Pushing Forward Skate Documentary

Pushing Forward: The Golden Age of Video Is Dead

Chapter One of the original skate documentary explores what it means to be a pro skater in 2014.

Pushing Forward explores whether the traditional skate video as we know it is dead or not, and whether they are still relevant. They go into the idea of solo video parts, premieres, hype and the future of skate videos.

Feautring Ryan Decenzo, and about whether the 2 years he spent filming for the Thrasher Double Down video part was really worth it. It also features Zered Bassett, who defends the significance of the skate team video. Also featuring Torey Pudwill, Felipe Gustavo, Wes Kremer, Joey Brezinski, Dane Burman, Ty Evans, Steve Berra, Erik Bragg and Chris Thiessen.