Subject: TJ Rogers

Some amazing new street footage from Blind rider TJ Rogers for his Subject part on The Berrics. TJ has both his tech and hammer tricks down.

Win Tickets: The Big 5 Series at Assembly

The Big Five Series at The Assembly

Want to win Double tickets to The Big Five Series at The Assembly this Saturday?

All you have to is comment below with the number of acts playing on Saturday night.

Winners will be notified on Friday.

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Presented by Jagermeister South Africa: a key partner that has helped nurture and pioneer local music over the past years. The focus of THE BIG 5 is on local talent and the design stems from utilising The Assembly Logo to create the 5 iconic South African wild animals for each event. All the designs were put together by Andrew Ringrose. The aim of THE BIG 5 is to connect Live Music and Electronic Music, fusing these 2 scenes into a one night only experience per show, to be remembered for the rest of time and anchor these acts in the history of The Assembly lifestyle.


– Van Coke Kartel
– The Plastics
– Jack Stone
– Terrasoul

WEBTICKETS: R50 (skip the queue)

61 Harrington Street | Cape Town

Tommy Guerrero “The Stranger”

Tommy Guerrero’s new music video for the song “The Stranger” off his upcoming album No Mans Land. Apparently he made the video on his iPhone.

“Shot and edited on my super future computronic phone!” – Tommy Guerrero

Urban Isolation

Urban Isolation

REDirect is a celebration of skateboard filmmaking between Red Digital Cinema and The Berrics.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Russell Houghten (check out his artists statement here)

VANS presents The Pit Party 2014


Vans presents The Pit Party 2014. Following on from last years epic bowl contest, this year’s Vans invitational skate contest will be held in the bowl again.

This event is open to public spectators.


Contest Rules:

All riders need to be at The Pit at 5pm to draw your heat numbers for round 1. You will have 2 hours to warm up. At 7.30pm we will start the contest. The heats will be 5 min jam sessions, with 3 guys in each heat. After round one, we will take the 9 top scoring guys into into the semi finals, where the same 5 min rules apply per 3 man heats. The finals will be the top 3 scoring guys from the semi finals, this final will be a 7min heat.

Riders will be judged for: Style, Consistency, Use of Bowl and Difficulty

Prize Money up for grabs:

1st: R7000
2nd: R2000
3rd: R1000

Red Bull Highest Wallride.

There will be loads of Vans promo stuff!

Red Bull will be providing energy for all the skaters and spectators throughout the evening.

Poster artwork by Ian Jepson.

NO UNDER 18’s.

The organisations involved are not liable for any damage to person or property on this evening.

2 August 2014
The Pit, 133 Bree Street, Cape Town

Facebook Event Link

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

All photos by Grant Mclachlan.

It was a classic windy but sunny J-Bay winter’s morning that greeted the skaters from around the country at the 2014 Core Downhill Sokkie Jol presented by Sector9. Now in its second year and as part of the J-Bay Winterfest, it attracted over 80 riders and countless spectators. The course was laid-out on a slight downhill with a left hand corner and ramps assembled down the length (giving the race its unique twist). The obstacles included banks, rollers a tunnel and kicker jump. Skaters found the course rather intimidating initially due to the scale of the obstacles but quickly became accustomed to the ramps. The usual suspects stood out early on, with the likes of Ren Van Staden, Cam Adams and Alex Meyer shining. It was local boy Van Staden who took honours in the time trial and making him a sure favourite for the man-on-man racing. The racing in this format got tighter and tighter with each heat and the final saw Van Staden up against Alex Meyer. Both Meyer and Van Staden had used the strategy of a fast, solid push-off all day, knowing that a mistake at the top of the course would cost them lower down. It was Meyer who prevailed.

“It’s not a very long course so if you in the lead try not to bail because it’s hard to overtake. We came into the first berm really tight,” explained a stoked Meyer post race. “I think it was my pull-off that helped me stay in front of him though and I kept the lead going from there. This event was all about speed, but also knowing how to shed that speed to go up the berms. You needed some vert skating experience to help with the counter balancing on the berms and it also helped to have good pump skills, so that when you get over the berm and those little bumps you can get that extra boost.”

Final Results

Time Trail
1st: Ren Van Staden
2nd: Cam Adams
3rd: Jason Brown

Open Devision
1st: Alex Meyer
2nd: Ren Van Staden
3rd: Cam Adams

Junior Division
1st: Tyron Coetzee
2nd: Tristan Baymen
3rd: Johan De Vos

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Sokkie Jol J Bay Winter Fest photo by Grant Mclachlan

Tum Yeto Pocket Cam 21

Tum Yeto Pocket Cam 21 Super Tour video takes you back across country to North Carolina and Florida one more time just to get showed up by a snakeboarder on a seven stair with the kink cut off. They also picked your least favorite Bowie song just for shits and giggles. Get annoyed with the worst angles possible and enjoy the Tum Yeto crew.

Windows 0.2 Exhibition

Window 0.2 Exhibition

WINDOWS 0.2 Exhibition at Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

An ongoing collaborative art project by Love and Hate Studio (Black Koki + Ello) and Jean de Wet.

Working closely together, resulting in multiple series of paintings, drawings, mixed media collage, silkscreen prints and zines.

Kalashnikovv welcomes the second installment of WINDOWS.

Continuing where they left off from last years “MIXED EMOTIONS” group show at the Kalashnikovv, Love and Hate Return with a more focused approach on their own rapidly evolving practice. Continuing with the blurring of lines between collaboration, fine art, street art and illustration.

RSVP to the Facebook event HERE.

RVCA Sideways Tour ft. Yann Horowitz

SA ripper Yann Horowitz cruises around with the RVCA crew in Belgium. Featuring Julian Davidson, Jeremy Leabres, Charles Collet, Remy Taveira, Octavio Barrera and of course, Yann. Such a nice edit.

Juan Smit Interview

Juan Smit

Juan Smit is the all-round nicest guy ever, he skates for enjoi and Revolution, he’s a fireman, and runs Snap Originals, where he “upcycles” broken and used skateboard decks into some pretty awesome things. We find his DIY approach to life inspiring, so we caught up with him for a quick interview…

How Afrikaans are you, from a scale of 1 – 10?
10 being the highest? I’m probably a 12, haha.

Where did you get the idea to start Snap Originals?
Kieron Mans, a close friend, was a big influence. I saw him making a platter and a spoon once for his college project at the time and asked him if I could start playing around with some new ideas. Kieron moved back to Namibia and I started getting good at it and started to get clients and that’s that. Now here we are three years later.

Snap Originals

What creation are you most stoked on so far?
All of them. I can see I’ve got better and better in my craft work over the years. I think progress and improvement is a big factor in this industry, where client’s ideas and input to improve the product helps a lot. I’ll say the yoyo though just because it brings so much joy and it’s so simple.

What inspires your creations?
Google, haha. No, I’ll say it’s clients, and sometimes mistakes, believe it or not. I’ll be busy with one product and see a new creation in it, don’t ask me why. Clients are also a big help; they’ll ask me sometimes if it is possible to make something, then I’ll play around with it and tell them yes or no.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Well, let’s say everything till now. Freedom, friendship, good times, being creative, traveling, pushing your limits. If I didn’t put my feet on this plank with four wheels 15 years ago we wouldn’t be having this interview now. I’m glad I followed this route in life. Not one regret.

Do you get a lot of romantic interest being a firefighter?
Yes and no, chicks don’t actually fall to my feet if I tell them my job description, if that’s what you asking. Firefighters also have this reputation of being dogs with ladies, haha, but Ive got some digits, some lucky nights…

Snap Originals

What else do you get up to when you aren’t skating?
I exercise a lot, jog almost every day with my dogs; beach, trails or just in the neighbourhood, surf with my homies. I fucking LOVE Motorsport so I go watch that a lot; track events, drag racing, stock cars, dirt racing… I’m also a bit of a green thumb in the garden, planting and finding cacti plants. Then the usual: movies, braaiing, camping… yeah.

Where do you hope to take Snap Originals? Is it just a hobby or something you’d like to turn into a bigger thing?
It’s a passion/hobby/small business I guess. I just like making stuff for people and why not if i can make cash from it – ‘extra income’ – and I’ll probably do this until I’m 80. It keeps you young and your mind healthy.

What do you think is a good way to motivate people to start thinking more ‘DIY’ and stop being complacent and lazy?
It’s a good way to save money! Taking something old and making it look new. Have pride in your creation or work. The first step comes from you. If you want to there’s always that question “what if?” Stay positive and keep true to your roots.

Snap Originals

Snap Originals

Buck Tour 2014 Trophy by Snap Originals

June #revOMG Winner

Revolution revOMG winner

Revolution revOMG winner

Congrats to Mark Linsi, you’ve won yourself a Globe Sterlz Hesh Goddess Cruiser deck in this month’s #revOMG competition, worth R700!

Mark submitted this amazing photo of himself wasted and managed to get the most likes:

Mark Linsi

We run a new #revOMG competition every month, so keep an eye out for the next one!

About the deck:
Limited edition (666 available) Sterling Bartlett graphic.
Metallic gold flake dip, laser-etched numbering and built-in bottle opener.

Globe Sterlz Hesh Goddes Cruiser Deck Top

Globe Sterlz Hesh Goddes Cruiser Deck Top

Globe Sterlz Hesh Goddess Deck Bottle Opener

Globe Sterlz Hesh Goddess Deck