, Taxi Violence, ShortStraw, December Streets and Straatligkinders so it’s guaranteed to be good times.

We’re excited to welcome the guys back home for a few days and are really looking forward to them performing an album that we really enjoy.

Tickets are available from WebTickets HERE.

This is their latest single release for “If Looks Could Kill” …


Almost Uber Light Some High Tech Shit Limited to 500 Worldwide, the Almost Uber Light is the world's most technically advanced skateboard, developed by Rodney Mullen. Enter the competition below to stand the chance to win one with R1200! Uber Light Carbon Foam Core the board within a board technology.

Congratulations to Katleho Exito Morajane for winning the Almost Uber Light skateboard deck competition!

The Almost “Uber Light” Deck is exclusively available from Revolution:

Jean-marc Johannes tests out the new Almost “Uber Light” deck, the most technically advanced skateboard deck in the world.

Limited to 500 worldwide.

Deck inside a Deck: This was developed by Rodney Mullen and C.L Composites. After experimenting with many different layups, they arrived at a method using an actual deck within a deck. The internal carbon fiber foam deck is ultra light and nearly as stiff as metal. It acts like rebar, or a skeleton embodied by a standard 7-ply layup. It also vastly improved the lateral rigidity. The deck wears, slides, and looks like a normal 7-ply, but its lighter and has a supernatural pop last lasts far longer than any normal deck.

Balance is at the very heart of design in anything that spins, flips or flies. By reducing weight and adding rigidity (particularly laterally), the deck reacts more quickly to every movement while flipping faster and more precise.


City and Colour – Thirst (alternate edit)

Thirst is from the album “The Hurry And The Harm”, which is available now. City and Colour have released an alternate version of the original music video for the song. Enjoy.


Huck magazine is doing a series called The Working Artisan’s Club, focusing on the craftsmen and women who choose to live life as an artisan. In this episode they focus on Stu Smith from Lovenskate, owner of The Mangle Studio. Stu screen prints and crafts beautiful hand-printed boards.

Documented in print, film and through beautiful photography, The Working Artisan’s Club will live online and in print, culminating in a week-long exhibition that opens at 71a Leonard Street, London, September 2013.


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Paul Senyol

Artists Paul Senyol and Andrzej Urbanski have an upcoming exhibition called ‘A Vacant Passage’ at Salon91 in Cape Town.

The past is often a source of inspiration within working practice amongst artists, but how about when two artists meet by chance and share a common heritage and history? Andrzej Urbanski(Pol/Ger) and Paul Senyol first met in Cape Town, during Urbanski’s three month residency early in 2012. There was an immediate connection between the two, and upon Urbanski’s return later in 2012 they began spending more time together exchanging ideas, thoughts and concepts. They quickly began to discover many similarities within their artistic practice and approaches, even though their execution differed greatly. A common visual language, yet different dialects. Up until that time each artist had been writing their own story, looking back, but also looking forward. Uncovering their past they found similar backgrounds, heritage, influences, and commonalities between their families. Both families having lived within a 200km radius of one other. Much of their lives changed at the beginning of the second world war when both families were forced to give up their homeland and way of life. Common roots yet a shared experience of displacement and loss. A vacant passage. For the exhibition the artists reference back to a time and place which no longer exists, both artists having experienced this space and place, and now coming together to seek out and make a story of a puzzle and a past which neither has any recollection of, besides a shoebox of photos, newspaper clippings, essays as well as stories handed down from generation to generation.

To the artists’ Germany is a vacant place, Poland is a vacant place, and some day, South Africa might become a vacant place. The story of two artists traveling and leaving behind remnants and legacies. The artists will each produce a body of new works related to their history and the common happenings of the years when both artists’ families experienced the difficulties and repercussions of the 2nd World War.

For the exhibition the artists will also collaborate on several artworks as well as a mural within the gallery.

Andrzej Urbanski

Andrzej Urbanski

Andrzej Urbanski


Southbank London

For those of you who haven’t heard already, the world famous Southbank in London is under threat by retail development.

Long Live Southbank is a non-profit organisation started by skateboarders to preserve London’s unique and renowned Southbank Undercroft and to represent it’s diverse creative community of skateboarders, BMXers, artists and visitors. They give them a voice and raise awareness about the imminent threat of the destruction of a creative community who have turned a dead space into a thriving visual hub for 40 years. Their mission: To preserve and protect the Southbank Undercroft site from relocation, gentrification and sanitisation. If successful in our bid to preserve this historic London landmark, our role would then be to act as a committee dedicated to looking after the interest of its users and to improve the site in a way which compliments and enhances the original features which first attracted the skateboard community in the early 70’s.

They currently have more that 26,000 members from all walks of life, art forms and social backgrounds.

Sign the petition:

Find out more:
Article by John Crace:


Bob Burnquist continues to innovate. This is amazing.

Oakley, Inc. have just released a new six-part webisode series featuring skateboarding icon Bob Burnquist. The series gives viewers exclusive access to the private domain in which many of Burnquist’s contributions to skateboarding were born: his backyard in Southern California, which is better known as ‘Dreamland.’ So much of Burnquist’s character and personality are reflected in those acres of hilly terrain – from the vegetable gardens to the yurts, the helicopter pad to the Vert ramp, the MegaRamp to the never-before-seen addition: the Hip.

“Life is always happening over here [in Dreamland] and we’re always capturing all the different activities; it’s a part of what I do and who I am. This is a fun and productive time in my life, so I wanted to share that with my fans,” Burnquist said. “When I’m riding, I always have ideas, some of which never see the light of day, but the Hip was something I knew was possible and really wanted to make happen. The hip was a progression of a lot of things that I’ve seen and done, like the corkscrew, which I have sitting in the backyard. With so many of these ideas, though, you don’t know if they’ll actually work until you start building and can really visualize what’s possible.”

The first episode of “The Dreamland Series” is Burnquist’s first major part since 2010 and incorporates more than three years of unseen footage. The part also includes recently captured footage of Burnquist learning and mastering the massive Hip, a feature that sends Burnquist flying into the Mega’s 25-foot quarterpipe, allowing for a variety of maneuvers. Despite being among the elder statesmen of skateboarding, this edit demonstrates that Burnquist remains one of the most exciting and dynamic talents the industry has ever seen.

Despite his competitive success – Burnquist recently broke the record to become the most decorated athlete in X Games history – Burnquist is constantly in pursuit of what’s next. Countless hours are invested riding, experimenting and ultimately crashing all for the sake of pushing his own limits, and in turn, those of the world of skateboarding. Whether that comes on the Mega, the Vert ramp or in the empty pools he seeks out from the vantage point of his helicopter, so much of every waking moment is dedicated to his profession and passion. In this series, that mentality and approach to life shines through.


Hipsters & Hashtags – Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

Local Cape Town comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues poke fun at the “hipster” stereotype, then go back to the 90’s.


Fabiano Rodrigues is a Sao Paulo, Brazil – based photographer and ex-professional skateboarder. These photos are part of a series of self-portraits of himself skateboarding in architecturally beautiful locations, captured through a Hasselblad camera by remote control. The photos are all once-off prints, exploring the history and repertoire of skateboarding movements, particularly its relationship with the city, its architecture and urban furniture. In his choices of locations, there is a special interest for architectural landmarks, such as buildings designed by the renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Fabiano is represented by the LOGO gallery in Sau Paulo, Brazil.


Eric Koston Super Goofer from the olden days of Menikmati. Even back then he was getting pretty tech on ledges. Keep skateboarding fun!


Almost Uber Light Some High Tech Shit Limited to 500 Worldwide, the Almost Uber Light is the world's most technically advanced skateboard, developed by Rodney Mullen. Enter the competition below to stand the chance to win one with R1200! Uber Light Carbon Foam Core the board within a board technology.

How to enter the competition:
1. Sign up to the Revolution newsletter, either in the top left corner of this site, or on Revolution Online in the footer.
2. ‘Like’ Revolution On Facebook.
3. ‘Follow’ Revolution on Twitter.
4. Comment below with your favourite feature about the Almost Uber Light.

Easy. Good luck!

Competition closes on Sunday 4 August, and the winner will be announced on Monday 5 August.

The Almost “Uber Light” Deck is exclusively available from Revolution:

Jean-marc Johannes tests out the new Almost “Uber Light” deck, the most technically advanced skateboard deck in the world.

Limited to 500 worldwide.

Deck inside a Deck: This was developed by Rodney Mullen and C.L Composites. After experimenting with many different layups, they arrived at a method using an actual deck within a deck. The internal carbon fiber foam deck is ultra light and nearly as stiff as metal. It acts like rebar, or a skeleton embodied by a standard 7-ply layup. It also vastly improved the lateral rigidity. The deck wears, slides, and looks like a normal 7-ply, but its lighter and has a supernatural pop last lasts far longer than any normal deck.

Balance is at the very heart of design in anything that spins, flips or flies. By reducing weight and adding rigidity (particularly laterally), the deck reacts more quickly to every movement while flipping faster and more precise.