Flip in Felipe Contest

The Berrics Contest

Congratulations to our boy Jean-marc Johannes for being a top 10 finalist in the Berrics contest “FLIPINFELIPE”. Watch the clip to see what went down.

Impacting The Berrics

Dwindle at the Berrics

Fact, most of the skaters on dwindle brands ride Impact. Watch the Dwindle team riders test the impact boards at the Berrics.

Jean-Marc at Tampa Am

Jean-Marc Johannes at Tampa Am

Jean-Marc Johannes just got back from the States, where he spent some time in LA, and then competed in the 22nd Tampa Am in Florida.

Apparently this year’s Tampa Am was the biggest one yet, with close to 300 skaters from all over the world competing.

My aim going into any contest is to ultimately win but also do better than before. This year I was very great full to do better than that and get top 50 out of Tampa AM contest! My run was different, I wanted to learn new tricks going in to the contest. I stayed in L.A for about 2 weeks prior to the contest, practicing every day and learning all new tricks with help of two international pro skateboarders and good friends Sewa Kroetkov and Micky Papa at the Berrics. – Jean-Marc

Big ups Jean-Marc! We’re proud of you. Keep an eye on this guy; he’s going places.

Here’s a short interview with Jean-Marc at Tampa from their Thursday Practice video:

Berrics: Cairo Foster Recaptured

Cairo Foster

I first met Cairo when I started filming for Lakai back during the Fully Flared days. I’ve had the chance to travel with him and witness firsthand how hard of a worker he is. I also got to film the best nollie flip I’ve ever seen in my life! Can’t wait to see Cairo and the rest of the enjoi crew kill it in their new video, Oververt… – Chris Ray

Subject: TJ Rogers

Some amazing new street footage from Blind rider TJ Rogers for his Subject part on The Berrics. TJ has both his tech and hammer tricks down.

Urban Isolation

Urban Isolation

REDirect is a celebration of skateboard filmmaking between Red Digital Cinema and The Berrics.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Russell Houghten (check out his artists statement here)


Rodney Mullen A Beautiful Mind

Rodney Mullen talks to The Berrics about skateboarding, and being a skateboarder, in a way that only he can. His humility and drive is inspiring. Celebrating 10 years of Almost Skateboards!


2UP Sew Kroetkov

A thing of beauty, an art form, the utmost tech of the tech, the manual is much more than a trick—it’s a full-on discipline. Requiring a supernatural amount of patience, grace, and precision, manuals can literally break down even the best skateboarders on the planet. But when done right, few things in skateboarding are more impressive or gratifying than a solid, perfectly balanced manual.

And that’s exactly why we started 2UP, The Berrics’ first-ever manual contest. We built a handful of simple modular blocks and invited 10 of the world’s most balanced skaters to get creative and film their best tricks on two wheels. You decide the winner. Easy as that.

Click on the image above to see the video.


Finally, footage requested by The Berrics is being sent out to them today! We’ll keep you posted on when they put up the edit on their site. Thanks to everyone who got involved, and a special thank you to Greg Maxwell, Andrew van der Walt and Grant Mclachlan.


Click the image below to watch Youness Amrani owning it.

Youness Amrani Bangin!

From Daewon-level manuals to handrail tech-gnar to everything in between, Youness can truly skate everything. Straight from Belgium with one of the heaviest BANGIN!s ever. It’s gonna be hard to top this one.


Shane O'Neill

Click on the image above to view the video.

After seeing Shane’s part on The Berrics, I was super excited to work with him for the Transworld Video. Some people are just naturally talented on a skateboard and Shane is one of them. Here are a few of my favorite clips that I filmed of him in 2011.” – Chris Ray