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Vans South Africa have released a skate documentary showcasing the South African team including KFD team rider Trae Rice. Check it out and see the progression of the SA skate scene.


WORDS BY RAKIM from Matt Bieler on Vimeo.

Rakim, infamous hip hop artist, is the focus of Words by Rakim, a short documentary on the man.

Words is a re-introduction, and aural celebration of hip-hop’s most influential MC. Inspired by the vinyls that birthed the art form, the film is a portrait of two sides of an artist (A & B) and the streets and city he inspired. Two of his verses have been remixed… the words will never change.

Directed by: Matt Bieler
Words by: Rakim


Coping Mechanism – John Magnusson preview from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

Coping Mechanism – John Magnusson preview

An excerpt from John Magnusson’s section in Coping Mechanism, a new documentary film by Phil Evans about the Swedish city of Malmö and its unique relationship with skateboarding and concrete.

Phil Evans came to Malmö with his super8 camera about seven years ago and he has burned several miles of film on the subject since then. In many of Phil’s movies there has been a connection to Malmö in one way or another so it was inevitable that Phil was going to make a full length movie about the skate scene in Malmö.

Here Phil explains a little more about his latest project, Coping Mechanism:

The Malmö scene is quite unique to me in a variety of ways, such a variety that I felt compelled to try represent this array of radness in a documentary film.

I believe other skate scenes around the world could learn a lot from the scene here, as despite the size of the city they have managed to create a skate scene here that punches way above its weight and is producing a growing list of skater-designed parks and DIY spots and a range of very talented skateboarders that span a large social and age spread.

However, despite the scene growing in its accessibility it has managed to retain its integrity without becoming diluted or lame – old bastards, girls, DIY heads, park builders and street skaters all push their groups and agendas here in growing numbers, all to the benefit of the scene as a whole.

The people at the heart of the scene here have put in the hard work and made the right decisions to foster a unique relationship with the city council who understand the true social benefits that skateboarding has to offer. Together they have pioneered a skate paradise in an unlikely location. This is something I have tried my best to represent, analyse and celebrate in Coping Mechanism.


Thalente Tailslide

From the Streets of South Africa to California and into the heart of skateboarding

I AM THALENTE is a verité documentary about the once homeless skateboarder Thalente Biyela’s journey from the streets of Durban, South Africa, to the Los Angeles, California and into the heart of skateboarding. With the support of skate companies L-R-G and Bombshell, along with guidance from pro skateboarders Kenny Anderson, Guy Mariano, and Marc Johnson, the producers are embracing the specialist film crowdfunding platform Seed & Spark to finance the completion of this inspiring documentary.

Nineteen-year-old Thalente has been homeless since age nine. Finding refuge in the local skatepark, he was given a skateboard a year later through which he found an escape from the harsh realities of street life, and a community of friends who would become his family. As a skateboarder his natural understanding and effortless style quickly attracted attention within the industry, both locally and internationally. Last year he was given the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and the privilege to skateboard with some of the World’s best. Far more importantly, he discovered the spirit of skateboarding which is built on community, friendships and an understanding of one another, irrespective of location.

Says director Natalie Johns, “Whilst this story hinges on Thalente’s love of skateboarding, it gives insight into the challenges that homeless youths face without family, literacy, role models, or hope. Skateboarding becomes a source of strength and competence for Thalente to rise out of circumstance and make a place for himself in the world. His journey offers a unique perspective on skateboarding, the power of uncompromised acceptance, community and individuality”



In honour of Women’s Day tomorrow, we thought we would pay homage to women in skateboarding. Ride Channel have put out a documentary on women’s skateboarding and here’s the trailer. Here’s to skateboarding being an all-inclusive, accepting community.


The upcoming documentary, Everybody Street, looks really cool. It is a collection of interviews and photos from some of the world’s most famous street photographers. Some are inspiring and interesting, others are dark and depressing. But all of them are real life. Featuring photographers like Jill Freedman, Bruce Gilden, Mary Ellen Mark, Jeff Mermelstein, Clayton Patterson, Ricky Powell, Martha Cooper and more.

Everybody Street “pays tribute to the spirit of street photography through a cinematic exploration of New York City, and captures the visceral rush, singular perseverance and at times immediate danger customary to these artists.”

Warning; Some of the images in the video probably aren’t suitable for sensitive viewers.


If you’ve been following the ‘Skateboarding In India’ videos, you’ll know about the work that Levi’s Skateboarding is doing in India with 2er and Holystoked. Enjoy the full documentary!

We joined the Holystoked skateboarding crew from Bangalore and the 2er building crew from Hannover, along with 24 skateboarders and builders from around the world to build the first, free public use skate park in India. Professional skateboarders Chet Childress, Al Partanen, Stefan Janoski, Omar Salazar, Lennie Burmeister, and Rob Smith all joined in on the build and skated the finished project.


Filmage Movie poster web

The Descendents were around before most of you were born, starting in 1978. A lot of people will recognise the iconic ‘Milo’ graphic, but not realise that it is really a band. They were arguably one of the most influential and important punk bands of their time. We are extremely excited for this film, and can’t wait to see it already! Educate yourselves and apply some culture to your music tastes; check out The Descendents…

Full length documentary directed by: Matt Riggle and Deedle LaCour

Unfortunately they haven’t announced when the DVD will be out yet.

Read more about the documentary here:

Filmage Finished for Web