Justus Kotze Full Part

The new full part from Justus Kotze, filmed in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

Filmed and edited by Matthew Lesch.
Additional filming by Andrew van der Walt.

“Intro Song” – Black Lung
“No Demons” – Bass Drums of Death
“Are You Ready for the Country” – Neil Young

Titles by Justus Kotze
Intro animation by Andrew van der Walt



Roastin' Records That Analog Feeling

Who is Roastin’ Records?
Roastin’ Records was born out of the shared love for vinyl records. Roastin’ Records is Wentzel van der Gryp and Rouleaux van der Merwe. Wentzel started sourcing and selling new and used vinyls in 2012 and set up a small record shop inside Deluxe Coffee Works. Wentzel asked Rouleaux to help him with some designs for a logo. One thing led to another and Wentzel and Rouleaux partnered up and decided to start a small independent label releasing local music that they love.

What makes vinyl records so special?
It is a combination of the cover art, the variety of the formats (12inch / 10inch / 7inch), the analog nature of the music and the way that you are ‘forced’ to listen to the whole record. You can’t just skip to the next song (like with a mp3), you kinda have to sit through an album and wait for your favorite song to come up. It makes you appreciate the music listening experience so much more.

Roastin' Records Logo

What was the motivation behind starting Roastin’ Records?
Both of us are fairly obsessed with music. It is a way to channel our collective obsession into something we can share with other people.

Aren’t you worried that the popularity of records is just a trend that will eventually pass on?
We were collecting and swapping/trading vinyl many years before it became a hipster trend. I don’t think that it will go away. People are looking at vinyl to reignite the spark of owning music. It is one thing to have thousands of mp3’s, and to be completely honest, you never actually own those mp3’s. It was either downloaded, copied or ripped from a CD. Buying a vinyl record gives you the satisfaction of holding the physical incarnation of the music in your hands.

Why do you think it has taken South Africans so long to get into collecting records?
You’ve always had your serious collectors in SA, but kids who grew up in the digital age has caught on to the trend you talk about above.

Make Overs Red Vinyl

Roastin’ Records has recently been acting more as a records label, having released a few records for bands. Is this the direction you’re moving towards?
We definitely want to put out as many records as we can. Because vinyl has become a standard output for international bands we want to give SA bands a platform to be on par with the rest of the world. The music is definitely on the same level. SA has so many amazing bands who deserve to have their music on vinyl.

Wildernessking The Devil Inside

Wildernessking 10

What are some of the releases you’ve put out?
Our latest release, the Wildernessking 10inch EP is just about to see the light of day, and we are very excited about it. Roastin’ Records also did a collaborative release for the Pretoria noise punkers Make-Overs with Angry Africa and KRNGY.

Roastin' Records

That Analog Feeling

Any sneak peeks for what we can expect from Roastin’ Records in the near future?
We have a couple of 7inches we want to bring out – a split with Cape Town’s Peasant and JHB heavyweights Conqueror. Also maybe a 7inch for the grindcore band Anthropocene Hell. We will also be getting in some fresh new music on a monthly basis which are available on the webshop and at the record bin in Deluxe Coffee. We also DJ regularly in and around Cape Town and try to let the vinyl sound reach as many people as possible. If you are ever at a venue where we are DJing, please do come say HELLO. We also like tequila.

I imagine you guys have your ear quite close to the ground with South African music. Who should we be keeping an ear out for in the future?
The Psych Night guys are doing some great stuff, The Very Wicked, The Dollfins, WEA (but I think they called it a day?), Black Lung, Bilderberg Motel, Changeling, Peasant, The Moths, Death Pegasus, Make Overs, Conqueror, Dead Lucky, Black Math, Bad Drugs etc.

Top 10 vinyl records of all time?
Unfair question. We both have a broad range of musical taste, but I (Rouleaux) tend to like punk/harcore stuff the most. I can have a top 10 in loads of different genres.

Here is my top 10 list :
1. Descendents – Milo Goes to College
2. Fugazi – End Hits
3. Hawkwind – Space Ritual
4. Fucked Up – Chemistry of Common Life
5. Poison the Well – Versions
6. Ceremony – Ronhert Park
7. The Replacements – Let It Be
8. Sleep – Dopesmoker
9. The Monks – Black Monk Time
10. Bad Brains – S/T

Here is Wentzel’s list. But only for today. Tomorrow it will be very different.
1. Led Zeppelin – II
2. Blood Brothers – Crimes
3. Neil Young – Harvest Moon
4. Panda Bear – Person Pitch
5. Nick Drake – Pink Moon
6. Joanna Newsom – Ys
7. Bob Dylan – Desire
8. Kraftwerk – The Man Machine
9. Nirvana – In Utero
10. Beatles – ? all Beatles!

Roastin' Records Stickers

Roastin' Records T-Shirt



New and older works by Black Koki, Ello Xray, Jean de Wet, John Second, Justin Southey, Lorcan White, Linsey Levendal, Michael Saal, Michael Tymbios, Nagkakao, Paul Senyol, Rooiwolf.

Acoustic set by Black Lung.

Thursday 22 August
18:00 – 22:00
“Side Street Studios”
32 William street Woodstock

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/485331711557535/


In celebration of Psych Night turning 1 years old, they invite you to join them to celebrate.

Bands playing:

The Very Wicked
Holiday Murray
Bilderberg Motel + Sannie Fox
Black Fins (Black Lung + The Dollfins)
Psych Night vs. Wild Eastern Arches (DJ)

Visuals by Roundabout Films.

Saturday, 3 August
The Assembly
R40 before 10, R50 after.


DJ sets:
The Doors / Night Beats / The Black Angels / Tame Impala / BRMC / Shapes have Fangs / UFO Club / Goat / Pond / Jimi Hendrix / Cosmonauts / Spacemen 3 / BJM / Allah Las / Underground Youth / Meek / Dead Skeletons / Place to Bury Strangers / Ty Segall / Clinic / Bass Drum of Death / Psychic Ills / Golden Animals / Elephant Stone / Deerhunter etc.

Link to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/611635668868464/


Local Cape Town psych rock and roll band, Black Lung, took a trip up to Johannesburg to play a bunch of shows with Dead City Radio recently. They also got some partying and skating in. Enjoy.


Black Lung “Beliefs” from the upcoming album Blame Black Lung out on Angry Africa Records.

Directed, filmed & edited – Michael Ellis (snapkamera.com)
Assistant – Dirk Steenkamp

About the video:

The making of the Black Lung music video was done with a crew of two guys. The location was set in The Pit, Cape Town. The production was followed through with with a minimum budget (no budget).

Once the shoot was wrapped, Michael took it all into post production and put together the first cut. After the first cut was approved he could start with the real hard work… Michael took each frame of the video sequence and printed them, recreating the music video on paper which then got scratched and spilled coffee on. The video consisted of 3 875 images which were then scanned back into a digital form and then time consumingly cropped and separated and put back into motion.

So “Beliefs” is a work of art and has gone through a lot of BLOOD, SWEAT and COFFEE because our boy Michael does not cry!

Check out some photos from the launch of the video here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151411108631324.1073741829.197313746323&type=3


Local Cape Town band, Black Lung, have just finished recording a new music video for their song “Beliefs”. These are some photos from behind the scenes. The video was directed by Michael Ellis along with Dirk Steenkamp and Everfelt Media, and will be out at the end of this month. Black Lung also have an album coming out next month, so look out for that!



Local Cape Town band, Black Lung, are playing a show soon, and we thought that the poster for it was awesome. The pencil and watercolours give it such a DIY, honest feel.

The show will be at &Union on the 5th of June, and it has free entrance! Get there if you can. For those who didn’t know, Black Lung features one of our riders, Justus Kotze, who also created the poster for the event.

Check out the event on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/events/675285839153240/


Psych Night

Here is your soundtrack for the week. In anticipation for the upcoming Doors of Perception art exhibition at the Revolution Woodstock store in Cape Town, here is the latest soundtrack from Psych Night.

This album is the first leg in showcasing South African bands that are forming the fresh wave of talent and psychedelic colour washing over the lands. A big thank you goes to Wild Eastern Arches, The Future Primitves, The Very Wicked, The Dollfins, Bilderberg Motel and Black Lung for allowing us to use their tracks. Please spread this album far and to many. “Meet us at the top of the sky…”

The album cover was designed by local Cape Town artist Simon Berndt.

*All rights of the tracks belong to the corresponding artists involved in the compilation of this album.


Dead City Radio is a South African audio, visual and event-based collective.The second in a series of free samplers showcasing a selection of hand-picked tracks from the music they actively support and enjoy.You can also keep up with them online over here: