Promenade Mondays: Remember Jay Video

Tribute to Jay Adams; The Original Seed
1961 – 2014

South Africa celebrated Heritage Day on 22 September 2014, a day in which we celebrate our diverse cultures.

At the core of skateboarding culture is Jay Adams, who passed away earlier this year. Jay, is the original seed and his style and skill has no forebears. Jay Adams is skateboarding personified, and for this reason we pay tribute and celebrate his life as a legend.

For the first time in South Africa, we are urging skaters to revel in our heritage, not as a “sub culture” or “fringe sport” but as a legitimate culture and community.

So we met up with a bunch of skaters on Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town to pay tribute and celebrate our skate heritage.

Revolution Skateboard Supply Co. | KFD Skateboards | VANS Store Cape Town | Kingdom Longboards SA

Filmed and edited by Matthew Lesch
Additional filming by Greg Maxwell
Skaters: Andrew Nero, Justus Kotze, Byron Rhoda
Music: Daft Punk – Digital Love