Rituals Exhibition by ELLO at The Eye, Cape Town Tonight

The Eye Presents Rituals by Ello Xray Eyez

The EYE Presents: Rituals by Ello Xray Eyez

Ello Xray Eyez is a visual designer from South Africa, living and working in Cape Town. Inspired by comics, animations and people amongst other things, her work is predominantly character-based with an unknown narrative. The viewer is left to find relevant connections within their own iconography and experiences. Stylised and surreal elements are combined to create energetic compositions that are graphic and colourful. Working with themes of memories, fun times, current feels, characters and personal relevance, she is also influenced by the dynamics of organic versus geometric shapes, straight vs curved, balance, composition and texture.


RITUALS will Launch “First Thursdays” February 5th
The Eye, Cape Town


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