The Drift release “Hunted”

Hunted is the first single from The Drift’s forthcoming album The Mountain Star.

Picking singles are always a challenge for us. The Drift’s albums work as a full body of work telling one big story – so throwing out one track for public consumption is usually quite tricky. We decided to give you ‘Hunted’, the central chapter of the new album ‘The Mountain Star’. It is a fair representation of what to expect from the new full length effort. There are faster songs, there are slower songs, so this one is a nice middle ground from what to expect from the 3rd chapter in the ‘Deluge’ trilogy. We’ll divulge more on the lyrical context of the song when the album is released.
We’ll be shooting the live performance portion of the track’s Music Video on Sunday, the 1st of March at the brand new Mercury Live Johannesburg (at Carfax). We welcome all who want to come round and be a part of it!
Much love from your pals!
– The Drift