Winter is here and most of us are feeling it. Time to get a fresh new beanie. So, for today’s Retail Therapy Tuesdays, we feature some rad beanies from Brixton.








Available at Revolution stores nationwide, or from Revolution Online.
Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 801 4666 /


Check out the video to see an uncut banger from TJ Rogers’ part in the new Blind Skateboards video, “Damn…”.



On the 13th of July 2013 it will be time for the yearly F#*k the Buck Skate Tour to George, proudly presented by Volcom.

This is the longest running skate contest in South Africa and the 13th year looks to be better than ever.

This will also be 7th stop on the Maloof Hope Tour leading up to the Maloof Money Cup in Kimberley from the 27 – 29th September.

2013 sees a R5000 prize purse as well as loads of product hand-outs with the winner getting a Maloof Money Cup wildcard entry to the main event, all expenses paid.

We are also incorporating the Skate for Hope clinic, where 25 kids from More Son Children’s Home will be attending for a action packed day of skating. They will each receive various product hampers / complete skateboards from Maloof Money Cup and a full skate clinic by some professional skateboarders.

Hope to see you all there for the madness!


Riaan V B – 082 792 2874

Markus – 083 655 3176


Facebook event:


This video was part of Jean-Marc’s “5 on Flat” video. He still isn’t sure what it is, so he has decided to call it the Party Trick.

What do you think it is?


This music video for Breakbot – “Baby I’m Yours” is made up of over 2000 individual watercolour paintings painted one after another. That is a hell of a lot of paintings. Beautiful, well-directed music video.

Composed (handmade) by: Irina Dakeva


X Games Real Street

Sixteen of the pro skateboarders, participating in the X Games Real Street comp in Munich, had to submit one minute video parts for a chance to win a gold medal. The video can’t include any park footage – it all has to be real street skateboarding. The judges will award the prizes during the live broadcast of X Games Munich, but the ‘fan favourite’ is decided by you! The most fan votes wins. You are allowed to vote once a day apparently. There are some really creative and interesting videos up so far.

Click HERE to watch them.

We can only imagine how intense those match ups are going to be.



The new Revolution Online store is now live!

Current specials:

Get a Verb, Killer, or KFD hood for R399,95, or two for R599,95. Simply choose two hoods, add them to your cart, then put the coupon “hoodspecial” into the coupon field in your cart.

Other specials coming soon!

Revolution Online currently stocks:

Fallen, Brixton, Iron Fist, Globe, Vans, Killer, Verb, KFD, Almost, Enjoi, Darkstar, Brigada, Deathwish, Dusters, Mystery, Speed Demons, Tensor, Threat, Zoo York, and tons more other brands that will be consistently added to.

Information about the website:

– Brand spanking new Revolution logo and branding.
– The website is responsive, so you can browse the site easily on your desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone.
– Orders are now processed through PayFast, so you can pay securely via credit card or electronic transfer.

The site is going to be constantly updated with products, specials and other stuff, so make sure to keep coming back.

Get your fix of Footwear, Clothing, Headwear, Accessories and Skate products online now!



Welcome to the second Revolution Trick Tips!

Jean-Marc shows us how to do Nollie Inward Heelflips…

Filmed and edited by: Andrew van der Walt

If you have any tricks you would like to learn, drop us an comment below! Our team riders are keen to teach what they know.


For all you pansy’s out there into Astrology and star signs, Thrasher takes a stab at reading yours. They seem to be pretty accurate.

Words by Adam Creagan. Illustrations by Michael Sieben.

HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? Would you believe a vast web of cosmic connections involving our solar system (and the stars beyond), affected your every minute? That’s right, whether this day brings you morning wood, wheelbite, an NBD, an STD, or just barfing up a burrito, all these things are influenced by your galactic gang-sign: the Zodiac.

You know the deal, astrology is the ancient pseudoscience that claims your character and destiny are understood by how the universe was aligned when you landed your very first make: a roll-in from your mom’s womb. And frankly, cervix says: “This Zodiac garbage is as murky as Loch Ness.” Supposedly, your sign will propel you through life and can predict the future. But mostly it will give you a point of reference to discriminate against those with other, more-shitty signs. And astrology’s broad predictions are so vague they apply to any primate who happens to read them. Roughly 593 million people on Earth share your Zodiac sign. So you, Bangkok Brian, Moscow Mikey, and a half-billion others are all synchronized star-children? Perfectly logical.

Does the cosmic tug and pull of these far-off fireballs (and our more neighborly planets) help shape our lives from birth? Let’s take a look at this re-polished turd from an old issue…

AQUARIUS — The Water Bearer ( Jan. 21 – Feb. 19 )

Sign Traits: When you laugh, sometimes you start clapping; it’s totally unnecessary, almost infantile, really. / You have a unique Andrew Reynolds style. Wait, no…we meant to say that you’re a complete Android Hemorrhoids pile. Did you see what we did there?

Predictions: A life-altering bad haircut is in your immediate future. But do not run from fate: destiny and Supercuts await! / You will soon go for a walk and bump into Walker Ryan, Clint Walker, Kyle Walker, Tabias Walker, and Gailea Momolu.

PISCES — The Two Fishes ( Feb. 20 – March. 20 )

Sign Traits: Your near-psychotic passive-aggressiveness is a treat to behold. It doesn’t have the desired effect you seek at all. People actually get a kick out of it.

Predictions: Beware a bad-breath stranger with ornately-groomed face fungus. He will offer the gift of spots, but his van is windowless for a reason.

ARIES — The Ram ( March. 21 – April. 20 )

Sign Traits: Ram, you can’t hang with your hefty, cloven-hoof half-brother Taurus (the bull), so you push around wimpy-legged goats and lambs. / Your video part is not “coming along,” so stop saying that.

Predictions: A chain reaction starting from one of your bailed backside 5-0s prevents the eventual birth of the man who was destined to slay the Antichrist. Hell on Earth is thus ensured. It’s a long story.

TAURUS — The Bull ( April. 21 – May. 21 )

Sign Traits: When you get tossed something, you tend to not catch it. Your friends have noticed this for years and they get a little more bummed each time.

Predictions: You regard strangers as friends you haven’t met yet, and this guiding philosophy will enrich your life immensely. And yet, the United Nations will designate your foot odor a banned weapon of chemical warfare. Ha! Can you imagine?!

GEMINI — The Twins ( May. 22 – June. 21 )

Sign Traits: Your name got butchered in Photograffiti and to this day you think it C-Blocked your skate career. Hey, “Neil” is very commonly misspelled as “Nard.”

Predictions: You lead a skate revolution and establish the Mall Grab as a practical and comfortable way to carry a board which also avoids griptape burn on your clothes.

CANCER — The Crab ( June. 22 – July. 22 )

Sign Traits: Within the grand cosmic mystery, Cancer is a distinct and irreplaceable component of astrology. But here on Earth, Cancer is a malignant cell-division disease which kills millions. Your sign sucks, bro.

Predictions: You are soon going to find that this article is too long and has completely lost steam. Guaranteed.

LEO — The Lion ( July. 23 – Aug. 22 )

Sign Traits: Hey there, superstar. When you enter a room you’re usually greeted with “Leo, you son of gun! We’ve been waiting for you!” / You’re known for being dashing, determined, and honestly, kind of a dipshit.

Predictions: You open a pizza joint with Figgy called “Killer Pizza.” Sales are brisk, until people start choking and dropping like flies. / You will believe that you “accidently” got lost on the way to an empty pool. However, your friends deliberately gave you wrong directions.

VIRGO — The Virgin ( Aug. 23 – Sep. 23 )

Sign Traits: Your yellow, coned-ass wheels betray the fact that you’re no “weekend warrior.” You’re a once-a-year weirdo. / Bucking current trends, you actually hate all these goddamn haters.

Predictions: You will entrust Fred Gall with your life savings and let him handle your finances. His lack of communication will concern you. / On a Hawaiian trip, you will trespass onto Danny Way’s property, smoke some doobie, and accidently burn down his Mega-Ramp.

LIBRA — The Balance ( Sep. 24 – Oct. 23 )

Sign Traits: Whenever a bro offers a handshake, fist pound, or fist bump, you panic and always pick the wrong one. (Yeah, this material is dated but it killed back in 2005).

Predictions: If you say “Was that switch?” one more time your Aunt will get diabetes. / Your under-the-bridge DIY project ends in tragedy when you bury yourself alive in ’crete.

SCORPIO — The Scorpion ( Oct. 24 – Nov. 22 )

Sign Traits: Bummer, born under a bad sign. Maybe there’s something to that whole reincarnation thing and you’ll get another shot. / You quietly hope the Mob vs Black Magic griptape wars flare up again.

Predictions: You’ll meet the love of your life, you’ll forget to clear your web-browsing history, you’ll never see her again.

SAGITTARIUS — The Centaur Archer ( Nov. 23 – Dec. 21 )

Sign Traits: You have infamous skate tenacity—you don’t leave until you land it. And that’s rad if you’re Chris Cole, but your 50-tries-deep “manual to Ollie North” is a real fun killer, dude.

Predictions: After a slam, you will develop an alarming Rodney Mullen-type speech pattern, but with none of his intelligence.

CAPRICORN — The Sea-Goat ( Dec. 22 – Jan. 20 )

Sign Traits: You kind of look like a werewolf who got stuck halfway through its transformation. / You emanate energy—it practically jumps off you on to others, as does your head lice.

Predictions: The youth mentorship program you help create—The Andy Roy/Braydon Szafranski Council For The Childrens, is an unlikely success. However, your Crail-Tapout ultimate fighting series (with dudes wrestling on the Crail Couch), is an utter failure.

This article and all of it’s content belong to Thrasher Magazine.


Bill Danforth “Young Gun’z” really is a Throwback Thursday-worthy video. Kristian Svitak introduces a video clip from the 1989 Alva video.


The Van Hunks Legends Competition is over and the finalists of the competition have been announced. The prize giving is tonight, so pull in for some food and drinks specials if you’re in Cape Town.

Pete from Revolution is one of the finalists. His illustration is above. Help him out! There is a judges panel, but you can also affect the vote by voting on Facebook. Vote here:

Here is the link for tonight’s Facebook event:

If you don’t know the story behind Captain Van Hunks, click here to educate yourself about why that cloud comes over Table Mountain:


Photo by Rochelle Phipson

Richard Phipson is a tattooer who moved from South Africa to Hong Kong and now co-owns Starcrossed Tattoos. Durban-born and bred, Rich has been active in art, tattooing and music for years. We caught up with him to chat about music, the transition from South Africa to Hong Kong and from graphic designer to tattooer, and some other things. Meet Rich Phipson…

Yo Rich! Give us a brief introduction to yourself.
I still don’t eat my veggies.
Still not sure which ones a shirt and which is a t-shirt.
I thought being this age would feel different.
Not all my friends have forgot me yet.
I don’t deserve to be interviewed.

Working originally as a graphic designer, you made quite a career change in deciding to become a tattooer. Can you tell us about why you decided to make that transition and how you got started tattooing?
Tattooing isn’t something you can pick up quickly or do part time. Anyone who thinks that isn’t tattooing, they’re doing something else. I had no choice. It becomes a part of my everything. My night and day. It still is. the process wasn’t intentional. Nothing about the last five years has been though. I’ve just tried my best to keep happy and do whatever moves me. There was a time when that’s what graphic design was for me; exciting. It’s hard to turn a hobby into a job and still appreciate it the way you did before. If you can or do then I think that’s enough to keep you going.


You grew up and lived in Durban until a few years ago. Why did you decide to move to Hong Kong?
There’s something we carry. Well some of us do. It’s a curse and a blessing. It’s a drive that pushes us to be better and do better but also fools us into always thinking there’s something better. It’s the opposite of complacency. Discontented and dissatisfied. It’s what only let’s us see it after midnight and forces us to stay up to see the sunrise. I dunno if its specific to my generation or culture. But I know me and my friends have it. Also, at the time it seemed like a good idea.

4. What does your typical day look like?
I have two types of days.
Day one starts as late as possible, no food, maybe coffee. Bus to work. Tattoo. Shovel food. Tattoo some more. Hang with homies. Bus home. Eat and hang with Rochelle then draw until my eyes close from the bottom up. Repeat.
Day two hopefully starts earlier. Breakfast. Swim in the sea. Play guitar. Sit in the park. Paint. Dinner somewhere. Watch series. Lots of it.


What are your best and worst things about South Africa? And Hong Kong?
SA has family, familiarity and a beauty that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. I’ve sacrificed these for safety, both physically and financially.

Besides tattooing, what do you do in your spare time?
Watch loads of series, eat too much chocolate, and play guitar.

Being based in a city where millions of tourists from all over the world travel to or through, you must get some strange people coming into Starcrossed. What are some of the weirder encounters you’ve had?
The weird becomes the norm pretty quickly, but I’ve tattooed a man wearing a panda suit and been given a $7000 tip before.


Would you say that you have a favorite style of tattoo to do, and if so, what is it?
Not really. There’s more stuff that I don’t like doing. As long as the client gives me creative freedom with their idea I’m generally happy.

What do the local Cantonese people think of tattoos? You are pretty tattooed yourself. I can imagine you get a lot of stares. Although, maybe I am just naive and coming from a South African context, where people generally are still very conservative.
It’s pretty similar here to SA. There are rude people everywhere that feel that because you have colour on your skin they can touch it. But generally the stares aren’t too bad.


Some people will know of you from playing drums in the infamous Durban hardcore band, Crossingpoint, doing vocals in Joburg hardcore band, Compass, and being involved in some other projects before that. Music has been a big part of your life. Do you have any plans to do anything in Hong Kong? What is the music scene like there?
Yeah, it’s still one of the biggest things in my life. I’ve had plans since I got here, but nothing has worked out yet, but hopefully soon. The music scene is okay. It’s cool to be able to see bigger bands that come through here, but there’s definitely a lack of punk-ethos subcultures. I think it’s got to do with wealth and complacency. But that’s a whole separate rant.

What have you been listening to recently?
Today: O Brother, The Story So Far, Yellow Ostrich, Such Gold and the Local Natives.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to quit their job and do something like you did?
If you wanted to do it you would have done it.






Rodan Kane Hart. Shapes: Rotated. 2013. Mild Steel.

Pattern Language, an exhibition by South African artist, Rodan Kane Hart, is happening at the Whatiftheworld gallery in Woodstock, Cape Town, tonight.

Whatiftheworld is pleased to present ‘Pattern Language’ by Rodan Kane Hart, an exhibition of new sculpture, sculptural inlays, and installation.

In this exhibition Hart continues to explore experiential structures and sculptures. Inspired by architectural forms found in the urban environments of his native Johannesburg and Cape Town, his recent series of steel sculptures explore the notion of generative shape, pattern and form in relation to the viewers experience. These works attempt to stimulate a heightened emotional response through their illusionistic and fragmented forms.

Referencing Christopher Alexander’s architectural, urban design and community livability book titled A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction, published in 1977, Pattern Language attempts to identify, expose and ‘unpack’ the ideological constructs that underpin numerous urban forms found within these contemporary South African cities.

Hart’s most recent solo exhibition titled Structure (2013) presented a series of minimal steel sculptures, drawings & books investigating the ideological impulses that are revealed when manufacturing tectonic forms and how a better understanding of these impulses allows a more complex reading of these built environments. Using sculpture as a lens through which to view historical and spatial contexts, Hart creates shifts in context which intern become generators of experience. Activated by the movement viewer the shape and form of the work unfolds as time and motion proceeds.

Referencing the theory outlined in pattern language Hart focuses on the notion of pattern in a broad sense. Within a sculptural and visual paradigm pattern is deployed to track problem solving in a context of design as well as social transformation and urban environments. The underlying theory manifests in layout, city grids, paths of desire and built form, social interaction, human inhabitancy, connectivity and conversation.

A Pattern Language details how individuals could be empowered and equipped with the tools and language responsible for the design and construction of communities that reflected both their interests and those of the broader public. The book attempts to expose the function of language within design, the authors mention that in designing environments people will enviably always rely on certain visual ‘languages’ that allowing them to coherently articulate and communicate an infinite variety of designs within a formal system.

Click on the poster below to see the event on Facebook:


Local Cape Town band, Black Lung, have just finished recording a new music video for their song “Beliefs”. These are some photos from behind the scenes. The video was directed by Michael Ellis along with Dirk Steenkamp and Everfelt Media, and will be out at the end of this month. Black Lung also have an album coming out next month, so look out for that!


For today’s Retail Therapy Tuesdays, we feature the Fallen Daze.

Fallen Daze

The Daze is a lightweight shoe on a narrow last perfect for casual living and skateboarding. With a variety of colors to choose from and a minimilistic design, the Daze is functional and stylish yet price conscious for today’s economic market. The upper is made from heavy-duty canvas for comfort and breathability. The Daze has the lowest profile vulcanized outsole possible and features a die-cut EVA insole for added comfort. As a skate lifestyle shoe, the Daze is sure to be essential for easy living.

Fallen Daze

They are available in Washed Red and Surplus Green. Get some from a Revolution store near you!

Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 801 4666 /


Cape Town skate crew, 20sk8, put together this rad short video. Good times!

Edited by Wesley Shroeder. Uploaded by Ryan Naidoo.


The Vein – “Magma”

‘Magma’ is the very first Dvein’s music video for The Vein’s new single. The video is pretty trippy, but the visuals are intriguing and the video is incredibly well animated and executed.

Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Client: Adobe


Ordos is a ghost town located near Inner Mongolia in China. It was built for one million people, but only a few thousand live there. The town is very wealthy, has good public infrastructure and is situated close to precious natural resources, but is part of a region with water shortages.

The short video is worth watching just to see how incredible those spots look to skate, and it doesn’t look like the skateboarders even got hassled. Some friends somehow saw the potential of this place to skate, and organised a trip, and were apparently the first people ever to skate the town. We found this quite inspiring. Just see something you want to do and make it happen.

Directed, filmed & edited by: Charles Lanceplaine.
Skaters: Jay Meador, Gustav Nymans, Tommy Zhao, Alexander Hwang, James Capps, Elliott Zelinskas and Brian Dolle.


“The Walking (And Talking) Dead” — A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead.

We were almost crying we laughed so hard at this. While it is hilariously funny, it is brilliantly done. The characters really look like they’re saying those things. ‘Bad Lip Reading’ is actually a video channel on YouTube, so if you have end-of-the-month internet cap to finish, go check them out. Be sure to watch the Bad Lip Reading of Twilight and of Obama’s Inauguration.


Abstract Stories

Last night was the opening of “Abstract Stories”, the latest art exhibition at A Word of Art in Cape Town. The exhibition features: Paul Senyol (CT), Black Koki (CT), Ello (CT), Freddy Sam (CT), AEC Interesni Kazki (Ukraine), Remed (Madrid), 108 (Italy), Ever (Beunos Aires), Andrzej Urbanski (Berlin), Overunder (Reno, Nevada), Joao Lelo (Brazil), Ree Treweek (CT), Jaz (Beunos Aires), Linsey Levendall (Canada), Lxone (France), and Jean de Wet (CT). The exhibition runs from 30 May to 14 July. We went to check it out, and were super impressed with the work on display. If you can get down to the Woodstock Exchange, it is well worth your time to spend an hour or two browsing the gallery.

“Abstract stories is a collaborative exhibition by renowned local and international artists. Each artist has a story to tell and gives an abstract depiction of life as seen through his eyes. The exhibition explores each artist’s individual creative expression and style.”

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Abstract Stories

Click on the image below to see the event on Facebook:


Hope you enjoy the third trailer of “Damn…”, the new video from Blind Skateboards.

Blind Skateboard’s new video, “Damn…” is now available on iTunes.



Local Cape Town band, Black Lung, are playing a show soon, and we thought that the poster for it was awesome. The pencil and watercolours give it such a DIY, honest feel.

The show will be at &Union on the 5th of June, and it has free entrance! Get there if you can. For those who didn’t know, Black Lung features one of our riders, Justus Kotze, who also created the poster for the event.

Check out the event on Facebook here:


Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding was such a good, nostalgic video that we thought it would be perfect for today’s Throwback Thursdays.

The video was brought to you by Vans, and features tons of unique, old, and lost footage from skateboarding’s archives. Jeff Grosso presents his “Editor’s Choice” of his favourite photos and videos. There will be things you haven’t seen, so watch and enjoy.


Loading the player …

Today’s Hall of Meat from Thrasher was too good not to share for today’s Wipe Out Wednesdays.


Welcome to the first Revolution Trick Tips!

Justus Kotze shows us how to do Backside Smith Grinds. Watch and learn.

Filmed and edited by: Andrew van der Walt

If you have any tricks you would like to learn, drop us an comment below! Our team riders are keen to teach what they know.


Psych Night and The Assembly present Psych Night: Texas Headdress in celebration of Austin Psych Fest that was happening around the same time. Featuring Wild Eastern Arches, The Future Primitives, Bilderberg Motel and Krakatoa. This is the highlight video of the event, which happened at The Assembly in Cape Town on the 4th of May.

Shot and Edited: Barry de Villiers
Music: The Future Primitives


Today’s Retail Therapy Tuesdays is brought to you by local Cape Town label, Butan. Check out their latest range:






Available at a Revolution store near you!

Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 801 4666 /


Beach Party

Beach Party are an ‘Psychedelic-Afro-Disco-Surf-Punk’ band from Cape Town. They’ve just released a rad new album, and are pretty busy playing shows and touring. We caught up with the band to chat about playing shows in South Africa, opening for Australian band Dune Rats, and some crazy fan stories. Enjoy…

List band members and instruments:
Danny Video – Oohs, aahs, blahdy blahs
Big Daddy Dollfin a.k.a. “The D” – Bow chika wow wows
Andy ‘Tha Genius’ Islands – Beep boop doops
Black ‘Godspeed Thundercat’ Irish – Boom crash smash bash
Makki ‘Niks’ Summer – Baaarggh baarggh (Bass noises)

First things first, what style of music do you play? For the dumb assess that don’t know who you are or what genre to make of you.
Our music is in the style of ‘Psychedelic-Afro-Disco-Surf-Punk’ also known as ‘Afrodelic-Psyfro-Sisco-Purf-Dunk’ or just ‘Drunk’.

What would you say your all-round fav gig has been so far? The kind that is rad for its fuck ups or its perfection.
Our favorite gig ever was in Pretoria at Arcade Empire. It was wild like the motherfucking jungle that night. Shoh. Makki spent most of the time in the audience moshing with his bass and kicking kids in the face. Black Irish was drumming with his teeth at one point in the show. Nuts.

Beach PartyPhoto by Michael Ellis Photography

If you could mention an up and coming gig that you are mad hyped on that would be spiffy.
We’re very much looking forward to playing Sowing The Seeds festival this weekend on Saturday. If you’re in Mpumalanga then that’s where you need to be.

Beach Party just played a show with Dune Rats from Australia. Tell us how the gig went and what your opinions are on Dune Rats as a band and how they where in person.
The gig was frakkin’ rad! Loads of people showed up and partied super hard which was just lovely. They are really cool guys, exactly like they are in that music video where they just smoke bongs. When we met them they were hitting bongs and when we left them they were still hitting bongs. If you think it’s mad how tight they play it’s just insane how stoned they are when they walk on stage and hold it together like kings! I think we were all stoned once for a show and we forgot everything. Maybe they’ll teach us the ways this weekend.

Beach PartyPhoto by Caroline Mackintosh

You guys have done a few shows/festivals nationally. Which town are your fave to play in and your fav crowd to play for?
Have to say Pretoria and Joburg when it comes to touring, they get the fuck down with us.

Are there any thoughts of Beach Party sailing the seven seas, exploring the top ten beaches of the world or recording an album in a submarine or a whale’s stomach?
So many thoughts! We’re working on that. Aiming for a Narwhal’s intestines though, the acoustics are so squishy. Mmm.

Your audience seems youngish, have any of the band members come across some stalkers or crazy fans? If yes, tell us a story.
Hmmm… Well Andy has a fan site dedicated to his hair where all these creepy girls photoshop his hair on to their elbows. One fan/friend of ours made an animated fan video of us which is awesome but the video is slightly creepy in a good way. Look up ‘Beach Party – Fast Train’. Big D is the most famous though. She gets lots of creepy shit but we can’t discuss those due to legal issues.

Download their new album For Now We Are Young for free:

Beach PartyPhoto by Aidan Tobias

Beach PartyPhoto by Imi Christian


For today’s Music Mondays we feature Conqueror, a hardcore band from Joburg. If you like fast, angry, thrashy hardcore, then Conqueror is your band. Check out their two most recent music videos…

You can download their EPs for free HERE and HERE.

If you live in Cape Town, Conqueror will be playing two shows in the city this weekend. Check out the events listing on our home page for links to the events.


The Doors of Perception art exhibition opening last night, presented by Revolution and Psych Night, was a really good time. There was exceptional art to be appreciated and sold, quality musical entertainment from Bilderberg Motel, a lot of booze consumed, psychedelic imagery projected, and just all-round good times had. Have a look through the photos and video to get a glimpse of what it was like. If you were here, thank you for coming. It was great to see everyone. Thanks to Psych Night, Bilderberg Motel, Simon Berndt from One Horse Town and everyone else who helped make the night a success.

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception


The Sound of Dust from Hidden Notice on Vimeo.

Film short documenting the work and philosophy of Huntington Beach surfboard shaper Tim Stamps. A look into Tim’s world of quality and craftsmanship.

We thought that this video was beautiful; crisp, high quality footage, and an interesting, historically rich story. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Surfing doesn’t usually pay a big part in the culture we’re a part of, but it is also an ‘alternative sport’, and there is nothing like a good inspirational short film.


Think that bathrooms are boring & a waste of time? Not so for the guys from Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues – here’s something we can ALL do to use our time in the bathroom wisely. It’s INSTRUMENTS YOU CAN PLAY ON THE TOILET!

Haha, these guys just keep pushing these videos out. Thanks again for the Friday entertainment Derick Watts & the Sunday Blues!


AV Skateboarding takes us on a weekend in Cape Town with the 20sk8 crew. The video shows them skating some street, leading the Cape Carnival and holding events in the townships. Featuring KFD and Killer team riders Ryan Naidoo and Alan Adams, Justin Adonis, Wesley “Tooth” Schroeder, Toothless, Shuaib Philander and more.



The time has come. This Sunday will be the last day that Revolution Festival Mall is open for business. If you live in Gauteng, come say goodbye. There will be really low prices on product, even lower than our warehouse sales. Everything has to go.

Get down to Revolution Festival Mall:
Shop C03, Entrance 2, Festival Mall, Corner C.R. Swart, Kempton Park

For more information:
Telephone: 011 394 9660


Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photographer Richard Gilligan captures the DIY and collaborative spirit of skateboarding with his series title “DIY”.

“diy can be described as a movement within skateboarding which operates outside civic and societal norms. through the utilisation of skater-constructed spaces, which are ordinarily, an adaptation of existing, but often abandoned, terrain in both urban and rural settings, the modern skateboarder transcends the need to exist within a more conventional environment.

utilising found materials, these unauthorised and often illegal temporary constructions have fascinated photographer richard gilligan, who has spent the past four years tracking down these ephemeral spaces throughout europe and the us. his pictures show how skaters and diy builders free themselves from the constraints of societal rules, creating their own domain in which to practice this peripheral pursuit.”

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY

Photo by Richard GilliganRichard Gilligan: DIY


Revolution and Psych Night present: Doors of Perception art exhibition.

Doors of Perception is an upcoming exhibition of psychedelic art featuring:

Simon Berndt aka One Horse Town, Raoul Goetze, Mark Reitz, Jack Walsh, Tuscani Cordoso, Ian Jepson, Matt Oldfield, Ian Engelbrecht, Adam Hill, Hanno Van Zyl, Motel 7, Dylan Culhane, Dirk Steenkamp, Jade Klara, Jade Waller, Eckardt Kasselman, Sean Gibson, Jay Gordon, Justin Poulter, Kent Andreasen, Luke Cannon, Caroline Macintosh, Gerhard Human, Matt Goodall, Wade Barnes, Clement de Bruin, Alice Edy, Abrie Coetzee…

The event will be held at the Revolution Woodstock store, Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town.

The exhibition opens on the 23rd of May and the show will run until the 3rd of June. See you there!

Here is the link to the Facebook event:

Poster by Simon Berndt.


Some fun facts about Blind’s new video, Damn…:

– Apparently they filmed every day for over two years.
– The footage is from various places, such as LA, Barcelona, Toronto, France, Texas, North Carolina, Amsterdam, Brazil, and Sacramento.
– There were some nasty injuries during filming; TJ Rogers had to get head staples, and Filipe Ortiz broke his foot twice.

According to Bill Weiss, “The vibe of the video is about pushing skating forward, fun and hustling in the street to make that happen.” It doesn’t take much, looking at the level of skateboarding in this trailer, to see that this video is going to be amazing. We can’t wait.



Ryan Naidoo slammed pretty hard hanging up on this 50/50. Video footage of this coming soon…

Photo by Grant Mclachlan.



You may have been hearing more and more about the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community, and the effort to create a more tolerant and accepting community. It wasn’t too long ago that Tom Gabel from the band Against Me! announced that he was, in fact, a woman. The response from the punk and greater music community was mixed, with some people being supportive of the courage it took, while others were critical or simply angry. Well, now there is an openly transgender member of the skateboarding community. Skateboarding has always been quite progressive and open-minded, and it will be interesting to see how this news will be received.

Hillary Thompson was born on the 10th of September in Raleigh, North Carolina. She started skateboarding at about 4 or 5 years old on a single kicktail with big plastic wheels. Around the age of 4 or 5 is also when the imposing societal ideas of sex, gender and sexuality became a reality in her life. While your sex is defined by your anatomy when you’re born, gender is a construct, and is generally given to the corresponding sex i.e. “girl” to female, and “boy” to male. The problem with this is that some people born male may not feel “male”. Hillary always just expected that she would grow up and become a woman. She was given a male gender when she was born though, and was therefore in conflict with her internal gender identity. This is called ‘gender disphoria’; an anxiety created by the conflict between a person’s assigned gender and their internal gender. This can be very difficult for that individual, as exhibiting female characteristics when you have been given a male gender can result in a lot of hatred, aggression, and possibly even violence from society.


She ignored it for a while, but it became difficult to simply run away from the issue, and at around 18 she knew that she had to do something about it. Her parents sent her to a psychiatrist, as she started battling with depression and began isolating herself. The psychiatrist basically just gave her a prescription though, which obviously didn’t help anything. So she decided to do some research on the internet, ordered female hormones, and read up on how to transition. Her family and friends love and support her.

Finally Hillary was able to go to a therapist specialising in gender and gender issues, and be able to speak about what she was going through. Because the therapist wasn’t trying to ‘fix’ her, she could begin a constructive transitioning process and become who she always wanted to be. Often when people transition between genders, they feel like they have to forget all the habits from the pervious gender, but because Hillary skated, she could ignore all of that and just carry on skateboarding. At first she didn’t skate much with other people because she didn’t think that people would accept it, but the support and acceptance she has received from the skateboarding community has been mostly positive.


Today, Hillary is moving forward and living a happy, healthy life, learning to creating accepting relationships with herself, and he family and friends. Talking about skateboarding, she says “Well I like it more now than I ever have, because before there were always boundaries I wouldn’t cross because I was living in fear. There was the transitional period when I just skated by myself, which I didn’t like because for me skating is a really social thing. Skating alone is really depressing. Now I have friends to skate with and I’ve lost those barriers and boundaries. I can be myself.” She skates pretty much every day.

This will probably be a new thing for many members of the skateboarding community to think about, and we are interested to hear what your opinions are. Feel free to comment below, but please be respectful of other’s opinions.

Additional reading:


Photography: Sam Mcguire



Today’s Retail Therapy Tuesdays brings you these bad boys from Brigada Eyewear. Model: Lawless.

Available from a Revolution store near you!

Revolution Cresta, Gauteng: (011) 678 1685 /
Revolution Menlyn, Gauteng: (012) 348 2959 /
Revolution Long Street, Cape Town: (021) 423 3482 /
Revolution Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town: (021) 801 4666 /


One of our favourite skateboard artists, Jay Howell, has been working on this show alongside friends Andreas Trolf and Jim Dirschberger for the last two years. It premieres on Nickelodeon this Saturday, but we aren’t sure what that means for when it’ll be in South Africa. It looks amazing though. We can’t wait to see it.


Get your psychedelic rock ‘n roll fix for the day.

Wild Eastern Arches – Line of Simian.


Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague really wanted to find an effective way to separate the biscuit from the creme in Oreo cookies. So they set their minds on a solution, and this is what they came up with. Regardless of what anyone thinks, it looks like these guys had a lot of fun working on this project, and finally achieved their goal. Work hard, persevere, succeed.

Funny or rad? We don’t know, but we sure feel like an Oreo right now.


AV Skateboarding got some rad footage of the Fallen team when they were here in 2011. The video features Tommy Sandoval, Jack Curtain, Brian “Slash” Hanson, Garret Hill, Tom Asta, Anthony Shultz and more.


The Ollie

Alan Gelfand

Alan Gelfand performing one of the first Ollies that I ever photographed / Solid Surf skatepark / March 1979

The ‘Ollie’ is arguably the most important trick in skateboarding today. Most of the tricks we do are based on it. We don’t often hear the history behind it though.

Alan Gelfand, born in 1963, started skateboarding in 1974. He used to skate at a park called Skateboard USA, which had over-vert sections, mostly because they were still perfecting ramps and skateparks at that time. It turns out that the imperfect transitions would be pretty important in the development of the ‘Ollie’, or ‘Ollie Pop’, which was its original name. It was while trying a lipslide that Gelfand accidentally missed the coping, and performed the first witnessed aerial without grabbing the board. Scott Goodman, a skateboarder from Hollywood, gave Gelfand his nickname, “Ollie” and named the trick and ‘Ollie Pop’.

Stacey Peralta saw the trick in 1977, and the ‘Ollie Air’ was adopted in 1978, simply called an ‘Ollie’ today. Gelfand was also the first member of the new Powell Peralta team with Stacey Peralta and Ray “Bones” Rodriguez, which later became the infamous Bones Brigade. Incidentally, the team also came to include Rodney Mullen, who helped develop the ‘Ollie’ on flat ground.

Hope you learnt something today kids!


Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen has been inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

The Skateboarding Hall of Fame induction took place at the Sheridan Park Hotel in Anaheim, California on the 9th of May this year. Pretty much everyone who is anyone in skateboarding was there. The reason for the event was to celebrate the innovators, pioneers, and inventors in skateboarding history; the ones that laid the foundation that made skateboarding what it is today. The awards were give by the IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies). Icon Awards, for honouring skateboarding’s greatest influencers, were given to photographer Warren Bolster, NHS, Inc.; and Devo.

The skateboarders immortalized in the Hall of Fame this year were:

1960s: Brandon “Woody” Woodward
1970s: Era One – Tom Sims
1970s: Era Two – Alan “Ollie” Gelfand
1980s: Era One – Rodney Mullen
1980s: Era Two – Christian Hosoi
1960s: Female – Wendy Bearer Bull
1970s: Female – Laura Thornhill Caswell

Here is a video of Rodney’s induction by Steve Caballero and Ben Harper:

Congratulations Rodney! Well deserved.


Revolution, Almost and Globe team rider Jean-Marc Johannes getting technical.

Trick order:

1: Late Hardflip.
2: Nollie back foot impossible backside 180.
3. Nollie Late flip Pretzel.
4: 360 shuvit late varial flip.
5: Fakie front foot inward heelflip.

This is getting ridiculous.


Every Time I Die - JJ van Rooyen

Every Time I Die (USA) playing at the Assembly in Cape Town on Saturday 27 April 2013.

Photo by JJ van Rooyen.


Check out the videos from the Pro and Masters divisions of the 2013 Vans Pool Party.

Pro Division:

That bowl looks super deep and pretty gnarly to skate, but the pro’s make it look so easy. There are even guys skating it without pads. Watch out for Rune Glifberg, Bucky Lasek and some other skaters.

Loading the player …

Masters Division:

It is so rad to see middle-aged guys still shredding hard. When most would have expected them to be in wheelchairs by now, guys like Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero show everyone what’s up.

Loading the player …


Raoul GoetzePhoto by Dirk Steenkamp

Raoul Goetze is a Cape Town tattooer at Wildfire Tattoos, an artist, and a member of the band Wild Eastern Arches. He is also one of the artist exhibiting work at the Doors of Perception art exhibition on the 23rd of May at Revolution Woodstock. We caught up with him to chat about the upcoming exhibition, art, music and what ‘psychedelic’ means. Meet Raoul Goetze…

How is your artwork coming along for the Doors of Perception art exhibition? Any hints for what we can expect to see?

I’m always in two minds when it comes to executing ideas. It’s a constant debate on how I will try translate the visuals in my head to a tangible form, so consequently it becomes a bit of an irrational completion, which is definitely part of the process I guess. So yeah, my artworks are getting there for the exhibition. For Doors of Perception, I’m trying to explore what really happens chemically when psychedelic drugs are introduced to the brain.

Raoul Goetze

You are quite a creative person: tattooing, making art, and playing in a band. What else do you get up to in your spare time?

Well, I really love everything I’m involved with, so when I have free time, I don’t really consider it as spare time seeing that I wouldn’t mind drawing or playing guitar in that time. Otherwise I probably end up with friends talking about all these things over a couple of beers anyways. I am involved with Psych Night, which probably comes with playing in a band as well.

Why do you make art?

I’m a visual person. I have a need to translate whatever goes on in my head to a visual format.

Raoul Goetze

Tell us about Psych Night…

Psych Night is a collective hosting events celebrating psychedelia, whether it’s music or any other art form. We’re a group of like-minded friends all involved in music industry some way or another. Psych Night hosts flagship events at The Assembly bi-monthly and have smaller events in between at various venues. Apart from a photography exhibition on Austin Psych Fest by Mark Reitz, Doors of Perception will be our first event exploring psychedelic inspired art.

Cape Town is quite an “international” city i.e. the city gets thousands of tourists every year. Being a tattooer at Wildfire Tattoos on Long Street, you must get quite a few strange tourists walking in. What are a few of the weirder/strange/funny comments or requests that you have heard working there?

Apart from some tourists just being extremely odd, there have just been too many. From asking for a South African tribal to just the extend of a language barrier where nothing that comes out of their mouths sound human or appropriate.

Raoul Goetze

How would you describe your favorite type of tattoo to do? Do you have a personal favorite tattoo that you’ve done?

I don’t necessarily have a favourite tattoo that I’ve done, but when I get a chance to interpret a subject matter in my own way, I obviously enjoy the tattoo more seeing that it’ll automatically turn into a style that I would like to do. I really enjoy doing traditional tattoos, also with some sort of geometric elements in them.

What is your opinion on tattooing in South Africa? Do you think that we’re at the level we should be? How do you think we match up to international standards?

I think people underestimate the talent locally. We definitely match up to international standards. You will obviously always get tattoo artists and shops that never went the right route of doing things and poor quality tattoos are the result, but the same problem occurs internationally as well, if not more. The few artists that are truly great with what they do reach international standards without out a doubt. It’s just a matter of doing research and finding the right ones to get tattooed by.

Raoul Goetze

Can you tell us more about your band Wild Eastern Arches? What do you play? How many of you are there? What genre do you play? etc.

We’re a psychedelic band that started in 2012. Our music draws inspiration from various fields such as 70s rock n roll, a bit experimental and I guess shoegaze as well. Psychedelic would probably just be a term used as a main vessel to merge all our individual influences together. We consist of 5 members. I play guitar and bass.

Favourite tattooer, artist, and band?

Favourite tattooer and artist would be Thomas Hooper. Favourite band, either Zeppelin, The Black Angels or Night Beats.

You make ‘psychedelic’ art, and play in a ‘psychedelic’ band. What is your definition of ‘Psychedelic’?

Feeling it.

Raoul GoetzePhoto by Mark Reitz

Raoul GoetzePhoto by Dirk Steenkamp

Raoul Goetze

Raoul Goetze

Raoul Goetze

Raoul Goetze


Andrew NeroPhoto by JJ van Rooyen

On Saturday we held a screening of the new video by Deathwish Skateboards, “The Deathwish Video”, at Revolution Long Street. The video was insanely good, and there was plenty of pizza and good times to go around. We also held a competition to win a copy of the video earlier in the week. Because only two of the people who entered were there, we just made it a rock-paper-scissors competition between Richard Moir and Andrew Nero. Well done to Andrew for bagging the copy.


Psych Night

Here is your soundtrack for the week. In anticipation for the upcoming Doors of Perception art exhibition at the Revolution Woodstock store in Cape Town, here is the latest soundtrack from Psych Night.

This album is the first leg in showcasing South African bands that are forming the fresh wave of talent and psychedelic colour washing over the lands. A big thank you goes to Wild Eastern Arches, The Future Primitves, The Very Wicked, The Dollfins, Bilderberg Motel and Black Lung for allowing us to use their tracks. Please spread this album far and to many. “Meet us at the top of the sky…”

The album cover was designed by local Cape Town artist Simon Berndt.

*All rights of the tracks belong to the corresponding artists involved in the compilation of this album.


Ride Channel’s latest Trippin’ video features a visit to us in South Africa with a bunch of pro skateboarders like Jaws, Marty Murawski, Ryan Lay, Chris Pfanner, Charles Collet and a few others. Rad to see local skateboarders Jansen, Jobuert, Justus and Moses make an appearance too! It’s really cool to see international skateboarders shredding at our local spots and enjoying what we sometimes take for granted.


Local Cape Town based comedy act, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, decided to visit Cape Town stadium for Justin Bieber’s concert the other night. They interviewed a few “Beliebers”, and this was the result.


Revolution Woodstock

Come check out our rad new Revolution Woodstock store and the new Brixton product we’ve just got in. The store is looking better and better every day, so come hang out.

The Revolution Woodstock store is located in The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock

Revolution Woodstock


Dogg vs. Lion

Snoop Dogg Snoop Lion

For those who have been hiding under a rock, Snoop Lion (ex Snoop Dogg) is coming to South Africa this month. So we thought that we would educate those who don’t know on why Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., announced his new stage name, Snoop Lion, on July 31, 2012. On a trip to Jamaica to record his new album, Snoop Dogg immersed himself in Jamaican and Rastafarian culture, and was apparently rechristened as Snoop Lion by a Rastafarian priest. He subsequently changed the style of his music to be more reggae-focused. His new album, “Reincarnated”, his latest release, is Snoop’s first reggae album. There are rumours that Snoop claims to be the reincarnation of reggae legend, Bob Marley. Some members of the Rastafarian culture that aren’t too happy about this “conversion” though. What is your opinion?

If you want more information, check out the documentary on Snoop, “Reincarnated”.

Snoop also has a new music video out called “No Guns Allowed”:

We hope you enjoyed the first Throwback Thursdays! In this weekly feature, we’ll be giving you some knowledge from the past, so that we can better appreciate and understand where we are today and where we’re moving towards in the future.


Vans recently hosted it’s fifth Vans Off the Wall Spring Classic event. The event took place on the 3rd of May 2013 in the costal town of Varazze, Italy. Thousands of skateboarders, press and people came to the event from all over Europe for the weekend. The video really makes the event look like such a good time, with super good skateboarding in an amazing mini-ramp and street park, good music, beautiful beachfront surroundings, and good times. This could easily be South Africa. We also really enjoyed the footage and animation in the video. Good job Vans!


Mothers Days is on the 12th of May. That’s this Sunday! Here’s an idea:

Why not get your Mom some Iron Fist heels?! She probably won’t wear them, but make sure they’re in your size and maybe she’ll give them back to you.

Iron Fist Heels - Birds of a FeatherIron Fist Birds of a Feather Peep Toe Platform / R399.95 R350.00

Iron Fist Heels - Black SheepIron Fist Black Sheep Platform / R529.95

Iron Fist Heels - Fiesta SkullIron Fist Fiesta Skull Platform / R529.95

Iron Fist Heels - Gold StarIron Fist Ladies Gold Star Pointed Platform / R399.95 R350.00

Iron Fist Heels - Havana BreezeIron Fist Havana Breeze Platform / R529.95

Iron Fist Heels - Lady KillerIron Fist Lady Killer Peep Toe Platform / R529.95

Iron Fist Heels - Love Me NowIron Fist Love Me Now Comfy Flat / R439.95

Iron Fist Heels - Night AlightIron Fist Night Alight Platform / R529.95

Iron Fist Heels - Tomorrow's SorrowIron Fist Tomorrow’s Sorrow Platform / R529.95

Visit any Revolution store or Revolution Online to get your hands on some.

Revolution Long Street: (021) 423 3482
Revolution Woodstock Exchange: (021) 801 4666
Revolution Cresta Mall: (011) 678 1685
Revolution Festival Mall: (011) 394 9660
Revolution Menlyn Mall: (012) 348 2959


Today’s Wipe Out Wednesdays features Guilherme Trakinas in the latest Thrasher “Hall of Meat” video. Respect kinked rails, kids!

Loading the player …


The new Mystery “Ghetto Gold” series has arrived! Stocks are limited, so make sure you get your hand on them.

Get your bling Jimmy Carlin “Ice Cold” ice cream, Ryan Bobier “Blowin’ Up” grenade, Tom Asta “Get Yours” gun and Windsor James “Renegade” beer can.

Visit to order.

Mystery Ghetto Gold series


The National Skate Collective have put together a survey to give to the City of Cape Town in order to try and get skateboarding to be recognised as a legitimate mode of transport and sport. The situation may seem hopeless sometimes, but here is something that you can actually do. So quit bitching, take 5 minutes out of your day and fill out the survey. Even if you do not live in Cape Town, support South African skateboarding!

Click HERE to go to the survey.

National Skate Collective

About the National Skate Collective:


We are a group of skateboarders from all disciplines and backgrounds who came together under the banner of strengthening the culture of skateboarding. NSC was formed in 2011 in order to facilitate communication between skateboarders and government. We have since formed a Non-Profit Organisation in order to unite skaters and support skateboarding initiatives in South Africa.


A skate-friendly South Africa which supports skateboarding as an active mode of transport as well as a sport


The National Skateboarding Collective (NSC) is to:
• Serve the skateboarding community
• Promote and strengthen the culture and sport of skateboarding
• Ensuring that skating is integrated and developed in South Africa
• Advocating for our rights for the attainment of equal opportunity
• Facilitate communication between skateboarders and government/organisations
• Create partnerships and networks amongst the skateboarding community
• Support skateboarding initiatives and projects

Check out the National Skate Collective Facebook page.


The Deathwish Video Free Screening

Pull into Revolution Long Street this Saturday (11 May) at 3PM to catch the free screening for Deathwish’s new video, “The Deathwish Video”.

For more info, check out the Facebook event HERE.

To stand a chance to win a copy, here’s what you need to do:

– “Like” the Revolution Facebook page and/or
– “Follow” @Revolutioncoza on Twitter
– Comment below with who your favourite Deathwish rider is
– Be present at the screening

The winner will be announced in a lucky draw on the night.

The Deathwish Video Cover

The Deathwish Video

The Deathwish Video

The Deathwish Video

The Deathwish Video

The Deathwish Video

In this explosive story of revenge and urban violence, Jim Greco and Erik Ellington team up with a group of skateboarders who have a change of opinion after their favorite spots are mercilessly knobbed and destroyed by a gang of thugs posing as authority figures. Slash is arrested, Lizard King is assaulted by a skatepark ledge, and Furby’s board is stolen. They then turn vigilante as they stalk the mean streets of Los Angeles with Moose and Neen Williams, on the prowl for handrails, gaps and dangerous spots of that nature. The Deathwish Video is an epic and controversial film that is frank and original in its treatment of urban skateboarding and the average citizen’s helplessness in dealing with it. Various artists wrote the musical score. And watch for a young Jon Dickson in his film debut as one of the pros.

The video features Deathwish team riders Erik Ellington, Jon Dickson, Brian “Slash” Hansen, Neen Williams, Furby, Jim Greco, Moose and Lizard King.

Check out the video below for a taste of “The Deathwish Video”.


We thought that we’d start today off with a classic; “Hold it Now, Hit it”, the 1986 song by The Beastie Boys. The song was the first single from their first album Licensed to Ill, and was then remixed on New York State of Mind.


If you haven’t seen Hello Jojo, the 2006 video from Cliché Skateboards, then get ready to get amped. Cliché just put up Joey Brezinski’s video part from the video, and it is incredible, even though it was roughly 7 years ago. Enjoy…

Don’t live in the past though. Make sure you check out Bon Voyage, the latest video from Cliché Skateboards! You can get it here:


This video from 1964 is a “shred” of I Get Around by The Beach Boys, one of the band’s most recognizable, classic hit songs. We thought it was hilarious. What do you think?



Last week we met up with KFD team rider Ryan Naidoo in Milnerton to skate some street and hang out. Ryan is a really nice guy and super talented skateboarder. Alan Adams, also on KFD, and his crew also pulled in. We snapped a few photos of them and their friends.



















Photos by Justus Kotze.


Ben Harper is helping to raise money for the family of Australian pro skateboarder Lewis Marnell, whose untimely death in January at the age of 30 left his family in dire financial straits. A lifelong skateboarding enthusiast and friend to skaters around the world, Harper has reunited with the Innocent Criminals for the first time since 2007 to re-record the song “Jah Work” from his 1997 album, “The Will to Live.” The song is now available on iTunes, with all proceeds going to the Lewis Marnell family memorial fund.

“Lewis was a brilliant artist and athlete not to mention a truly beautiful soul. We loved him and his contributions to skating, and we thought a song would be a wonderful way to celebrate his life and help his family.” said Harper.

Marnell died Jan. 18 from complications of diabetes, a disease he lived with from the age of 10. He did not allow his condition to impede his meteoric skateboarding career. He skated with such passion and style that can’t be replicated, he made all his tricks look effortless and his love for life was infectious. In 2008 he made his mark when he went pro for Almost Skateboards and he was named Skater of the Year from Australian skateboarding magazine, Slam. Marnell got married in late 2012, and died only a few months later, leaving his family with a large debt. Global efforts to help the family financially ensued, with Harper’s being the latest.

All proceeds go the family of Lewis Marnell.


Get the song on iTunes here:


Cliché skateboards Bon Voyage out now on iTunes trailer from Cliché skateboards on Vimeo.

If you were at the screening of Bon Voyage at Your Mom’s bowl in Cape Town last night, you will already know how good this video is. Really good filming and editing, and obviously an insane level of skateboarding from the Cliché riders. If you weren’t there, check out the trailer and then download it on iTunes!

Take a ride with the Cliché team across Europe, Australia, the USA, China & Japan and experience some of the best spots ever skated. Travel is the essence of skateboarding so get in the car, train, boat or plane and hit the road… Bon Voyage!

Featuring: Lucas Puig, Daniel Espinoza, Flo Mirtain, Joey Brezinski, Andrew Brophy, Peter Eldridge, Sammy Winter, JB Gillet, Max Geronzi, Charles Collet, Lem Villemin, Javier Mendizabal, Kevin Bradley, Jeremie Daclin, Paul Hart, and Adrien Coillard.

Director: Boris Proust

Bon Voyage is available now on iTunes here:


Check out this short film by Jesse Lamar High and Nik Harper (Lamar+Nik), titled “Raindrops”. The video combines water balloons, HD slow motion footage, and skateboarding. The tricks aren’t the biggest bangers or the most technical, but it is worth a watch. The filming and direction of the video are pretty rad. Here’s to more integration of skateboarding and concept art.

We think it’s pretty cool, but you should watch it for yourself and make up your own mind about it. Maybe it’ll inspire you to go out and film something on your skateboard, and perhaps think about making it that much more interesting and fun, both to film and watch.


The song in the video is called “Raindrops” too, by Monster Rally & Rumtum. The skateboarders featured are Clint Walker, Jimmy Young, Daniel Yeager, Nick Own, Ely Saavendra, Gage Martin, John Reinke, Scott Sullivan, Taylor Nida, and Colby King.


The passing of a fellow skateboarder is always tragic. Not that it isn’t tragic when anyone dies, but more so when that person is an integral part of your family or community. Lewis Marnell was an incredible skateboarder, pro for Nike SB and Almost, and will be sorely missed by the global skate community. Thankfully his memory lives on through the incredible photographs and footage we still have of him. Our sincere condolences go out to his friends and family.


Check out Lewis Marnell in “Nothing but the Truth”:

Lewis Marnell in Nothing But The Truth. a Skateboarding video by kingpin