Almost Famous Ep. 9

Haslam kills it on a 4×4, spinning grandmas, Rodney ripping, and more of the craziest trick contest than you can handle – winners announced next episode.

Lakai: Flaridians

A wrap-up from Lakai’s Flaring in Florida tour featuring Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Daniel Espinoza, Sebo Walker and Jon Sciano.

Neal Unger – 60 Year Old Skateboarder

This is probably one of the most inspiring videos about skateboarding you’ll see. Proof that you are never too old to skate, and to use skateboarding as a tool to better your life and change the way you think.

Help Get Simphiwe ‘Off the Ground’

Simphiwe is an artist with no arms or legs who taught himself to skateboard when his electric wheelchair broke. Campaign Simphiwe is an initiative that is trying to raise funds to help him out.

A fire burned down Simphiwe’s shack in the township of Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa. He was lucky to escape with his life, but lost his electric wheelchair and with it, his freedom to get around. He is also an artist with a strong fighting spirit and refused to be confined to his home, so he sourced a used skateboard and learned to balance on it. Soon he was skating around his township to the delight of honking cars and passersby. He is unable to survive on the small government grant he receives and has seldom been able to see a doctor.

You can donate here:

Simphiwe has been struggling for a number of years on his govt. disability fund of $127 per month. He has not been able to get ahead and in fact has lost everything, including his mobility. As you see in the video, Simphiwe is an extremely positive and capable individual. He just needs your help. THE IMMEDIATE GOAL is to help Simphiwe ‘off the ground’ and to provide some basic support enabling him to become productive again.

Successful funding of the Campaign will bring Simphiwe:

Immediate medical attention.
A specially adapted electric wheelchair.
Special adaptations to his small home to make it wheelchair friendly.
Basic furniture for his home (a couch, a kitchen table, stove).
Enrollment to computer courses (to enable him to derive an income from home – a big step towards his goal of financial independence).
Small monthly allowance for transport to computer classes and to sustain him whilst studying.
Everything from recognition on our website to pictures drawn and signed by Simphiwe are available as Perks in gratitude for your contribution. Simphiwe deeply appreciates your help! Please pledge today…you know what to do!

The Impact of Your Help

Simphiwe is a talented artist whose lifetime ambition encompasses being an ambassador for other disabled people. His lifetime goal is to be fitted with artificial limbs and be able to drive a specially fitted vehicle.

Your contribution will play a key role and go a long way to help Simphiwe ‘OFF the GROUND’ and towards fulfilling his life aspirations to being a productive member of society. With your donation – large or small – you will pledge that you believe, like us, that this person deserves a helping hand. By supporting Simphiwe, you will become a member of the ever-growing Campaign Simphiwe family, and join us as we spread our message.

Other Ways You Can Help

The first step toward helping us reach as many eyes, ears & hearts as we can would be to:

Talk about us!
Share our video
Like our Facebook page
Follow and Tweet us
Chat with the team directly at

Rev Online Weekly Special

Revolution Online Weekly Special on Fallen Shoes

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Peasant ‘Dead Hand’ EP

Peasant Dead Hand EP

Local Cape Town hardcore band, Peasant, have just put up their EP Dead Hand for download. You are invited to download it for free / pay what you like for it.

Get your hands on it here.

Recorded by Dean Bailey.
Mixed by Richard Staub.
Mastered by Rogan Kelsey.
All sounds made by LIVE drums, guitar, bass and vocals.
Lyrics by Peasant. Artwork by Peasant.

Jean-Marc at Far ‘N High, Paris

Far 'N High - Jean Marc Johannes

Revolution team rider Jean-Marc Johannes’ invitation is confirmed for Far ‘n High 2014, taking place in Paris, France.

The contest is taking place from 29 May – 1 June at the Halle de Skate du Val d’Orge. It is a Pro / Am open contest with a total prize purse of €15000!

Big ups JM!

Almost Famous Ep. 8

Daewon Song & Manny Tranny Tricks – Almost Famous Ep 8

In this episode, the Instagram #MannyTranny Trick contest winner is announced on another mixed bag of fun and crazy skating including Daewon Song, CJ Tambornino, Chris Haslam, Lem Villemin and more Manny Tranny Tricks than you’ve ever seen before all on Almost Famous Ep 8.

20sk8 Valhalla Edit

A new 20sk8 edit, featuring Revolution team riders Ryan Naidoo and Tyler Kammies, and Shuaib Philander, Wesley Schroeder, Ethan Cairns, Charl Manasse, Keerin Noah, Allan Adams, Tooth Less, Toufeeq Reubenheimer, Frank Prinsloo, Mj Johnson and Perdo St Clair.

New Weekly Special

Revolution Online Globe Weekly Special

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Wildcard Wednesday

Dusters California Wildcard Wednesdays Revolution Online


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AV22 Trailer

AV Skateboarding’s trailer for their 22nd Issue! Featuring Revolution team rider Anthony de Mendonca, and Kanya Spani, Brendan Dyamond, TK Modise, Evan Binge, Damon de Clercq and more…

R1 ‘Yield’ Street Art in JHB

r1. YIELD from r1r1r1 on Vimeo.

Street artist, r1., recently did a piece entitled Yield in Johannesburg city. We think it’s pretty rad.

This piece is based on the common yield street sign. A street pole was set into the sidewalk, and one hundred yield signs were fitted on the wall behind it.

The heart of Johannesburg remains a mystery for many. The aim of the project was to encourage visitors and citizens to engage more actively with its swarming life and creative activities that keep transforming the city. This piece is based on the familiar yield street sign that we find in every other road to indicate that we must “give way” to another. It is interesting that yield also means “to produce” which becomes relevant in the city context. This tension between being productive and giving way exist in every city, and bustling Johannesburg is a good example of it. This piece illustrates that these two seemingly opposite forces are in fact symbiotic; both embodied in the symbol of the yield sign.

World Record 30.8 Foot Bomb Drop

Pro vert skater Adil Dyani broke a world record when he did a 30.8 foot bomb drop in September last year (2013). This is the footage from the drop. That is pretty high.

Official Welcomes Jamie Thomas

Official Welcomes Jamie Thomas from Official Skate on Vimeo.

Jamie Thomas is a 20-year veteran of professional skateboarding. His raw and authentic style blurs the line between skill and danger. This directly represents Jamie’s genuine self-made nature that has guided him throughout his successful career as a skateboarder and entrepreneur. Since arriving on the scene in the early nineties, Jamie has pushed the limits of skateboarding to become one of the most influential of his time; he embodies the spirit of the American working class. Official proudly welcomes Jamie and appreciates the diversity that he adds to the team.

Let Us Roam – Ray Barbee

LET US ROAM – Ray Barbee from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

Ray Barbee is a legendary professional skateboarder from San Jose, California. He made his first appearance in the skate film “Public Domain” and followed it up with his most iconic video part in the movie “Ban This”. Barbee’s passion for music and photography was made accessible through skateboarding. Ray’s short film illustrates his passion for creativity and the importance of passing those values on to his children.

Day to Night Exhibition

Day To Night Exhibition

New work by Ello Weezi
RVCA First Thursdays
The Pit – 133 Bree Street
Thursday 3 April

Facebook event

“DAY TO NIGHT” || NEW WORK BY ELLO from The Pit on Vimeo.

About Ello:

ELLO is the pseudonym of an artist from South Africa. Known for her collaborative work with Black Koki as Love and Hate Studio. Inspired by life, comics and animations amongst other things, her work is mostly character based with themes of memories, people, everyday experiences, current times and personal relevance.

#revOMG Monthly Giveaway

Revolution presents:

Our Monthly Giveaway

Revolution Our Monthly Giveaway revOMG

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We will be running a new #REVOMG competition every month, so watch this space for the next one!

Weekly Special: Killer

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Dusters x Endless Summer

Dusters x Endless Summer

Dusters California is proud to introduce a collaboration with the most iconic movie masterpiece in the surf world, The Endless Summer! Celebrating 50 years of Bruce Brown’s film and John Van Hamersveld original movie posters, these boards will be perfect for cruising through the endless summer days!

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Dusters California x The Endless Summer