Verb at KDC 2014

Verb at KDC 2014

Verb at Kimberley Diamond Cup 2014

Verb asked some pro’s at Kimberley Diamond Cup this year what they thought of the new Verb x Adventure Time collaboration.

Featuring Micky Papa, Ivan Monteiro, Dane Burman, Phil Zwijsen, Rachel Reinhard, TJ Rogers, Louie Lopez, Tyson Bowerbank, Byron Rhoda, Ryan Naidoo, Dlamini Dlamini, Andre Beverley, Jean-Marc Johannes, Continue reading “Verb at KDC 2014”

Kimberley Diamond Cup 2014 Video Recap

Kimberley Diamond Cup 2014

Kimberley Diamond Cup / World Skateboarding Championships 2014.

Featuring Nate Rojas, Boo Johnson, Jordan Hoffart, Andre Beverley, Vincent Milou, Jean-Marc Johannes, Tom Knox, Flo Mirtain, Dlamini Dlamini, Gosha Konyshev, Dane Burman, Matt Berger, Marius Syvaven, Justin Brock, TJ Rogers, Micky Papa, Tyson Bowerbank, Louie Lopez, Nassim Guammaz, Nyjah Huston, Kelvin Hoefler, Tommy Fynn, and more.

Filmed / edited: Matthew Lesch

Music: Bass Drums of Death – Crawling After You

KDC 2014 Street World Championships

Kelvin Hoefler wins KDC 2014

Kelvin Hoefler wins KDC 2014

Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler took out Tommy Fynn of Australia in the finals for the KDC 2014 Street World Championship title after one of the most insane final rounds ever! Some of the tricks that Kelvin laid down in the finals were switch front blunt down the rail, tre flip lip the rail, and more. Stay tuned for more content from the 2014 Kimberley Diamond Cup in the near future and keep an eye out this evening for a recap video from the finals that’s expected to be pretty amazing.

Check out the highlights from the 2014 KDC Street World Championships featuring Matt Berger, TJ Rogers, Dlamini Dlamini, Tyson Bowerbank, Micky Papa, Tom Knox, Nyjah Huston, Nassim Guammaz, Louie Lopez, Tommy Fynn, and Kelvin Hoefler. This is one of the wildest finals we’ve ever seen.

1. Kelvin Hoefler
2. Tommy Fynn
3. Louie Lopez
4. Nassim Guammaz
5. Nyjah Huston
6. Micky Papa
7. Tyson Bowerbank
8. TJ Rogers
9. Matt Berger
10. Tom Knox
11. Jereme Knibbs
12. Dlamini Dlamini

KDC Day 1 Photos

Dlamini Switch Nosegrind. Photo by Grant Mclachlan

Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside Tailslide at KDC 2014. Photo by Grant Mclachlan.Nyjah Huston – Kickflip Backside Tailslide

Some amazing photos by Grant Mclachlan from Day 1 of the Kimberley Diamond Cup.

Photo by Grant Mclachlan

Photo by Grant Mclachlan

Alan Adams. Photo by Grant MclachlanAlan Adams – Bs 180 Switch 50

Am Vert. Photo by Grant MclachlanAm Vert

Am Vert. Photo by Grant MclachlanAm Vert

Am Vert Winners. Photo by Grant MclachlanAm Vert Winners

Am Vert. Photo by Grant MclachlanAm Vert

Brendon Boneless Blunt Slide. Photo by Grant MclachlanBrendon – Boneless Blunt Slide

Brendon Frontside Smith. Photo by Grant Mclachlan

Dlamini Switch Frontside Blunt. Photo by Grant MclachlanBrendon – Frontside Smith

Dlamini Switch Nosegrind. Photo by Grant MclachlanDlamini – Switch Nosegrind

Flip fs Nose Grind. Photo by Grant MclachlanFlip fs Nose Grind

Khule Bigspin fs Boardslide. Photo by Grant MclachlanKhule – Bigspin fs Boardslide

Khule Flip K. Photo by Grant MclachlanKhule – Flip K

Khule Hurricane. Photo by Grant MclachlanKhule – Hurricane

Khule Nollie fs K. Photo by Grant MclachlanKhule – Nollie fs K

Mini Mega Warmups. Photo by Grant MclachlanMini Mega Warmups

Nassim 50 up the rail. Photo by Grant MclachlanNassim – 50 up the rail

Nassim Flip to Flat. Photo by Grant MclachlanNassim – Flip to Flat

Nassim. Photo by Grant MclachlanNassim

Pro Vert Warm ups. Photo by Grant MclachlanPro Vert Warm ups

Tommy Flynn. Photo by Grant MclachlanTommy Flynn

Vert Warm ups. Photo by Grant MclachlanVert Warm ups

Vert Warm ups. Photo by Grant MclachlanVert Warm ups

Skaters Representing at KDC

Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside Tailslide at KDC 2014. Photo by Grant Mclachlan.

Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside Tailslide at KDC 2014. Photo by Grant Mclachlan.Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside Tailslide at KDC 2014. Photo by Grant Mclachlan.

Here’s a list of all the skaters who represented at the KDC Skateboarding World Championships:

Street World Championships:

Australia (native South African) – Tommy Fynn
Australia – Dane Burman
Belgium – Phil Zwijsen
Brazil – Rodrigo Leal
Brazil – Leandro Chico
Brazil – Kelvin Hoefler
Canada – Matt Berger
Canada – Mickey Papa
Canada – Jon Cosentino
Canada – TJ Rogers
Czech Republic – Tomas Vintr
Finland – Marius Syvanen
France – Flo Mirtain
Indian Ocean, France – Vincent Milou
Indian Ocean, Mauritius – Damien Philippe
Indian Ocean, Mauritius – Eric Kircher
Indian Ocean, Mauritius -Kevin Cazel
Indian Ocean, Reunion – Laurent Gence
Indian Ocean, Reunion – Theirry Finet
Indian Ocean, Reunion – Laurence Finet
Mexico – Gustavo Servin
Morocoo/Netherlands – Nassim Guammaz
Mozambique – Yulian Edmundovitch Manhica
Namibia – Armand Oelofse
Namibia – Morne’ de Kock
Namibia – Izzi Jansen
Philippines – Eunice Quinlantang
Philippines – Marvin Basinal
Philippines – Jeff Gonzales
Russia – Gosha Konyshev
South Africa – Khule Ngubane
South Africa – Moses Adams
South Africa – Dlamini Dlamini
Turkey – Cenk Kulioglu
Uganda – Douglas Mwesigwa
Uganda – Peter Kyomuhendo
UK – Tom Knox
USA – Nyjah Huston
USA – Clint Walker
USA – Alec Majerus
USA – Louie Lopez
USA – Evan Smith
USA – Tyson Bowerbank
USA – Justin Brock
USA – Boo Johnson
USA – Ben Hatchell
Vietnam – Linh Do
Vietnam – Bin Tim

Women’s Street World Championships

USA – Lacey Baker
Brazil – Pamela Rosa
USA – Marissa Dal Santo
Canada – Samarria Brevard
USA – Alexis Sablone
USA – Elissa Steamer
USA – Lacey Baker
Austria – Julia Brueckler
USA – Alana Smith
USA – Vanessa Torres
Australia – Katherine Williams

Vert Skateboarding World Championships

Canada – Pierre Luc Gagnon
USA – Jimmy Wilkins
USA – Andy Macdonald
Brazil – Sandro Dias
USA – Trey Wood
USA – Jono Schwan
USA – Mitchie Brusco
Brazil – Rony Gomes
Brazil – Marcelo Bastos
Brazil – Edgar Pereira
USA – Sam Beckett
Brazil – Italo Penarrubia

South African Championships

Cape Town- Alan Marola
Cape Town – Schuaib Philander
Cape Town – Alan Adams
Cape Town – Jean-Marc Johannes
Cape Town – Andrew Nero
Cape Town – Justus Kotze
Cape Town – Martin Stoffberg
Cape Town – Wesley Tooth Schroeder
Durban – Khule Ngubane
Johannesburg – Daniel Miltiadou
Pretoria – Charl Steyn
Welkom – Nico Ludek
Johannesburg – Kanya Spani
Durban – Braxton Haine
Johannesburg – Sam Vider
Johannesburg – Trae Rice
Johannesburg – Xolani Thanjekwayo
Johannesburg – Anthony DeMendonca
Johannesburg – Brandon Valjalo
Durban – Khulu Dlamini
Durban – Martin Stoffberg
Johannesburg – Mitchell Rice
Durban – Simon Stiptich
Kimberley – Warrick Delport
Durban – Yann Horowitz

37 Countries Represented at Kimberley Diamond Cup

Nyjah Huston at Kimberley Diamond Cup

Nyjah Huston at KDC Nyjah Huston in action during the final heat of the 2013 Kimberley Diamond Cup presented by Kumba Iron Ore. The defending champion is back in Kimberley to battle some of the top pro skaters from around the globe.

Nyjah Huston will return to Kimberley to defend his world title against an unprecedented global roster from 37 countries at the Kimberley Diamond Cup presented by Kumba Iron Ore from 2 – 5 October 2014. The best pro street skaters from the United States will join the top skateboarders from around the world to battle it out in Kimberley, South Africa in October for their share of the R5 million prize purse, the largest single event prize purse in skateboarding.

“The unprecedented global participation in this year’s championships gives us the unique opportunity to showcase our beautiful country to the world and will also allow our young people to be inspired by these incredible athletes,” said John Block, MEC of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism of the Northern Cape provincial government. “This contest has grown beyond what we anticipated. It is now the premier skateboarding competition in the world and all eyes will be on Kimberley. We can’t wait to see the incredible talent that will no doubt be displayed during this year’s competition. It promises to be a truly historic event!”

“It is also an unbelievable opportunity for the Northern Cape to showcase itself as an extraordinary tourism destination and we are looking forward to welcoming the participants and their supporters with the traditional warm Northern Cape hospitality. We would be proud to share our tourism treasures with them – extreme nature, extreme culture and extreme adventure. We would like to encourage them to take this chance to explore the magic of South Africa’s largest province,” mentions Block.

Nyjah Huston, last year’s street skateboarding world champion, along with other top U.S. pros, will battle the top skaters from around the world in a fast-paced, adrenaline packed contest that takes place on the state-of-the-art Kumba Skate Plaza. Currently 37 countries are sending their best skaters to the world championships, including countries competing on the international stage for the first time such as Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines, Namibia, Mauritius Islands and Malaysia.

“To have so many countries competing in the World Championships is unprecedented in skateboarding,” said Tim McFerran, CEO of World Skateboarding Grand Prix. “Since there are only a handful of countries with federations established for skateboarding, most countries do not have any formalised means to support their top skateboarders to get to international contests. For them, it is crucial to get financial help to get to these contests. Even the US, as advanced as it is in skateboarding, has no mechanism in place to get governmental help to send its top skateboarders to the big contests and it has to rely on brands to help,” mentions McFerran. “Over the last seven months, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges in getting skaters to the world championships in countries that have no existing federation. We’ve been working feverishly to assist countries to help bring their skaters to South Africa. We want to help support the growing skateboarding talent around the world and to ensure that skateboarders who have the talent, but not the means, are represented in major events like the skateboarding world championships.”

The growing list of countries participating in the 2014 Skateboarding World Championships includes: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Botswana, Brasil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Malaysia, Mauritius Islands, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Philippines, Reunion, Russia, South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

For an up-to-date list of skateboarders and countries that will be represented at the 2014 Skateboarding World Championships, visit The Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup will be broadcast live in South Africa on SuperSport and distributed globally in 173 countries reaching 367 million homes worldwide. The event will also be webcast live.


Braxton Haine Backside LipslideBraxton Haine – Backside Lipslide

Byron Rhoda Frontside 180Byron Rhoda – Frontside 180

Byron Rhoda Frontside LipslideByron Rhoda – Frontside Lipslide

Byron Rhoda KickflipByron Rhoda – Kickflip

Kids repping RevolutionKids repping Revolution

Dlamini Dlamini Frontside FlipDlamini Dlamini – Frontside Flip

Evan Smith Gap to boardslideEvan Smith – Gap to Boardslide

Evan Smith K GrindEvan Smith – K Grind

Evan Smith Kickflip over railEvan Smith – Kickflip over rail

Felipe Gustavo Switch Fronside FlipFelipe Gustavo – Switch Frontside Flip

Justus Kotze Backside SmithJustus Kotze – Backside Smith

Justus Kotze CrailslideJustus Kotze – Crailslide

Justus Kotze Frontside 5 0Justus Kotze – Frontside 5 0

Justus Kotze K GrindJustus Kotze – K Grind

Kanya Spani Backside SmithKanya Spani – Backside Smith

Louie Lopez Backside Smith Kickflip OutLouie Lopez Backside – Smith Kickflip Out

Louie Lopez Backside FlipLouie Lopez – Backside Flip

Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside 50Nyjah Huston – Kickflip Backside 50

Nyjah Huston Switch Frontside SmithNyjah Huston – Switch Frontside Smith

Ryan Naidoo Frontside 5 0Ryan Naidoo – Frontside 5 0

Ryan Naidoo K GrindRyan Naidoo – K Grind

Trevor Colden Frontside LipslideTrevor Colden – Frontside Lipslide

All photos by Dwayne Erasmus.


Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

Pro Street WinnersPro Street Winners

Nyjah SigningNyjah Signing





Free stuffFree stuff

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston



Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston




Vert Pro WinnersVert Pro Winners

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

Nyjah HustonNyjah Huston

All photos courtesy of Grant Mclachlan / Monster Energy


Nyjah Huston Wins Kimberley Diamond Cup Street Skateboarding World Championships

Nyjah Huston wins the Street Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup World Championship of Skateboarding in Kimberley, South Africa. Trick highlights from Nyjah include: Backside 270 Lipslide and Backside 270 Noseblunt Slide, Nollie Heelflip Backside Lipslide and Switch Frontside Bluntslide down the 4-block handrail.

Felipe Gustavo switch bs tailslide and Nyjah Huston flip fs board

Nyjah Huston
1st: Nyjah Huston
Age: 18
From: Huntington Beach, CA

Felipe Gustavo
2nd: Felipe Gustavo
Age: 22
From: Brazil

Louie Lopez
3rd: Louie Lopez
Age: 18
From: Hawthorne CA

Manny Santiago
4th: Manny Santiago
Age: 28
From: Lowell MA

5th: Alec Majerus
Age: 18
From: Rochester MN

Trevor Colden
6th: Trevor Colden
Age: 19
From: Virginia Beach VA

7th: Matt Berger
Age: 19
From: BC Canada

Ryan Decenzo
8th: Ryan Decenzo
Age: 27
From: Vancouver B.C. Canada

9th: Micky Papa
Age: 23
From: Vancouver BC

10th: Evan Smith
Age: 22
From: Orlando FL

11th: Yuri Facchini
Age: 17
From: Parana Brazil

12th: Tommy Fynn
Age: 24
From: Brisbane Australia

Images courtesy of


Manny Santiago 360 Shuvit Lipslide Photo by Grant MclachlanManny Santiago – 360 Shuvit Lipslide

Andy Macdonald Photo by Grant MclachlanAndy Macdonald

Evan Smith Fakie 360 Disaster Photo by Grant MclachlanEvan Smith – Fakie 360 Disaster

Even Photo by Grant MclachlanEven

Girls Am Winners Photo by Grant MclachlanGirls Am Winners

Photo by Grant Mclachlan

Manny Santiago Nollie Flip 50 Photo by Grant MclachlanManny Santiago – Nollie Flip 50

Nyjah Huston 360 flip lipslide Photo by Grant MclachlanNyjah Huston – 360 Flip Lipslide

Nyjah Huston Fakie 270 Nose Blunt Photo by Grant MclachlanNyjah Huston – Fakie 270 Nose Bluntslide

Nyjah Huston Nollie Backside Flip Photo by Grant MclachlanNyjah Huston – Nollie Backside Flip

Nyjah Huston Kickflip Backside 270 lipslide Photo by Grant MclachlanNyjah Huston – Kickflip Backside 270 Lipslide

Nyjah Huston Nollie Flip Backside Lipslide Photo by Grant MclachlanNyjah Huston – Nollie Flip Backside Lipslide

Nyjah Huston Switch Heelflip Photo by Grant MclachlanNyjah Huston – Switch Heelflip

SA Am Vert Winners Photo by Grant MclachlanSA Am Vert Winners

Sam Beckett Photo by Grant MclachlanSam Beckett

Sam Beckett Photo by Grant MclachlanSam Beckett

Uri Chilling Photo by Grant MclachlanUri Chilling

Vert Am Chilling After Comp Photo by Grant MclachlanVert Am Chilling After Comp

Dallas Oberholzer Vert Am Winner Photo by Grant MclachlanDallas Oberholzer – Vert Am Winner

Photos by Grant Mclachlan / Monster Energy


Evan Smith, Manny Santiago, and Nyjah Huston warming up on Thursday evening at the Kimberley Diamond Cup. The level these guys are at is insane, and they’re just warming up.

Nyjah switch smith, switch front blunt, backside 360 lipslide… all first go. Seriously?!

Filmed and edited by Chinner.


You may not remember Ishod Wair’s amateur days very well, because he pretty much jumped into the pro ranks overnight. As an amateur he took the Maloof Money Cup, and went pro right after. If you’re more impressed by street skills than contest savvy, watch his part in Real Skateboards’ “Since Day One” – and be blown away. His skating earns him countless fans and that fanbase continues to grow as he progresses through each stop in the SLS Nike SB World Tour.

After shredding Stoner Skate Plaza in West LA at a Real Skateboards demo, Wair and I sat down to discuss the difference when Nyjah isn’t there, which stops have been his favorite this season, and how the pros give their input on SLS course design.

Which stops so far this season have been your favorites?

Barcelona and Kansas City. Barcelona because it’s awesome and we were skating sick street spots. Kansas City because of Malto and all his homies, they’re sick. In Kansas City the contest was close to the hotel so you didn’t have to go far for anything, so it was good vibes.

Did you feel any difference in Munich because Nyjah wasn’t there? Was there a sense of relief amongst the other skaters because he wasn’t there?

Everybody was killing it just as hard in Munich and people go for it as hard as they can every time, so I don’t know. It’s not to say that people were going harder because he wasn’t there, because they still skated well when he was there.

You made your first finals appearance in Munich. Do you have an approach for each stop?

I just go and try to skate, and I pretty much hope things fall into place. This time I was more prepared going into the finals. We’d been skating the park for a couple of days and that extra day of skating helps out for sure.

This is your second year in Street League, do you find it difficult to keep up with such a hectic schedule?

I’m having a great time. The scheduling doesn’t bother me necessarily, it’s just that I have less time to go out and street skate. That’s what I do more than skate contests, so it makes it hard when you travel because the days you travel begin really early, so you’re losing time there. I’m also filming a video part right now for the Nike SB Chronicles 2. But it keeps getting pushed back because a lot of us have other obligations and some of us are in Street League, so we need more time.

The next stop is this upcoming weekend in Portland. Have you been there before?

I’ve been there a few times but it’s usually been pretty rainy. I never went there during a good season like spring or summer. I always seem to go there at the end of the year when it’s kind of crummy.

If you were playing SLS Fantasy who would you choose as your top three to win Portland?

Luan Oliveira, Paul Rodriguez and Sean Malto.

Luan’s been impressing you this season?

Yes. Luan impresses me every day. If you skate with him, he’ll impress you no matter what. He’s amazing. He’s OD with it.

What do you like specifically about Street League this year?

I like that you can give your own input on the course to Joe C and he’ll implement the changes. He has plans for the stops and he’ll show them to us and see what we say about them. If you have some good input he’ll do his best to meet those requirements for the next stop.

Have you made any suggestions?

Yes. He’ll bring out the blueprint and show it to you face to face so you can say stuff like, “This looks a little high,” or “This looks a little low.” He cares about the little things.

With three stops left who do you think is taking it all?

Nyjah has the most wins so I would assume he would because he’s the only one with multiple wins. There are three left and since Chris Cole won one I’d say he has a good chance. If Nyjah wasn’t there for the rest of the year I’d say Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveria and Sean Malto. All those dudes are contenders. They’re in the top rankings so they’ve got it down.

Interview by Reggie Altema, courtesy of