Windows 0.2 Exhibition

Window 0.2 Exhibition

WINDOWS 0.2 Exhibition at Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

An ongoing collaborative art project by Love and Hate Studio (Black Koki + Ello) and Jean de Wet.

Working closely together, resulting in multiple series of paintings, drawings, mixed media collage, silkscreen prints and zines.

Kalashnikovv welcomes the second installment of WINDOWS.

Continuing where they left off from last years “MIXED EMOTIONS” group show at the Kalashnikovv, Love and Hate Return with a more focused approach on their own rapidly evolving practice. Continuing with the blurring of lines between collaboration, fine art, street art and illustration.

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Jim Houser - A Position on a Map

Artist Jim Houser, from Philadelphia, has a solo show on in Italy at the moment called A Position on a Map. Here’s some of his work…

Jim Houser - A QuiverJim Houser / A Quiver / 2013 / acrylic and collage on canvas / 46×46 cm

Jim Houser - HushJim Houser / Hush / 2013 / acrylic and collage on wood / 46×46 cm

Jim Houser - PilesJim Houser / Piles / 2013 / acrylic and collage on canvas / 46×46 cm

Jim Houser - ParksJim Houser / Parks / 2013 / acrylic and collage on wood / 46×46 cm

Jim Houser - A Position on a MapJim Houser / A Position on a Map / 2013 / acrylic and collage on wood / 46×46 cm

Jim Houser - A Volley of OathsJim Houser / A Volley of Oaths / 2013 / acrylic on wood / 46×46 cm

The exhibition is on at Galleria Patricia Armocida. Jim has twenty medium and large-scale artworks and two site-specific installations up.

Jim Houser’s works are narrative microcosms in which he compulsively presents moments, instants, memories from his life as if it were a self-examination process, cathartically translating them into visual poetry with a pictorial, unique, and distinctive language. By cataloging his experiences and emotions, the artist creates his own vocabulary of images that guides us through his personal curative iconography. Jim Houser’s aesthetic combines stylized figures, hand-drawn typography, sound-symbolic words, visual sensations, and geometric shapes, creating quilt-like collages in a cohesive color palette. Houser layers acrylic on wood, fabric and found objects, blurring the lines between collage and sculpture. This deceptively dimensional quality is further highlighted when the pieces are assembled into one of the artist’s elaborate installations, adding to the complexity of each individual piece by emphasizing a greater inter-connectivity to the body of work as a whole. Once combined, it becomes clear that all of his works are associative and directly related, connected to each other as if part of a mapping system. And so, much like a position on a map corresponds to an actual physical location, his works mirror events, places, or attachments in his life, thus marking his position in the world.

Jim currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a self-taught artist and member of the art collective Space1026. He has exhibited all over the world.

All images Courtesy Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milano, Italy.