20sk8 Kyk ‘n Kroon Contest Review

Enwin Gelant 360 Flip by Grant MclachlanEnwin Gelant – 360 Flip

Photos by Grant Mclachlan.
Words by Toothless.

It has been five years after seeing it written on the walls and ramps of Mitchells Plein skatepark that this past weekend 20sk8, in collaboration with DSTV and the exploitation of the less empowered saw the 20sk8 ‘Kyk n Kroon’ contest.

The ultimate winner paying back to the producers of the blood, sweat, tears and broken bones that built and continues to maintain Mitchells Plein skateboarding, the Capital of 20sk8’s world.

The concept was “you land tricks, we give kroon’ (kroon is Cape Flats slang for money. Kroon is also Afrikaans for crown, which represents the pinnacles of power). Sponsored by Monster Energy and Boardhub.

Registration started and the laaities were kak amped for the kroon. Soon after, Shuaib Philander announced the start of the contest, and those who wield the most Power on the Cape Flats pulled the plug. Yes, Eskom’s load shedding had Toothless screaming at the crowd – “Eskom cannot switch off our voices”, and the amateur section was underway.

Skateboarders and spectators alike came from all over the Peninsula to witness names such as Allan Adams, Ryan Naidoo and Mettas Arends (to name a few) open up their bags of “Christmas came a bit early this year”. With lots of spot prizes, product giveaways and about 50 cash prizes awarded during the day, everyone left in good spirits and by the end of the event there was electricity again.

Filled with connection and positivity, 20sk8 persists in the on going procurement of power.

(There were no reported robberies or fatalities during this event and everyone returned back home in good health).

Andrew Nero fs Nose Blunt by Grant MclachlanAndrew Nero – fs Nose Blunt

Allan Adams Double Finger Flip and Ethan Cairns K Grind by Grant MclachlanAllan Adams – Double Finger Flip. Ethan Cairns – K Grind

Quinton Robertson Transfer Tail Slide by Grant MclachlanQuinton Robertson – Transfer Tail Slide

Allan Adams 360 Flip Nose Slide by Grant MclachlanAllan Adams – 360 Flip Nose Slide

Lee Adams Kickflip K Grind and Ryan Naidoo Flip to Fakie by Grant MclachlanLee Adams – Kickflip K Grind. Ryan Naidoo – Flip to Fakie.

Monster Mall Grab by Grant Mclachlan

Ryan Naidoo Kickflip by Grant MclachlanRyan Naidoo – Kickflip

Justin Adonis fs Blunt and Toufeeq Raubenheimer 360 flip by Grant MclachlanJustin Adonis – fs Blunt. Toufeeq Raubenheimer – 360 flip.

Herby Dexter Nollie Front Feeble by Grant MclachlanHerby Dexter – Nollie Front Feeble

Lee Adams Fakie Flip Tail Slide by Grant MclachlanLee Adams – Fakie Flip Tail Slide

Toufeeq Raubenheimer Tre Nose Slide by Grant MclachlanToufeeq Raubenheimer – Tre Nose Slide

Brain by Grant Mclachlan

Pinki by Grant Mclachlan

Drank that Drank by Grant Mclachlan

Nero Trying to Control the Kids by Grant Mclachlan

Winners by Grant Mclachlan

Winners by Grant Mclachlan

Winners by Grant Mclachlan

Cape Flats Represent by Grant Mclachlan