Kimberley Diamond Cup – Day 3 Press Release

Podium KDC 2014 Sunday. Photo by Sam Clarke.Podium KDC 2014 Sunday. Photo by Sam Clarke.

Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler Edges Out Australian Tommy Fynn to Win World Skateboarding Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup

Nyjah Huston Upset in First Round by Netherlands’ Nassim Guammaz.

Kimberley, South Africa – October 5, 2014

The 2014 Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup concluded today in dramatic fashion. It was an all-out battle in the Street Championship Semi Finals with Nyjah Huston upset in the first round by the Netherlands’ Nassim Guammaz. Guammaz lost to Brazilian Kevin Hoefler in the third round. Hoefler would go on to battle with Australian Tommy Fynn in the Finals, just edging him out for the world title and $100,000 top prize.

With the Top 12 skaters representing seven countries, the expectation was high for Huston and fellow Americans Louie Lopez, Matt Berger, Tyson Bowerbank and Jereme Knibbs. But it was the international roster of talent that owned the day with Hoefler and Fynn topping Americans Lopez and Huston.

Alana Smith KDC 2014. Photo by Sam Clarke.Alana Smith KDC 2014. Photo by Sam Clarke.

The other big story from the final day at the Skateboarding World Championships was 14-year-old Alana Smith joining the men to compete as the sole female skater in the Big Air “Best Trick” contest. Smith attempted a backflip over the gap several times before finally nailing it with just minutes to go in the session. Smith is the first female skateboarder to complete a backflip over the mini mega gap.

Highlights from the 2014 Street Skateboarding World Championship Finals:

Nyjah Huston: backside 180 nosegrind revert down the hubba ledge.
Tommy Fynn: nollie flip 50-50 down the hubba ledge.
Kelvin Hoefler: switch-frontside blunt down the rail and 360 flip lipslide down the rail.
Louie Lopez: frontside shove-it down the 4-stair, 360 flip down the 4-stair.
Nassim Guammaz: fakie ollie to switch 50-50 down the rail.
Dlamini Dlamini – The South African skater broke his board in the first round against Canadian Micky Papa. Dlamini landed a frontside feeble grind down the rail. He rolled away but snapped his tail.

Lil Jon – The chart-topping U.S. rapper (“Turn Down for What?”) performed at the World Championships Saturday night for a sold-out crowd. He watched all the action from the Finals from the street course where he cheered on the pros and sprayed champagne on the winners during the awards ceremony.

Pro Street Finals Results & Cash Prizes

Kelvin Hoefler $100,000
Tommy Fynn $40,000
Louie Lopez $15,000
Nassim Guammaz $15,000
Nyjah Huston $4,500
Micky Papa $4,500
Tyson Bowerbank $4,500
TJ Rogers $4,500
Matt Berger $3,000
Tom Knox $3,000
Jereme Knibbs $3,000
Dlamini Dlamini $3,000
14th – 20th – $1,500
21st – 24th – $1,000

Kevin Hoefler KDC 2014. Photo by Sam Clark.Kevin Hoefler KDC 2014. Photo by Sam Clark.

“I can’t find the words. This is so great!” said Hoefler. “The first time I came to South Africa I made it to the final 12 and I promised myself that I will make it onto the podium this year. I never expected to win and am very happy and excited. This was amazing.”

Winners of KDC 2014 Street. Photo by Rudi Jeggle.Winners of KDC 2014 Street. Photo by Rudi Jeggle.

Sunday also featured the South African Championships and South African Youth Championships (ages 16 and under). Sixteen-year old Brandon Valjalo from Johannesburg took both the Youth title and the South African title.

“The extent of the international participation in this event has made history around the world,” said Tim McFerran, CEO of World Skateboarding Grand Prix. “We had an incredible level of talent displayed here with so many countries represented. It will certainly go down in the record books as one of the best contests of all time.”

According to MEC John Block of the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, the Kimberley Diamond Cup has definitely confirmed its position as a global brand. “We have seen participants from 37 different countries travelling to the Northern Cape to be part of this extraordinary experience. The event has shown significant growth and we’re immensely proud of what we have achieved here. We were especially pleased to have added components that gave female skateboarders the chance to showcase their skills as the provincial government feels particularly strongly about promoting gender equality and creating opportunities for women to take their rightful place in society,” mentions Block.