Comeback Kid’s new video for their song, Should Know Better, from their album, Die Knowing, which is now available.


WORDS BY RAKIM from Matt Bieler on Vimeo.

Rakim, infamous hip hop artist, is the focus of Words by Rakim, a short documentary on the man.

Words is a re-introduction, and aural celebration of hip-hop’s most influential MC. Inspired by the vinyls that birthed the art form, the film is a portrait of two sides of an artist (A & B) and the streets and city he inspired. Two of his verses have been remixed… the words will never change.

Directed by: Matt Bieler
Words by: Rakim


Cass McCombs – “Brighter!” featuring Karen Black from Hector Savage on Vimeo.

Cass McCombs – “Brighter!”

A tribute music video to the late Karen Black. Her husband, Stephen Eckelberry, helped make it.

Stephen: “Cass McCombs emailed me in late November 2013 and asked if I would create a music video for Brighter! using classic clips from her movies. It struck me as an opportunity to explore a theme that interests me – the relationship of film and memory. We watch a movie and the images from that movie become part of our memory stream. An image came to me: Cass himself becoming a screen for the projection of images of Karen – as if his memories of her were playing themselves out over his body. I found a clip I had shot with my iPhone when Cass was over at our house rehearsing the song with Karen, and I combined that with clips of her movies, some iconic, some more obscure.


Arcade Fire – Afterlife

The music video for Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife” written and directed by Emily Kai Bock off the album Reflektor.


Polar Bear Club

Click on the album cover below to stream the new Polar Bear album Death Chorus in full below. They are planning to release it tomorrow via Rise Records.

Polar Bear Club Death Chorus Cover

Polar Bear Club, the New York five-piece post-hardcore / pop punk band, drops its fourth album, ‘Death Chorus,’ next week through Rise Records. You can pre-order one of the many bundle packages on Polar Bear Club’s website, and check out an advance stream of the album above.

About the title, frontman Jimmy Stadt says: “There ended up being a couple songs with ‘death’ or ‘dying’ in the lyrics. That’s where the name came from. The mood is really upbeat, and we liked the contrasting vibe that the title brought to the sound of the album; it reflects the contrasting notions of death in that way. We dug that.”

Here is the tracklist for ‘Death Chorus’:

1. Blood Balloon
2. Graph Paper Glory Days
3. So I Buy
4. For Show
5. Siouxsie Jeanne
7. Chicago Spring
8. When We Were College Kids
9. Twang (Blister To Burn)
10. Upstate Mosquito


Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

What a rad music video. Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace released this video for their song “Before Your Very Eyes”, the first track on their new album Amok. Stop motion paper? We don’t know, but it’s amazing.

Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.


A Great Big Pile Of Leaves – “Snack Attack”

The official music video for A Great Big Pile of Leaves’ “Snack Attack” from their 2013 full length album “You’re Always On My Mind”, out now on Topshelf Records.


Combine old footage from New York in the ’70s and ’80s, put some music to it, throw some NASA footage in there, and this is what you get. Enjoy.

“Indelible”, by Chaze and Jay One.


Burials is the upcoming ninth studio album by the American rock band AFI. It will be released on October 22, 2013 through Republic Records.
In a statement regarding the album, AFI frontman Davey Havok said, “This record is of silence, of burials, and the burials that result from that silence. It’s of betrayal, cruelty, weakness, anxiety, panic – deep and slow – despair, injury and loss. And in this it is shamefully honest and resolutely unforgiving”.

We can’t wait for the 22nd here in the Revolution HQ.


A skate/music short film/music video featuring Austyn Gillette, Jerry Hsu, Josh Harmony and some girls. What do you think of it?


Dusters x California

Dusters California Launches Exclusive Skateboard Collaboration Honoring the Musical Genius of Jimi Hendrix

El Segundo, CA – (September 16, 2013) – Dusters California introduces two exclusive skateboard designs in collaboration with the Hendrix family in tribute to one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 20th Century, Jimi Hendrix. Always loyal to the pioneering spirit of skateboarding’s early years through heritage board design meshed with the latest technology, Dusters shines a spotlight on Jimi Hendrix, an innovator who revolutionised the electric guitar and the changed the course of music, with this special project.

The two Dusters x Jimi Hendrix skateboards, a cruiser and a longboard featuring iconic Hendrix imagery and upgraded hardware, can be found at premier surf and skateboard shops globally this July. The cruiser soulfully captures “Purple Haze” through blended iconic Hendrix concert images
and the Hendrix longboard is emblazoned with the Indian-influenced artwork from “Axis: Bold as Love,” the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s legendary second album.

Find the nearest Dusters California dealer and learn more about our boards at “Dusters California is rooted in the trailblazing, creative tradition surrounding skateboarding since its earliest days,” says Dusters Creative Director Nano Nobrega. “That rich skateboard culture has always intertwined with music and Dusters is proud to pay tribute to such a pioneering force as Jimi Hendrix with these two board releases that both skaters and music fans alike will love.

Dusters California originates from the heart and soul of skateboarding. Created in the Southern California cradle of skate and surf culture, Dusters’ skateboard collection embraces that rich heritage through traditional, retro-shaped boards and vintage graphics, built with the latest technology for stability and speed. Dusters California offers a variety of classic longboards and cruisers that embody old school image and feel. Unlike most boards, Dusters boards are crafted in our own premier woodshop and the quality, fit and finish is unrivaled. Dusters California is part of Dwindle Distribution, the world’s largest skateboard manufacturer.

About Authentic Hendrix, LLC Established in 1998, Authentic Hendrix is a wholly owned subsidiary of the principal Jimi Hendrix family music company, Experience Hendrix, L.L.C., which since 1995 has owned and licensed the songs and recordings of Jimi Hendrix. Experience Hendrix and Authentic Hendrix were founded by the late James Allen Hendrix, father of Jimi Hendrix, and the principal executives of Experience and Authentic Hendrix are members of the Hendrix family.

Dusters x Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze” Cruiser Skateboard

Dusters x Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Cruiser

Dusters x Jimi Hendrix “Axis Bold” Longboard

Dusters x Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold

Dusters California


Check out Arcade Fire’s new music video for their song “Reflektor”. Their new album launches on 29 October apparently.


We weren’t sure whether to put this up as a Music Mondays or a Funny Fridaze feature. Characters from Arrested Development playing the members of Mumford and Sons? Amazing.

‘Hopeless Wanderer’ taken from the album ‘Babel’ by Mumford and Sons.


Lauren LoPrete combines Peanuts and The Smiths.

US-based graphic designer, Lauren LoPrete, runs a blog called This Charming Charlie, where she puts up posts of combined Peanuts comic strips and lyrics from The Smiths. We think it’s awesome.


Polybius: Music Made with Old Technology

Directed by James Houston, Polybius takes us into an empty swimming pool, where musician Julian Corrie creates music using a guitar and outdated technology. Recognise any of those things? It definitely took us back a few years. “Instruments” used include a SEGA Mega Drive, a Commodore 64, a few floppy disk drives and some old hard drives, controlled live via MIDI. Maybe a bit too nostalgic for some, but we thought it was pretty rad.


Get Loud with Spanky and The Lafayettes

Check out Kevin “Spanky” Long and The Lafayettes in the new Loud Headphones ad.


“Modern Jesus” – Portugal. The Man

20 days. 15 states. 0 stock footage.

Pretty rad new music video from Portugal. The Man. The video features footage of some pretty gnarly things, so please just be aware that it probably isn’t for sensitive viewers.



Kanye West’s new music video is amazing. The dude himself might get a lot of flack from some people, but he is on the ball with creativity in his projects. The new video “Black Skinhead” was directed by Nick Knight, and is interactive. What does that mean? Well, you have the power to slow the song down and slow down the motion while the song plays.

Click the image above or HERE to watch the video. Go wild.



Instead of the usual music video, we thought we’d put up something more interesting and inspiring for Music Mondays. We thought that this was pretty rad. Artist Pedro Reyes has done a series of musical instruments built from decommissioned weapons. The series is aptly named Disarm. The guns were taken from a collection of illegal weapons, collected by the Mexican army. Pedro has turned them into instruments, operated by computers, but they can also be played physically by people.

Pedro says that transforming the weapons into instrument is “…more than physical. It’s important to consider that many lives were taken with these weapons; as if a sort of exorcism was taking place, the music expelled the demons they held, as well as being a requiem for the lives lost.







Combine the new song from JJ DOOM, MF DOOM’s new project, with the artistic talents of legendary street artist Steve “ESPO” Powers, and what do you get? A rad new music video is what.

The video was shot in London and directed by ESPO, and features “Bookhead”, a new song from JJ DOOM, and ESPO’s “masterminded security mirror mask”.


This music video for Breakbot – “Baby I’m Yours” is made up of over 2000 individual watercolour paintings painted one after another. That is a hell of a lot of paintings. Beautiful, well-directed music video.

Composed (handmade) by: Irina Dakeva


The Vein – “Magma”

‘Magma’ is the very first Dvein’s music video for The Vein’s new single. The video is pretty trippy, but the visuals are intriguing and the video is incredibly well animated and executed.

Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Client: Adobe


For today’s Music Mondays we feature Conqueror, a hardcore band from Joburg. If you like fast, angry, thrashy hardcore, then Conqueror is your band. Check out their two most recent music videos…

You can download their EPs for free HERE and HERE.

If you live in Cape Town, Conqueror will be playing two shows in the city this weekend. Check out the events listing on our home page for links to the events.


Get your psychedelic rock ‘n roll fix for the day.

Wild Eastern Arches – Line of Simian.


Psych Night

Here is your soundtrack for the week. In anticipation for the upcoming Doors of Perception art exhibition at the Revolution Woodstock store in Cape Town, here is the latest soundtrack from Psych Night.

This album is the first leg in showcasing South African bands that are forming the fresh wave of talent and psychedelic colour washing over the lands. A big thank you goes to Wild Eastern Arches, The Future Primitves, The Very Wicked, The Dollfins, Bilderberg Motel and Black Lung for allowing us to use their tracks. Please spread this album far and to many. “Meet us at the top of the sky…”

The album cover was designed by local Cape Town artist Simon Berndt.

*All rights of the tracks belong to the corresponding artists involved in the compilation of this album.


American hardcore/grunge band rocked South Africa this weekend! If you missed them you missed out!


Noah and the Whale’s new song “There will come a time” from their upcoming album due for release on 6th May 2013.


The legendary punk rock band Face to Face are releasing a new album on April 2013. Check out their first single “right as rain”.


Ramfest 2013 is almost here and bringing you some great local and international bands including the legendary punk rock band Rise Against. More info on the festival and dates in your city can be found here.


The legendary punk rock band Bad Religion is about to release their sixteenth studio album! Due for release on January 22, 2013. You can stream their new album over here.


School, work – its all the same. Most of you are back at work and the holidays are over. Comedian/artist Atom and his Package tells us about his dream to start a Punk Rock Academy. We hope this catchy number gets you through at least Monday morning.