KDC 2014 Street World Championships Qualifiers

KDC 2014 Pro Street Qualifiers

Skaters from 37 countries around the world came to Kimberley to skate in the Kimberley Diamond Cup Pro Street Qualifiers on 3rd October, 2014 to compete for a spot in the finals of the KDC Street World Championships. Nyjah Huston came through as he always does and landed the top spot in the finals. Along with Nyjah, Louie Lopez, Tommy Fynn, and Kevin Hoefler all get to chill for the first round and landed spots in the 2nd round of the finals.

Check out the highlights featuring Nyjah Huston, Tommy Fynn, Boo Johnson, Jordan Hoffart, Gustavo Servin, Jeremy Knibbs, Matt Berger, Louie Lopez, and more.