We got another update from our friend Rudi Engelbrecht, who is currently walking and skating around South Africa for JP du Preez and his family, specifically his mother, who is struggling with cancer. You can read the first one here.

So after stopping off at Pietermaritzburg, we headed out towards Howick, which was our next goal to camp at, but got caught up with printing contact cards to raise awareness for Reach For a Dream and Project Rhino. After spending a few hours waiting for the printing, we realized that we weren’t going to make Howick and changed our plans to find a place in Hilton, just outside Pietermaritzburg, where we met an awesome lady by the name of Pauline. When she opened the gate for me after speaking to me on the intercom, her first words when she saw us were: “Am I under attack?” We all started laughing, but soon she saw us for who we really were and opened up her heart to us. She spoiled us with sandwiches and gave us a place in her garage to stay, not to mention a box of wine, hehe.

The next morning we headed off towards Howick, leaving Pauline behind. She begged us not to leave and to stay one more night, but the journey had to carry on. I was amazed by all the downhills I was able to bomb trekking on the R102, the old Howick Road. The beauty of South Africa just grows everyday with all the encounters and people we meet. I am truly amazed by how humble and generous this country is. Just outside of Howick, we stayed with a humble couple called “The Turners”, where they welcomed us with a warm bed and open arms. They prepared a roast lamb leg for us and ate like kings again.

The next morning, we were on the road again and I had a good feeling about the road; lots of downhills and smooth as a babies bum. We passed Midmar Nature Reserve and Karkloof Nature Reserve towards Mooi River. Another guy invited us to camp out at his house. He turned out to be the golf coach of Ernie Els and a few other SA pro golfers. He goes by the name Jamie.

We got our things together, had a good breakfast, and made our way towards Estcourt, following the R103. After two days of camping in Estcourt trying to sort out the website for Feet 4 Feat, we decided that it was time to move on. In between Estcourt and Calenso, we tried to ask for a camping space on one of the game farms around in the area, but instead met an amazing guy who goes by the name Ivan Schruler, who specializes in homeopathy and the curing of cancer. He invited us to stay at his place and went out of his way every time he did something for us; be it food, drinks, even medicine for all our wounds etc.

After staying two days with Ivan, helping him around the farm and raising funds for Reach For a Dream in the towns nearby, it was that time again to hit the road towards Ladysmith, where one of our companion friends attended a wedding. Reaching Ladysmith, after the tiredness crept up on all of us, we found a B&B that sponsored a few nights for us to stay and rejuvenate. We met up with the local news agency called the Cazzete. You can find a link to the article here:

Hitting the road again we headed towards Glenco, and stayed at a police station 21km outside Ladysmith. The next morning we did the last bit towards Glenco which was about 37km and finally made it. Today (29 August) we arrived in Dundee, about two hours ago. We’re staying here for one night then heading towards Pongola. Pongola is about 198km from Dundee. We will be meeting up with Kingsley Holgate and Rob from “Mark of the Rhino Foundation” to learn a bit more about the Rhino and their operation at the Game reserve.

From here our next closest town is Vryheid. Until then hope You peeps are keeping up the good vibes! Peace and much love ayas.

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Rudi Engelbrecht, along with some other friends, is currently walking around South Africa for JP du Preez and his family, specifically his mother, who is struggling with cancer.

He started in Coffee Bay, went through Durban, we last heard that he reached Pietermaritzburg, and is heading for Ladysmith next. Apparently things are going well so far. He told us that he bombed a 4km downhill the other day between Pinetown and Camperdown, and that is was mind blowing. He also met world-famous traveller Kingsley Holgate, who inspired him through his quote, “Always have fire in the belly.”

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