Tommy Guerrero “The Stranger”

Tommy Guerrero’s new music video for the song “The Stranger” off his upcoming album No Mans Land. Apparently he made the video on his iPhone.

“Shot and edited on my super future computronic phone!” – Tommy Guerrero


Comeback Kid’s new video for their song, Should Know Better, from their album, Die Knowing, which is now available.


Cass McCombs – “Brighter!” featuring Karen Black from Hector Savage on Vimeo.

Cass McCombs – “Brighter!”

A tribute music video to the late Karen Black. Her husband, Stephen Eckelberry, helped make it.

Stephen: “Cass McCombs emailed me in late November 2013 and asked if I would create a music video for Brighter! using classic clips from her movies. It struck me as an opportunity to explore a theme that interests me – the relationship of film and memory. We watch a movie and the images from that movie become part of our memory stream. An image came to me: Cass himself becoming a screen for the projection of images of Karen – as if his memories of her were playing themselves out over his body. I found a clip I had shot with my iPhone when Cass was over at our house rehearsing the song with Karen, and I combined that with clips of her movies, some iconic, some more obscure.


Arcade Fire – Afterlife

The music video for Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife” written and directed by Emily Kai Bock off the album Reflektor.


Comedians/comedy actors James Franco and Seth Rogan made this spoof of Kanye West’s video for his song called “Bound”. Apparently they were bored on the set of ‘The Interview’ and decided to make the video.

Here’s the original video:


Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

What a rad music video. Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace released this video for their song “Before Your Very Eyes”, the first track on their new album Amok. Stop motion paper? We don’t know, but it’s amazing.

Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.


A Great Big Pile Of Leaves – “Snack Attack”

The official music video for A Great Big Pile of Leaves’ “Snack Attack” from their 2013 full length album “You’re Always On My Mind”, out now on Topshelf Records.


Burials is the upcoming ninth studio album by the American rock band AFI. It will be released on October 22, 2013 through Republic Records.
In a statement regarding the album, AFI frontman Davey Havok said, “This record is of silence, of burials, and the burials that result from that silence. It’s of betrayal, cruelty, weakness, anxiety, panic – deep and slow – despair, injury and loss. And in this it is shamefully honest and resolutely unforgiving”.

We can’t wait for the 22nd here in the Revolution HQ.


A skate/music short film/music video featuring Austyn Gillette, Jerry Hsu, Josh Harmony and some girls. What do you think of it?


We weren’t sure whether to put this up as a Music Mondays or a Funny Fridaze feature. Characters from Arrested Development playing the members of Mumford and Sons? Amazing.

‘Hopeless Wanderer’ taken from the album ‘Babel’ by Mumford and Sons.


Get Loud with Spanky and The Lafayettes

Check out Kevin “Spanky” Long and The Lafayettes in the new Loud Headphones ad.


“Modern Jesus” – Portugal. The Man

20 days. 15 states. 0 stock footage.

Pretty rad new music video from Portugal. The Man. The video features footage of some pretty gnarly things, so please just be aware that it probably isn’t for sensitive viewers.


City and Colour – Thirst (alternate edit)

Thirst is from the album “The Hurry And The Harm”, which is available now. City and Colour have released an alternate version of the original music video for the song. Enjoy.



Kanye West’s new music video is amazing. The dude himself might get a lot of flack from some people, but he is on the ball with creativity in his projects. The new video “Black Skinhead” was directed by Nick Knight, and is interactive. What does that mean? Well, you have the power to slow the song down and slow down the motion while the song plays.

Click the image above or HERE to watch the video. Go wild.


Hope you enjoy this rad, simple and fun music video from The National for their song “Sea Of Love”, off their new album Trouble Will Find Me. TGIF.


Black Lung “Beliefs” from the upcoming album Blame Black Lung out on Angry Africa Records.

Directed, filmed & edited – Michael Ellis (
Assistant – Dirk Steenkamp

About the video:

The making of the Black Lung music video was done with a crew of two guys. The location was set in The Pit, Cape Town. The production was followed through with with a minimum budget (no budget).

Once the shoot was wrapped, Michael took it all into post production and put together the first cut. After the first cut was approved he could start with the real hard work… Michael took each frame of the video sequence and printed them, recreating the music video on paper which then got scratched and spilled coffee on. The video consisted of 3 875 images which were then scanned back into a digital form and then time consumingly cropped and separated and put back into motion.

So “Beliefs” is a work of art and has gone through a lot of BLOOD, SWEAT and COFFEE because our boy Michael does not cry!

Check out some photos from the launch of the video here:


Combine the new song from JJ DOOM, MF DOOM’s new project, with the artistic talents of legendary street artist Steve “ESPO” Powers, and what do you get? A rad new music video is what.

The video was shot in London and directed by ESPO, and features “Bookhead”, a new song from JJ DOOM, and ESPO’s “masterminded security mirror mask”.


This music video for Breakbot – “Baby I’m Yours” is made up of over 2000 individual watercolour paintings painted one after another. That is a hell of a lot of paintings. Beautiful, well-directed music video.

Composed (handmade) by: Irina Dakeva


The Vein – “Magma”

‘Magma’ is the very first Dvein’s music video for The Vein’s new single. The video is pretty trippy, but the visuals are intriguing and the video is incredibly well animated and executed.

Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Client: Adobe


For today’s Music Mondays we feature Conqueror, a hardcore band from Joburg. If you like fast, angry, thrashy hardcore, then Conqueror is your band. Check out their two most recent music videos…

You can download their EPs for free HERE and HERE.

If you live in Cape Town, Conqueror will be playing two shows in the city this weekend. Check out the events listing on our home page for links to the events.


Get your psychedelic rock ‘n roll fix for the day.

Wild Eastern Arches – Line of Simian.


Apathetic Means is the third official music video from Lowprofile from their album “A Vulgar Display Of Powerchords”. If you missed our interview with them you can check it out here.

Directed by Luke Mason, winner of Interpret Durban 2012’s Best Film Award and filmed by DOP Jimmy Reynolds, Apathetic Means stars Catharine Nolan as a girl on a quest to discover what’s at the other end of the mysterious red cable that was plugged into her VCR, interrupting her planned lazy Sunday in, with transmissions of a band performance in a derelict house that seems to be for an audience of one – herself.

Her journey takes her through a variety of surreal scenes – upmarket businessmen getting pantsula haircuts, suntanning street children, orthodox muslim skateboarding – all seen through a lens with a deep love for the city of Durban.


Bloc Party recently released this music video for their song called Truth. The filming in itself is really great showing the band members in mid air in a smoke-filled stop/start animation which fits the music perfectly.


The guys from What Now (ex SA residents) moved across to the UK in 2005 to try make things happen on that side of the pond.

They have just released the music video for their first single (Move Like A Sinner) off their full length album which is coming out in March.

They collaborated with photographer Marcus Maschwitz on this one and we love it … it’s dark, sexy, mature and a big step forward for them.

Make sure to check it out and support the guys.