Dog Days Exhibition by Sarah Pratt – Salon 91

Sarah Pratt Fish for Dinner

21 January – 14 February 2015
Solo Exhibition by Sarah Pratt

Salon91 Presents:
Dog Days
Vanishing into the green light

Sarah Pratt presents a body of work that is inspired by the life and death of her dog, Laptop.
The death of a loyal companion invokes feelings of pain, isolation and nostalgia.
The process of remembering seems to root us in another time and place, a timeless, intangible realm.
Intrigued by ‘The Wood Between the Worlds’ in C.S. Lewis’s ‘The Magician’s Nephew’, the artist’s work also alludes to her imagined existence of a strange, green in-between place where her deceased dog now resides.
Using pen, ink, gouache, collage, gold leaf and paper cutting techniques, she focuses on producing a series of works that are an exploration of life, death, memory and place.

About the Artist:
Born in Zimbabwe in 1972, Sarah Pratt holds a Master of Fine Arts degree. She is a highly skilled printmaker, specializing in copper etching, linocut, collograph and monoprint. After spending 10 years in the print department of Michaelis as a part-time staff member, Sarah decided to devote most of her time to making her own work. She is an extremely prolific artist, constantly creating, and participating in a number of exhibitions. Sarah works from a group studio in Observatory, where she is currently interested in ink and gouache on paper, paper cut-out work, monoprints and dry points.

Exhibition Opening:
Wednesday 21 January
Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection, 91 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town
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