Our friends in What Now fly out of London tonight to SA for 2 weeks of shows around the country. We’re super excited because it’s the first time they’ll be playing here since they left 8 years ago.

Make sure to head down to one of their shows and party with them.

The guys will be joined by a few of our other friends from CrashCarBurn, Taxi Violence, ShortStraw, December Streets and Straatligkinders.

Tickets for all the dates are available from WebTickets HERE.



Our friends from What Now hit our shores next month, on a tour that will see 10 dates across the country, and we are excited so we thought it would be good to catch up with the guys to see if they feel the same.


What Now photography by Marcus Maschwitz

Do we have any keen skaters in the band?

Tyron: Hell yeah! I got back into skating a while ago and have been loving it. I used to skate when I was a teen and thought that one day I would become a pro skater and that would be my job. Now I feel that way about music, haha!

Ryan: Yes Tyron mainly, although Adam skates on his Sector 9.. I am a surfer:)

Adam: Tyron grew up skating in his home town and has recently taken it up again. I have a sector 9 board that gets me around where I need to go. It’s cheaper than London’s transport and you get to see the city in a way you wouldn’t normally, if you were travelling by bus or tube.

Tell us more about the new album and the themes behind the songs?

Tyron: When we sat down to write this album we basically said “no rules”. We had no style we needed to follow and no label telling us what they wanted to hear. So, we just wrote whatever was in our hearts and minds. There is some really personal stuff on the album, we touch on some more ‘grown up’ topics than before and musically we pushed ourselves as far as we could go. For the first time ever I feel apprehensive about writing the next album purely because of how attached I got to this one.

Ryan: It is something that we worked very hard on.. There’s something in it for everybody, you got your fast tempo energetic songs, you got your ballads and then the real straight down the line rock songs. A lot of the songs deal with things that we don’t always find comfortable talking about.. like sex ha

Adam: The new album explores a variety of different themes. From sex to describing our take on what the music industry is like today, in a song called Money Maker. Not one song on the album is like another yet there is a cohesive sound running throughout.


What Now photography by Marcus Maschwitz

What can we expect from the forthcoming SA tour?

Tyron: It’s been over 8 years since we toured our home country so in some ways we have a lot to prove. I think we are going to put on the best show we possibly can and have the most fun ever. We want this tour to be memorable and to reconnect with all our old friends and fans and show them we haven’t forgotten about them.

Ryan: We are basically going all over, all the major towns.. We are even going to our old hometown of Ballito. It is going be an absolute blast! We will be playing all the new stuff from our latest album.

We hear you may be filming a new music video while you’re over in SA?

Tyron: True story! We’ve had a concept for one of our songs ever since we wrote it and we always imagined it being shot in SA. We don’t want to give away too much but it’s going to be awesome. We also going to be filming the whole tour which will then make up the visuals for our next single “Should’ve Said So”. So we filming 2 new music videos.

Ryan: Yeah we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet but we are actually going to be doing 2 videos.. Very relaxed ideas with great views and landscapes:)

Adam: We are looking at filming while we are out on the road in South Africa. There are so many amazing spots on each part of the tour, we want to try and capture the diversity of our beautiful country somehow in a music video.


Move Like A Sinner is out now countrywide

Where can we purchase your album in South Africa?

Tyron: You should be able to get the physical album in your local CD store (Musica and Look & Listen). If not then request it. But I know Kalahari.net has them and you can also get the digital album from iTunes Africa and Nokia music.

The guys will be joined by a few of our other friends from CrashCarBurn, Taxi Violence, ShortStraw, December Streets and Straatligkinders.

Tickets for all the dates are available from WebTickets HERE.




Our friends from What Now have been doing some amazing stuff over in the UK, since they moved over 8 years ago, and we are excited for the announcement of their upcoming SA tour next month. This will be the first time that the guys are playing our shores since they left and the tour is named “Move Like A Sinner” in support of their recent album release.

The guys will be joined by a bunch of great local artists including CrashCarBurn, Taxi Violence, ShortStraw, December Streets and Straatligkinders so it’s guaranteed to be good times.

We’re excited to welcome the guys back home for a few days and are really looking forward to them performing an album that we really enjoy.

Tickets are available from WebTickets HERE.

This is their latest single release for “If Looks Could Kill” …

What Now – ILCK Music Video

Our good friend, and photographer, Marcus Maschwitz has just released his next music video collaboration with the guys from What Now.

The guys are all from South Africa and currently living over in London (UK) so it’s great to get an update and see what they’ve all been up to.

This is the second single off the bands most recent album (Move Like A Sinner) which is out now.

Make sure to check it out and share it.


The guys from What Now (ex SA residents) moved across to the UK in 2005 to try make things happen on that side of the pond.

They have just released the music video for their first single (Move Like A Sinner) off their full length album which is coming out in March.

They collaborated with photographer Marcus Maschwitz on this one and we love it … it’s dark, sexy, mature and a big step forward for them.

Make sure to check it out and support the guys.