My War: Jamie Thomas

My War Jamie Thomas

Even though Jamie Thomas already had an untouchable skate legacy and was closing in on 40 years old, he still waged an epic battle for his “Cold War” ender—a trick that is gnarly by any standard.

Bust Or Bail 2: The Ripper at Clipper


The legendary Clipper spot is about to become a handicap-access elevator. A spot with so much history gets a truly gnarly send off. “Spots come and go, but Clipper is forever.” —Jake Phelps

Blind Skateboards See North Tour

Blind See North Tour

Blind drops episode 3 of the #SEENORTH tour with the Ride Channel. Watch Cody McEntire, TJ Rogers, Kevin Romar, Sewa Kroetkov, Sam Beckett, and Jason Thurtle destroy everything in their path.

Assembly x Globe Competition


Share the image above on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and hashtag #revolutionskatesupplyco and #globebrand to stand a chance to win a Globe voucher worth R3000! The winner will be announced on June 4th.

Micky Papa’s “Blinded” Part

Micky Papa

Check out Blinds newest team rider Micky Papa. This guy is so dialed-in he makes it look easy. His bag of tricks is beyond belief and the hammer section is straight up psychotic. Enjoy…

Spitfire Video 1993

Spitfire 1993

After 22 years in a cardboard box, the rarely, barely seen Spitfire video with the original soundtrack has been recovered. Enjoy this blast from the past!

Hall of Fame 2015

Hall of Fame 2015

Hall of Fame 2015

Click on the image above to check out the 6th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Icon Awards Ceremony. The event was held in Costa Mesa, California on May 14th, 2015 with a packed house of legends, pioneers and hardcore fans of skateboarding to celebrate another year of inductees.

Impacting The Berrics

Dwindle at the Berrics

Fact, most of the skaters on dwindle brands ride Impact. Watch the Dwindle team riders test the impact boards at the Berrics.

BFFS: Charles Collet

BFFS Charles Collet

To experience the ecstasy, you gotta embrace the pain… Check out the French maniac Charles Collet as he takes some heavy hits.

Damn Am LA 2015 Weekend

Damn Am 2015

The SPoT Posse spent a couple of days skating the spots in LA before stop one of the Damn Am at Lincoln Skatepark. From the Diamond Park with locals to the Baker TF with Antwuan, this one is too good to miss.

Headcleaner Official Trailer


This is the official trailer for Headcleaner, edited by Chris Thiessen. The world premiere is on Monday June 1.

The video focuses on three locations: Long Beach, Atlanta, and Chattanooga

Read more at here.

Double Rock: Blind

Double Rock Blind

Blind comes through with one of the best Double Rock episodes yet, featuring an ender from Cody Mac you gotta see to believe.


Hopeless, Cashless & Pathetic

“ I like to see my work as some sort of criticism towards society, religion, culture, idelogies and authority. The status quo. Our PERCEPTION of normality. The absurdity of our existence.”

Love Is In The Air

Steve ‘Crack’ deliberately deconstructs the irrelevant notions of normality that define ‘Us’ and our lives within contemporary societies. He does so by incorporating themes, symbols, words and ideas which make people feel uncomfortable and could be even considered offensive.

“ Growing up listening to Punk music and moving between different subcultures, is my primary source of influence. I like poking at taboo subjects and stirring shit up. Nothing should be exempt from ridicule and I think that ridicule is the best way to engage people to question everything. The images I forge have a nihilistic connotation, with an unhealthy dose of humor. In some way, they are a reflection of both how I perceive the world and how the world lays itself out in front of me.”

“ Even though my work is predominantly digital, I don’t limit myself to one medium. The medium I choose is at random and mostly the one I feel most comfortable with at that specific moment. Stylistically, I see myself moving somewhere between Low Brow/Comix inspired street tattoo art. ”

Burn A Church

Space Between Gallery is excited to launch it’s first solo artist Steve Crack, whom will be visiting Cape Town from Abu Dhabi to present his Solo Exhibition ‘Hopeless, Cashless and Pathetic- We Are All Going To Die’

The human species is disgustingly fascinating, weird, fucked up and fundamentally useless. We have created a world around us which only makes sense in our own context.

Never Don't Give Not Up

Politics, governments, religions, cults, gods, diseases and authority. Cures to our own diseases and solutions to man made problems. Orders without questions, a promise of an afterlife and many carrots from father state.

Clinging on to ideologies for our dear life without knowing that we are already dead.

This is an adventurous excursion into the nihilistic deconstructions of said notions and norms. A journey to realization through ridicule, satire and just plainly taking the piss out the sacred and unquestionable norms we created and live by.

Nothing is holy, nothing is sacred.
You are your own authority.’

6 May 2015 18H30 –
13 May 2015

The Loft, 139 Albert Road, Woodstock
Space Between

For more information on the show and artwork availability, please contact
// +27762130442