AV24 Trailer

AV24 Cover

The trailer for issue 24 of AV Skateboarding. This one’s going to be good. Catch the premiere at Yours Truly, Kloof Street, Cape Town tonight!

AV24 Cover




The new AV Skateboarding video is out, AV23. Check out team rider Trae Rice’s nosepick on the on the YBF vert wall on the cover, captured by Jansen Van Staden.

Make sure to catch the screenings if you can!

AV22 Trailer

AV Skateboarding’s trailer for their 22nd Issue! Featuring Revolution team rider Anthony de Mendonca, and Kanya Spani, Brendan Dyamond, TK Modise, Evan Binge, Damon de Clercq and more…


The trailer for AV21 hitting shelves in December 2013 featuring Yann Horowitz, Braxton Haine, Josh Chisholm, Ryan Naidoo, Trevor Colden, Jagger Eaton, Byron Rhoda, TK Modise, Brendan Jack Dyamond, Kanya Spani and Gavin “Moses” Adams.


To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we took Alan Marola back to the same handrail of the AV issue 01 cover to try and get another cover. On the mission was Miguel Howell (Photographer) and Jamie O’Brien who both made the mission with Alan 10 years ago. Enjoy.

Screenings of AV Skateboarding Issue 20 are happening in Cape Town, Durban and PE today, and in Joburg tomorrow. Be there!

Facebook events:

Cape Town: http://www.facebook.com/events/1423753987840931/

Durban: http://www.facebook.com/events/215001905341456/


JHB: http://www.facebook.com/events/1455806774644949/


AV Skateboarding Issue 20 Premiere

AV Skateboarding is 10 years old! Come celebrate this at the Cape Town premiere of their 20th issue tomorrow night.

Date: Friday 18 October
Time: 8pm
Venue: Hectic on Hope, 69 Hope Street, Gardens, Cape Town
Black Antler and Black Lung performing
Free Session Skateboarding Magazine Beer + Mag + Popcorn + madness courtesy of Monster Energy.

Here are the Facebook events:

Cape Town: http://www.facebook.com/events/1423753987840931/

Durban: http://www.facebook.com/events/215001905341456/

PE: http://www.facebook.com/events/526176664137895/

JHB: http://www.facebook.com/events/1455806774644949/


Check out the new trailer for AV Skateboarding 19 for winter 2013.

The trailer features Yann Horowitz, Pieter Retief, Chris Pfanner, Phil Zwijsen, Joubert van Staden, Clint van der Schyf, Khulu Dlamini and Evan Binge.

Nice one chaps!

Anthony de Mendonca & Adam Woolf Interview


You guys are from Johannesburg right?

Adam: 100% Jo-burgers from Edenvale.
Anthony: Yeah man Jozi all the way.

How do you feel about many of the Jozi skaters/friends having moved to Cape Town?

Adam: Well, I’m happy for them. Cape Town is a rad place and there are lots of sick spots around. It does suck that the Jozi scene has gotten smaller, but the scene is growing here and there are a lot more projects on the rise. People are realizing that if they don’t do anything about it, no one will.
Anthony: I think its amazing. If I’m not mistaken, JHB was the scene for a while and developed a lot of talent. Look at the scene now; its gotten so much larger in such a short amount of time. Clearly good things are coming from their choices, so I’m hyped for the homies. They’re making changes for us and opening new doors.


With all the major league videographers, photographers, and with AV and Session leaving Jozi, how have you managed to get coverage? Has it been hard or a walk in the “park”?

Adam: Well, I bought a video camera, so I can get my own coverage with all my homies. Either filming each other, making edits, sending footage to AV. On the photo side of things, there happens to be quite a few photographers here that are taking amazing photos, so that at least helps out shooting for Session. Also, filming with Preez films / Wandile, who is contributing to the scene with his new channel, as well as a few others on the rise.
Anthony: It’s been OK. I guess it’s all thanks to the dedicated time from Adam Woolf, Dwayne Erasmus and Jonathan Pinkhard. They’re the homies who are close to home for photos and filming. I also try push as much on social media networks as I can. Wandile and Preez Films have been a lot of help. Wands is taking back the streets. It’s always good riding and filming with him, and sending the occasional footage to AV.

How do you two manage summer without the ocean and fresh air?

Adam: I’m a fucking lizard!
Anthony: I love the ocean, but hate to swim. I get cold super quick, plus I’m paranoid of sharks.


What are the pro’s and con’s of having skateparks at your disposal?

Adam: With the recent closure of the Revolution Festival Mall park, there isn’t much to skate in the area park-wise. We hit up Sk8world a lot more often now. A few of us came together and built a sick-ass grind box there. We want to keep adding on to the park and build it up. Other than that it’s street all the way.
Anthony: Progression.

Revolution Festival Mall Skatepark is no more. Now where will you guys be spending your rainy days?

Adam: At home, jamming PS3.
Anthony: Not in the rain. Balfours has a nice frontside-up ledge that’s covered. That would be a choice, but I won’t lie, rains a killa, so I’ll be at home.


Could you share a fun or dangerous street mission you’ve had in the inner city of Johannesburg?

Adam: Skating it up with the MSA homies in town, cruising around at night skating road gaps. All the guys are super mellow and it was rad to get some footage with them.
Anthony: Brendan, two other homies and I had a good town mission quite a while ago. It started getting dark, but we kept it going. We decided to look for a hand rail, so we got in Brendan’s car and started the search. We got caught up behind a few taxi’s at a robot and the streets were packed with kids, gogos and madalas. Anyway, Brendan’s window was slightly down and these four guys come running towards us from behind the car, two on each side. They came up like they were trying to sell us some dope or crack, asking us if we were okay. I only noticed two on my side, not seeing the other two. All of a sudden the one guy was trying to get his arm in the window and the other guy was trying to open the doors. Brendan drove away as quick as he could but these guys were chasing us while holding onto the car for a brief time and as they let go I heard the one guy casually say “I’ll shoot you”. Brendan said “LET’S GET OUDDA HERE!”. He sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

You guys must be looking forward to the Maloof Money Cup! Do you have any new tricks that you’ve mastered that you would like to try on the plaza this year?

Adam: Hellz yeah! Always looking forward to Maloof! I was thinking about trying a flip backside nosegrind down the hubba. There are lots of new things I want to try. Hyped!
Anthony: I have a Hardflip backside 5-0 in mind, but we’ll see how that goes. What would be what I’d like to leave with knowing I got that over the weekend.








AV Skateboarding takes us on a weekend in Cape Town with the 20sk8 crew. The video shows them skating some street, leading the Cape Carnival and holding events in the townships. Featuring KFD and Killer team riders Ryan Naidoo and Alan Adams, Justin Adonis, Wesley “Tooth” Schroeder, Toothless, Shuaib Philander and more.


AV Skateboarding got some rad footage of the Fallen team when they were here in 2011. The video features Tommy Sandoval, Jack Curtain, Brian “Slash” Hanson, Garret Hill, Tom Asta, Anthony Shultz and more.