Black Lung “Beliefs” from the upcoming album Blame Black Lung out on Angry Africa Records.

Directed, filmed & edited – Michael Ellis (
Assistant – Dirk Steenkamp

About the video:

The making of the Black Lung music video was done with a crew of two guys. The location was set in The Pit, Cape Town. The production was followed through with with a minimum budget (no budget).

Once the shoot was wrapped, Michael took it all into post production and put together the first cut. After the first cut was approved he could start with the real hard work… Michael took each frame of the video sequence and printed them, recreating the music video on paper which then got scratched and spilled coffee on. The video consisted of 3 875 images which were then scanned back into a digital form and then time consumingly cropped and separated and put back into motion.

So “Beliefs” is a work of art and has gone through a lot of BLOOD, SWEAT and COFFEE because our boy Michael does not cry!

Check out some photos from the launch of the video here:


Local Cape Town band, Black Lung, have just finished recording a new music video for their song “Beliefs”. These are some photos from behind the scenes. The video was directed by Michael Ellis along with Dirk Steenkamp and Everfelt Media, and will be out at the end of this month. Black Lung also have an album coming out next month, so look out for that!