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Kryptonics Wheels Chooses Legendary Skateboarder David Hackett as Brand Ambassador

November 8th, 2013

Legendary skateboarder David Hackett has been chosen by Dusters California as the first Brand Ambassador for Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels. Hackett is recognized as one of skateboarding’s greatest all-around skateboarders. He is best known for his pool riding, and for originating his patented “Hackett Slash” maneuver. In 2003 he was chosen by Juice magazine as one of the 50 Most Influential Skateboarders in the World. Hackett also excels in ditch riding, slalom racing, downhill racing and now at over fifty years of age is still skateboarding at a world class level.

Hackett first rode Kryptonics Star Trac wheels in the mid-1970s, having been attracted to the wheels for their ability to handle the various terrains and disciplines he rode.

When asked how he feels about being named the first Kryptonics Wheels Brand Ambassador, Hackett commented, “I’m SO Stoked to be chosen as Kryptonics Wheels first brand Ambassador! I feel like Johnny Appleseed- spreading goodness throughout the land!”

In addition to promoting Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels at skateboarding events and through social media, Hackett is featured in a series of videos about the rebirth of Kryptonics Star Trac wheels.

David Hackett

Bonus: an interview with David Hackett about his role as the first Kryptonics Brand Ambassador.

Congrats being the first Brand Ambassador how did you feel when you were asked?
Very Honored, Humbled and STOKED!!

What things will you be doing for the brand?
Lots of Social Media, some Design and Consulting, and of course Riding the Wheels and Spreading the STOKE!

Have you been surprised by the love older skaters are showing towards the rebirth of Kryptonics Star Trac wheels?
Yes and No- Yes because I am surprised at how many “older” skateboarders are still Charging it- and No, because some things that are Classic in Design and Popularity in the Marketplace you can never get tired of-Like a Vintage Ferrari, Kryptonic Wheels had the look and the ride that far surpassed all other wheels at the time and that never gets old.

What is the message you will share with younger skaters about the wheels?
Kryptonic Wheels are Fast, Durable, and can be used on any set up for Multiple Disciplines of Riding including Banks, Pools, Bowls, Parks, Schools, Downhill, Slalom, Sliding, Freeriding, Cruising and More! GET SOME!!

Tell us about the skateboards you have set up with Kryptonics wheels.
Well, so far I’ve only received three sets of wheels But of the sets I do have, I put my 60mm Blue 82’s on my 11X40″ “SuperSurfSkate” BankRider, set up with Carver Trucks and it is SICK! – I put the Green 60mm’s on my Vert/Pool Deck and it’s like being Born Again! Not only do they Bring Back lot’s of Great Memories, but I’m making new ones and new History right now!! I’m going to put the Red 78mm’s on my Longboard and can’t wait to Ride it!!

Will you be competing in any events soon?
Maybe… I LOVE competing, but the last two events I competed in were run VERY poorly and Judged even worse! So I think I will start taking more of an Organizing Events role, than Competing in them. I like to do events that are “Objective” rather than “Subjective”- Like “Highest Wall Ride” or “Fastest thru the DEATHRACE Course”… Where it’s clear who won… Judges SUCK!

Lastly Will you be running the IASC hall of fame again next year?
Just to be clear, I never have “Run” the Skateboarding Hall of Fame Awards Banquet and Induction ceremony- That almost impossible task is done by IASC President Josh Friedberg, who does an AMAZING Job. I have been honored to be the EMCEE of the event the last two years and I’m not sure if I will be chosen to do it again in 2014….But I’m open to it! In closing, I look forward to Ripping All Terrain on All the new Kryptonic Wheels and Hope to see everyone experience the same Magic that I feel when Riding these Amazing and Classic Wheels!!

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