Skateistan: Madina’s Story

16-year-old Madina is one of Afghanistan’s most talented skaters. Starting out in Skateistan’s creative arts and skateboarding program, Madina began as a student but has quickly become an excellent female role model and an inspiring teacher.
Only 13% of Afghan women can read, and over 70 000 Afghan children work in the streets daily to support their families.
Since joining Skateistan, Madina has gone from ordinary Afghan girl to a TEDx speaker. In 2014 she represented Afghanistan at UN Habitat’s World Urban Forum in 2014 – her first time leaving her country.
Help them Keep Skateistan Rolling, and continue to offer leadership opportunities to the youth of Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa through skateboarding.

In Madina’s words: All of us dream of a better future. My friends in Kabul are like young people everywhere: they want to go to a good school, to live in peace with their neighbors, to find a good job so that they can support their families.