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An adventure sports film contest, Wavescape Shortcuts, has been launched to celebrate South Africa’s growing passion for extreme sports. Short films are a great format for sharing stoke in the Internet age, and the popularity of adventure sports is higher then ever. With the advent of quality, easy to use action cams like GoPro, almost anyone with passion can tell an adventure story and share it with a wide online audience. Wavescape Director Ross Frylinck says “We have seen the exponential growth of adventure sport short films over the last decade at the Wavescape Surf Festival and on Shortcuts has been created to celebrate and support this movement in SA“. Adventure sports films covering surfing, skating, kitesurfing, bodyboarding, MTB, snowboarding are all welcomed. Film entries need to be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in length, and can explore all aspects and angles through documentary, stop-frame, animation or anything in between. Dewald de Jager of GoPro says “GoPro is making it so easy to create, manage, edit and share high quality video using innovations like the GoPro app and newly released GoPro Studio. Anyone can now download the GoPro Studio application for free and edit a great video using one of the templates provided. It is that easy.” “We’re delighted to be part of the Wavescape Shorts Film Contest“, says Marié van Niekerk, Marketing Director of BOS Ice Tea. It creates a wonderful platform for self expression within the realm of natural sports and ties in wonderfully with our philosophy of Joy through Creativity.”

The contest launches 19 September and runs until 30 November 2013. Winning entries will be screened at the Wavescape Surf Festival in Cape Town in December. Prizes include R30,000 in GoPro cameras, a custom BOS surfboard, years supply of BOS drinks and R5,000 cash bonus if the winning film was shot on a GoPro camera.

1st prize: GoPro Hero3 Black Edition, R5,000 cash (if shot on GoPro), BOS branded surfboard valued at R5,000 and a year’s supply of BOS valued at R2,000
2nd prize: GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition, BOS beach hamper consisting of cooler bag and beach umbrella valued at R600, year’s supply of BOS valued at R2,000
3rd prize: GoPro Hero3 White Edition, BOS cooler bag valued at R250, year supply of BOS valued at R2,000

The Assignment
Go out and shoot footage of any extreme or adventure sport, such as snow, skate, wake, surf, MTB, BASE jumping or wingsuit flying. You can make it doccie style, fiction, or just adrenalin-pumped action to music. Enter using four simple steps. Your submission will be reviewed and published on Wavescape. Get your Facebook friends to like your video on Wavescape as 40% of the judges’ decision is based on likes.

– Your video must be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes long.
– Content of your video should contain footage of any adventure sport involving gravity, for example surfing, mountain biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, and climbing. We reserve the right to decide what constitutes an adventure sport. There is no such thing as extreme tiddly winks. No motorised sports please.
– Your movie can be shot on any make of camera, though GoPro have offered R5,000 cash if the winning video is shot on a GoPro.
– Videos must be hosted on either Vimeo or Youtube. On the online entry form you will be prompted to paste the code from the end of your video URL. This will submit your film to us and it will be pubished on
– You must be able to provide Wavescape with the original HD video file if you win. If you can’t, you will be disqualified and the next closest entry will win.
– Videos that are submitted without the correct info in the upload form will not be judged.
– By entering the contest, you grant Wavescape Media, BOS, GoPro and Omnico a royalty-free licence for 24 months from date of submission to use your film in its submitted, finished format as content to promote the Shortcuts contest on the Internet and at live screenings at the Wavescapes Surf Festival.
– If you want to remove your video from the competition, you may do so by asking Wavescape to delete your video prior to the deadline for entries. There is no limit on the number of videos you may submit.
– To be eligible you must be a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa. Children 13 years or younger must have parents’ approval. Employees of Wavescape, BOS, GoPro and Omnico, and their relatives are not eligible to enter the contest.
– The competition closes on Saturday November 30.

– After the contest closes on 30 November 2013, Round One of the process involves the films being previewed by Wavescape to ensure they comply with the requirements of the contest. Films that do not comply will be disqualified.
– Selected films will advance to Round Two where will be rated by a panel of judges from Wavescape and other experts in filmmaking. This accounts for 60% of the judging, which takes place from 1 to 6 December 2013.
– 40% of the total score will come down to Facebook Likes on the video embedded on Wavescape after you upload it (and we have moderated it). The more Facebook Likes on your video, the higher your score. In Round Three, we convert the Facebook score to a number out of 40, and tally this up with the judges score to get a final total out of 100.
– Winners will be selected and notified by email by 6 December 2013.

The personal information you submit on the entry form will only be used to contact you in the event you win the contest or if there is a question or issue regarding your video or its content. We will not disclose, give, sell, or transfer any personal information about you, unless required for law enforcement or by statute.


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