Gazelle & Invizable: The Rise & Fall of an Empire

 Gazelle & Invizable: The Rise & Fall of an Empire

24 January 2015
Gazelle & Invizable: The Rise & Fall of an Empire

After a four year hiatus the duo known as Gazelle & Invizable have concluded their second and final album called “The Rise & Fall of an Empire” which portraits the cycle of life, death and resurrection within a conceptual narrative of civilization, society on individual, its lifespan and socio-­political ideology. The group shot to critical acclaim when their debut album “Chic Afrique” broke through the South African music scene and into the world, making waves that shook the idea of musical genre with their unique self titled ‘Limpop’ sound. This album is a swan song for the duo as they have decided to let go of the band and focus on personal projects between New York and Cape Town. With their choice cemented they have decided to offer the album to their fans and listeners for free as a sign of gratitude for their faith and support over what was a magical time in South African culture and development, resonating the groups respect of each other and the people that helped to build what was truly a magnificent moment in African dance music.

Two final performances in South Africa will write the last chapter of this iconic group with a show in Cape Town at Assembly on the 24th of January and the final show in Pretoria at Park Acoustics on the 25th of January.

The Rise & Fall of an Empire came to life after traveling across South Africa and putting together an ‘African Orchestra’ to perform an 11 scene or song tale about the infinite cycle of life. This was visually translated by Austrian artists Constantin Demner and Sarah Littasy from Studio Elastic. An incredible art piece was created out of illustration and built into a 3D object with paper which was then filmed and photographed.

On the 24th of January prior to the final Cape Town show this art piece will be installed along with a listening session of the album in the Annex of Assembly courtesy of Red Bull Studios Cape Town where the preliminary recordings was done.

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