This historic 8mm footage of Dogtown’s founding members was captured in the Spring of 1977 by Wayne Babcock. Wayne has never released this footage nor has he shared his vintage Dogtown skateboard collection with the public, but both have been donated exclusively in support of this project.

The Dog Bowl, originally known only to the most hardcore DogTown crew, was located in Northern Santa Monica – The Dogtown crew had their own pool that they could skate in peace. “Dino’s Dog Bowl” was shortened to just “The Dog Bowl.” A teenager with terminal cancer asked his father to drain the family pool on their huge estate overlooking The Brentwood Country Club Golf Course. Some of the most famous photographs in skateboarding were shot at the Dog Bowl. Tony Alva is credited with doing the first front side aerials at the pool in the fall of 1977. It was named “The Dog Bowl” because there were dogs always hanging out at the pool. On any given day over the summer of 1977 most of the entire DogTown crew were at the pool. Some of the best skating sessions EVER took place there.

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